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A Los Angeles judge denied Robin Thicke‘s requests to change the terms of his supervised visits with his son, Julian Fuego Thicke, 6.

According to gossip tabloid TMZ,the 39-year-old singer was in court Wednesday seeking changes to the current court-ordered visitation arrangement.

Thicke was annoyed after the monitor canceled a 3-hour visit when Julian refused to see his father.

The monitor also cut short a visit to a children’s museum after the boy became upset and demanded to go home to his mother, actress Paula Patton, 41.

Thicke and Patton are embroiled in a nasty child custody battle.

The current court order grants Thick three supervised visits a week with his son on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for 3 hours each day.

Thicke told the judge that the monitor was unfairly biased against him and interfered in the crucial father-son bonding relationship.

Thicke’s lawyer complained that the court-appointed monitor abruptly canceled a visitation with Julian on Friday after the boy objected to seeing his father.

And on Saturday, the monitor cut short a visit to the L.A. children’s attraction, Kid’s World, after Julian threw a fit and demanded to go home.

But the judge refused to remove or replace the monitor. The judge also refused Thicke’s request to strip the monitor of powers to alter or cancel visitations.

Thicke is currently under a restraining order to keep away from Patton and her mother, Joyce Patton. The restraining order was granted last month after Patton called cops when Thicke showed up outside her home and refused to leave in the aftermath of Julian’s damaging interview with social workers.

In her application for a restraining order, Patton cited Thicke’s drug abuse, marital infidelity, drunken tirades, and mental and physical abuse of Patton and Julian.

Thicke’s lawyer argued that Patton was vindictive because the court wouldn’t give her sole custody of their son; and she was alienating Julian from his father.

Also problematic is the 6-year-old boy’s unwillingness to even see his father. Sources say the boy prefers the company of his mother, grandmother and other females. You can see where this is going.