Fox News

Fox News terminated a longterm executive after an internal investigation determined she consistently belittled and degraded her black co-workers.

According to The Grio, longterm comptroller Judy Slater was terminated after black employees complained that she made racist remarks aimed at belittling them.

In one incident, Slater, who is white, asked a black female employee if all three of her children were by the same father.

In another condescending incident, Slater used slang terms and criticized black co-workers for using what she deemed to be poor grammar.

She even wrote down words like, “sister”, “mother”, and “father” and instructed black co-workers to repeat the words out loud.

Kevin Lord, VP of human relations at Fox News, took swift action in terminating Slater.

“We take any complaint of this nature very seriously and took the appropriate action in investigating and firing Ms Slater within two weeks of this being brought to our attention,” a network spokesperson said. “There is no place for abhorrent behavior like this at Fox News.”