Jimmy Johns robbery

The Kansas City, Missouri Police Dept. arrested a suspect seen brazenly robbing a Jimmy Johns restaurant in a video that has since gone viral.

The suspect, a black male, is seen in surveillance footage placing an order at a Jimmy Johns location at 3900 Broadway Blvd on Wednesday, April 26.

Moments later, the man pointed a pistol at a Jimmy Johns worker and demanded cash from the register. The surprisingly calm cashier emptied the cash drawer while the robber waved a gun in his face.

Before leaving, the robber snatched a stray dollar bill that had fallen back into the cash drawer.

Kansas City police uploaded surveillance video of the robbery to Youtube.com on Thursday. By Friday morning, the suspect was in custody.

“Suspect has been identified and is in custody in this Jimmy John’s robbery thanks to your tips!” the department tweeted on Friday.

Police credit the Jimmy Johns worker with remaining calm in a very stressful situation. The worker even removed his latex glove before reaching into the drawer to handle the dirty money.

Jimmy Johns corporate office responded to news of the capture in a tweet: “@kcpolice WOW, Freaky Fast capture! KC police are Rockstars!”