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Houston rapper Travis Scott and industry skateboard Kylie Jenner attended Game Five of the Western Conference Quarterfinals game of the 2017 NBA Playoffs at Toyota Center on Tuesday, April 25, in Houston, Texas. Supposedly, Travis and Kylie are dating now.

Kylie's body language screams "PR stunt". There is zero chemistry between them. And notice how she's smiling for the photographer who is on the other side of the court?

Photos by Bob Levey/Getty Images

  • AggieMom96

    Wow look at that chemistry lol.
    Didn't know he was from Houston. Did James say hey?

  • Lady Chatterley’s Lover

    Feel bad for the Kardashians. Between here and Timbutu they can't find a single white man that wants any of them. Let's see how they fare when Bruce takes his newly acquired womanhood out for a test drive.

  • BacktolurkingIgo

    I've never been able to find a care about this clan....

  • BRuhman_Vista

    No need to feel bad for them. Since when have they, other than Kourtney, been checking for white men? They like what they like.

  • SaltineCrackers

    How many lives do these women need to destroy before these Negros get it?

  • Queen of EVERYTHING

    "You can hang out with them, you can be friends with them, you can take pictures with them, just DON'T post it on Instagram!" -Donald Sterling

    The old white man next to Travis really reminded me of Donald Sterling. Travis just wants to get rid of Kylie... I know that look on a brotha's face.

    I ain't got nothing to do but eat twizzlers and be petty today on Disqus.

  • 2brefrank

    i feel like he doesn't even notice she's there. The Kardashians are exhausting to keep up with. i thought she was still with Tyga.

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    All of 'em..

  • Angela Winbush

    Dude is DEFINITELY just there for the game. Not Kylie.

  • Clopretty

    "industry skateboard" I'm cracking up!!! lmfao, but you can definitely tell from body language he looks so uninterested and she looks uncomfortable as hell!

  • Di Ana

    White men like their women with blonde hair blue eyes, the Nicole Kidman kinda type. The Kardashians are too close to black for them. They white society's reject that black folks lap up and put on a pedestal.

  • MissHarlem
  • We Can Do This

    Donald reviled the secrets.

  • Junkanoo

    You have to be in your teens to give a flying leap about these two

  • SuperScooper1

    The Koven needs a new soul for the Sunken Place?

  • Klashaa’s Closet


  • stav

    Kylie has Michael Jackson's 50 yr. old face at 19!

  • SaltineCrackers


  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong
  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    The world, Craig!!

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    James probably said RUN!! to Travis

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    One day ago it was REPORTED that: Khloe Kardashian has been showering Tristan Thompson with gifts, birthday parties and public declarations of love, but sources say he’s “getting cold feet” and has told her he wants to slow things down.
    “Tristan’s barely getting used to the idea of being a dad and here’s Khloe pushing him into a high-profile engagement,” explained one insider, adding the Cleveland Cavalier player “is ready to run because it’s too much too quickly.”

    But just an hour ago, a source leaked that he was about to propose to Khloe......and now pictures of Kylie at a ball game with her new guy......You bytches are desperate!!!

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    When I look at Lamar, after seeing Get Out, I see Walter. Like when he was in the hospital and snapped at Khloe when he came out of the coma, that was the real Lamar and then they get everyone banned so he could be reprogrammed, but no matter what little parts of Lamar comes, so they had to cut him lose and depict him as the crazy, drug addict ex husband.

  • Taylordanes

    Their "dating"
    Because he is signed to and works with Kanye I believe... it's Called a publicity stunt

  • Taylordanes

    They pay for publicity everyday! It's to the point of sheer ridiculousness at this point

  • Taylordanes

    He works with Kanye it's an arrangements

  • shun king

    I wonder will tyga take that tranny he love to the playoffs to make Kylie jealous?

  • LibraGirlonly

    Well he is a reject himself in the black community so Kylie have at it.

  • Lisa daniels

    We told Tristan. His daady told him about them Hoes. He better stay put and let the subbi drain him dry

  • Lisa daniels

    These whole probably paid the person who had thr sear to move.

  • Lisa daniels

    Say it again

  • LibraGirlonly

    She sure does know how to pick em.

  • Lisa daniels

    I bet them hoes won't be able to do that ? that do with a ninja straight out of Africa.

  • Lisa daniels

    The look on Travis face in the first pic, like why is these white folks all up on me.

  • Lisa daniels

    She dont. Her half sisters do. She picked a broke jody looking mother.... First and was financing his life and making it seem like he was buying her ? and love the ladybois. She did pay attention in Kardashian ho class.

  • 2brefrank

    He does look uncomfortable than a mug!

  • 2brefrank

    Tristian is dumb. anyone after Lamar is going to be a dumdum in my book. Heffa had Lamar put in a Coma brah! Brahhhhhh! That wasn't enough for you to stay away? Plus she lookalikeaman half the time? I'm so mad at Tristian.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Yeah. PR stunt.

  • 2brefrank

    That's exactly what happened. Had the same happen to Kanye. Homeboy still seeing them images from when they MK Ultra'd him and locked him up in that chamber for a week. SMH.

  • Renee26

    She's leaning so hard her back about to break

  • Renee26

    LMAO Did she shove the coke up his nose??

  • Nala Shakur

    So ppl just stopped givin a damn abt matching ?

  • LibraGirlonly

    I I was being sarcastic. This dude looks dir

  • SuperScooper1

    AKA they're not making it to the Playoffs this real, the Kurse is real, and LeBron and Cleveland management are ordering him to put an end to it.

  • 2brefrank

    LOL i think that was a coping mechanism.

  • Reina1718

    He like i wonder what ima do with this money she gonna give me ?

  • ?AndGodCreatedWoman?

    I'm with you with the conspiracy family gets tired of me. Calling out witchcraft is a daily occurrence lol

  • 2brefrank

    Yessss!!!! You are my new bestie! It's a real thing though lol!

  • 2brefrank


  • Coy little wink

    I like him more than that milk dud head Tyga...but not with her ?

  • datATLboi

    why date a chick that can't even drink?

  • Monday

    She look as high as him

  • Freeriah

    I bet she drinks anyway

  • Freeriah


  • Freeriah

    Kylie entire face is fake. She's just being a mini Kim trying out all the black men possible.

  • Monday

    Kylie is taking everything off of Rihanna, (hairstyle, outfits, endorsements deals) even her now ex Travis.

    The Kardashians/Jenners have no shame

  • Freeriah

    I see that to. But she can't be Ri Ri. She is no where near that fly. She's not fly at all to me. She just came out of the right puss.

  • Diva_woman

    She looks like Amiyah Scott in these pictures

  • Disqus_year4016

    After Kylie gets played out who's next, will we have to wait 18 years for north west? Who gonna be running threw north west? ROBOTS!

  • Malcom Flex

    Young plastic whore on beard duty.

  • Malcom Flex

    The GAY bm...

  • Malcom Flex

    PLEASE. The Ktrash family are ALL BIG PILL POPPERS due to plastic surgery pain!!!

  • Malcom Flex


  • yallcrazy

    They be standing in line for that white man's seed. And she aint cute. With them weird looking ass shoulders. They up high like they on a coat hanger

  • stacee

    Oh sh*t did anyone tell her to never put her pocketbook on the floor.Savage!

  • MsPam

    Forget her pocketbook, did someone tell her to let her private parts dry before moving on to the next man?!?

  • 4RGSpot

    Kylie and her sisters are just so nasty and $lutty to me. It just doesn't make no damn sense how they go from man to man to man to man with no diccck break in between. As arrogant and conceited as they are they seem to have the lowest self esteems on this earth always attaching their selves to a man to look and feel important. Truly pathetic!!!!!

  • Iceman

    Mf in here hating like a Mf black women are so fuckin miserable why do u think when niggaz get money they get a white woman ??


    GET OUT!!!

  • Queen B

    How do ppl move on so damn quick ? It took me aint least 6-7 months to move on after i ended my relationship

  • LibraGirlonly

    No it's not hate it's the truth. Truth is hard to accept.

  • Shira Harding-James

    Wait they broke up?!

  • Iceman

    If u say so I'm sure she don't care who u fuckin

  • Jussjess25

    These two people ain't even 30' and they look old as hell. Wow smh

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    These dudes be trying to get a come up off of the Kardashians, thinking they are gonna get some exposure, and instead they end up getting cursed. Tristan don't get it. If you play a sport, and your game ain't good enough to get you endorsements and you gotta rely on a female for a come up, then you just ain't got game.




    NIGGAZ are miserable as well so the white women can have them. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  • Tiffanyinthecity

    I've been saying that! That gypsy whore is cursing my Cavs!

  • Iceman

    Your welcome truth hurts look how angry u were are

  • AG

    She is aging quickly.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Like milk sitting out on a 90 degree day...

  • Tynamight

    "industry skateboard Kylie Jenner"
    I refwuse!

  • Joi Williams

    Yeah, doesnt look like a date to me. Boring!

  • SuggaB


  • Bossy704

    I don't think he is that into her. Seems like they are just hanging out while she is posing for pictures.

  • AG

    I wasn't ready ?


    She has some good surgeons but I like Kim's surgeries the best.

  • Seek Truth Speak Truth

    Yuck- she probably looks like skelator without the make-up and wigs.

  • T3

    ?? ????????

  • T3

    That was my first thought. I had no idea.

  • ShWa

    Posing and smiling, they are just tew much!

  • ShWa

    Not that booty, her surgeon sux.

  • Lisa jones

    That bag should not be on the ground.

  • BettyBoop


  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    They age like bananas anyway, no surprise there.

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    I think they already have back up plans to begin with and just waiting on that last straw.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    So I guess this means she'll be in Houston more often, smdh..

  • monique

    Fake everthing; weave, ass, face, but it's okay for them right?


    LOL Not the latest attempt.... The Botched Black Chyna body attempt. The plastic surgeries that had her looking like a Bebe Ad... That had to be like 2008 surgeries.

  • Becky

    Industry skateboard? LOL

  • Monday

    Kylie knows her place in public, she learned from her sister Kim K.

    Soon you will see Kylie in Gucci in 5-4-3....


    Not angry at all, NIGGAZ ARE MISERABLE, that's why they'e a dying breed. I'm ecstatic to be living during the time black males grow up to be MEN, NIGGAZ are ghetto hood trash that no one should claim, but whatever.

  • slim3542

    Black men are thee most dumbest on this planet. smh.