The Get Down

Black Twitter reacted angrily to Netflix’s cancellation of urban musical The Get Down. Twitter users questioned Netflix’s decision to cancel the series after one season. Many deemed the action racist since the cast was made up of mostly black actors.

Twitter users complained that Netflix canceled The Get Down while renewing controversial teenage suicide series ’13 Reasons’ for a 2nd season.

“Was #TheGetDown too much Blackness for Netflix? Did Dear White People and Luke Cage fill your token quotas?” tweeted Jasmin Nicole (@sapphiredoves).

And user Heidi Pamela (@halcyonheid) tweeted “I guess that’s what happens when a show depicting the history of black/latino culture only has 3 secondary white characters #thegetdown”.

Rapper Nas, who co-created the series, tweeted: “Humbled by the support of #TheGetDown fans calling for renewal of the series! Thx for the support!”

The Get Down was the network’s most expensive series at a cost per episode of $16 million. Despite heavy promotion, the show barely drew viewers after the initial debut episode in August.

The show’s co-creator Baz Lurhmann (along with rappers Nas, Grandmaster Flash, and rap historian George Nelson) complained about the many delays and staff changes.

The numerous issues led Luhrmann to back out as show runner for the 2nd season.

“The simple truth is, I make movies. And the thing with movies is, that when you direct them, there can be nothing else in your life,” he said.