The following Blind Item is about an insecure female singer who creates unnecessary drama in relationships because she fears commitment and has unresolved daddy issues. The following are not my words. Please direct any questions or gripes to the original source:

Blind Gossip — This musical girl was in a dual-celebrity relationship for several years, but they never even made it halfway down the aisle.

Given how troubled she was and how poorly he treated her, it was likely for the best.

However, she may actually be sabotaging her new relationships.

    “She’s still hung up on him. She doesn’t want to be alone, so she goes on dates, but she really doesn’t know anything about how to have a normal relationship. All she knows is drama and volatility and fighting. Even if they are normal guys who treat her nice, she gets insecure and creates drama. They get tired of her fast.”


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Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images