Jennifer LaPlante

A Tucson, AZ woman is under arrest for tampering with baby formula products from at least 4 area stores over the past several months.

Jennifer LaPlante, 30, allegedly purchased and/or stole baby formula products from stores, including Walmart and Fry’s.

Police say she replaced the package contents with substances including flour, resealed the packages and returned the products to at least 4 stores for refunds.

There could be tainted baby formula products at other stores, police say. She may not have acted alone and more arrests are expected.

The brand Gerber Good Start Soy powdered formula is one of the products believed to be tampered with.

Gerber baby formula

Baby formula products in all Tucson area stores should be considered dangerous, the Tucson chief of police said Thursday.

Police say parents who purchased baby formula should inspect the packages carefully for signs of tampering.

Suspicious packages can be dropped off at Tucson Police Evidence facility at 945 East Ohio Street.

Both Walmart and Fry’s hastily issued statements Friday assuring consumers that baby product returns are not put back on shelves.

Walmart’s statement reads in part, “we have policies in place to help ensure that returned baby formula is not put back on our shelves.”

And Fry’s stated its “policy regarding baby formula returns includes noting the product as not for resale and disposing of it.”

But despite the assurances, at least one woman claimed her infant was sickened by baby formula. The child was treated and released from a hospital on Friday.