Rapper Ludacris is the latest celebrity to be sued for copyright infringement after posting an image on Instagram.com without permission, according to WENN.com.

The rap mogul, whose real name is Christopher Bridges, is at the center of a new legal spat after posting a cartoon image of sweaty breasts on Instagram without the rights owner's permission.

The creators of the picture, which debuted on the LittleThings website in March as part of an article headlined, "Is Boob Sweat Normal? 8 Things Women Should Know About Sweating 'Under There'", are suing the actor and rapper for using their snap to promote his new rap single, "Vitamin D".

The article included the cartoon of a woman applying deodorant under her boobs.

Last month, Ludacris posted the image on his Instagram.com page with the text, "IT'S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR".
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LittleThings bosses claim they know the image is theirs - because the website's logo is visible in the lower right-hand corner of the Instagram post.

The post garnered more than 22,000 'likes' before it was deleted.

In April, a British paparazzi agency filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against reality star Khloe Kardashian after she uploaded a paparazzi photo of herself to her Instagram page.

In Instagram's Terms of Use, it clearly states that IG users confirm they own the copyrights to any image they post on the photo sharing service.

Additionally, when they sign up, users "agree to pay for all royalties, fees, and any other monies owing any person by reason of Content you post on or through the Instagram Services."

Unfortunately, most Instagram users don't bother to read the Terms of Use when they sign up to use the service.

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

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    Ludicrous ain't aging well

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    "reality star Khloe Kardashian after she uploaded a paparazzi photo of herself to her Instagram page."

    This is the only one I will be saying Ill see ya in court, the dumbest chyt, ill tell them you cannot photo me, and if you do Ill sue you...

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    he is so basic, he could have teamed up. Know better and do better.

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  • WutizaGRANNY!

    Jayz writes in his lyrics about his mom:

    "Mama had four kids, but she's a lesbian, had to pretend so long that she's a thespian," the Brooklyn, New York, native raps about 40 seconds in. "Had to hide in the closet, so she medicate. Society shame and the pain was too much to take. Cried tears of joy when you fell in love. Don't matter to me if it's a him or her. I just want to see you smile through all the hate."

    Carter wraps up the track with a spoken word outro, saying, "Living in the shadow. Can you imagine what kind of life it is to live? In the shadows people see you as happy and free, because that's what you want them to see. Living two lives, happy, but not free."

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    Hashtag NEXT on Christopher.

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    Using his mothers lifestyle to garner new fans?? When you are a celebrity and you do something like this that means more attention, financial support thru record sells by those in that community. Interviews, magazine covers, etc If I were in P.R./Marketing that would be tops on my list. (This is MY opinion & yes I know its no secret about his mom)

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    Ludacris is #WINNING.

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