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DJ Khaled

Most babies are born innocent, and through socialization with other children they learn to share and be loving and compassionate human beings.

Then there are the children who, through no fault of their own, are spoiled rotten because one or both parents lack self-esteem and they tend to live vicariously through their children to inflate their own egos.

Narcissists are extremely selfish people who believe they are uniquely special and worthy of worship (most celebrities are narcissists).

Narcissists lack empathy or feelings because they believe they are the center of the universe and only their feelings matter.

Mom blog published a guide to help teach parents how NOT to raise a narcissistic child.

Pay special attention to #5 on the list.

1. Make kids work for things

One of the quickest ways to raise a narcissist is to shower them with praise they didn’t earn. Showing love and warmth are important for building healthy self-esteem, but praise is not the same as love. Praise and reward should only come after real effort has been exerted. The “everyone gets a trophy” mentality needs to go.

2. Ease off on the idea of “special"

Everyone is special in their own way, no doubt. So make sure your kids know that. Don’t send the message that they are exceptional or better or more deserving than anyone else. If they really are some kind of prodigy, no one will need to tell them. If they aren’t — and let’s face it, most kids aren’t — then telling them that they are only gives them an unrealistic view of themselves.

3. Encourage real friendships

Narcissistic people tend to have a lot of admirers, but few real friends. Relationships require empathy, which requires looking outside of yourself. Giving kids opportunities to form deep friendships and helping them build those empathetic muscles can help keep narcissism at bay.

4. Make altruism a priority

Altruism is giving or being of service without expecting anything in return, including praise or recognition. Practice random acts of service both within your family and without, and actively discuss the importance of contributing humbly to the collective good. Focusing on the needs of others keeps the focus off the self.

5. Tell your kids you love them

Research shows that kids who know they are loved and feel warmth and affection from their parents tend to have healthy self-esteem. Again, we’re not talking about praise or telling kids they’re special. Just a simple and sincere “I love you” will do more to build a kid’s confidence in a healthy way than telling them they’re special or unique ever will.

6. Tell them they are not exceptions to the rules

Narcissists feel entitled and believe that rules that apply to other people don’t apply to them. I’ve seen parents let their kids do things that are clearly forbidden or that common sense would tell you is discourteous. No, your special snowflake is not allowed to touch the priceless art in a museum just because you think their curiosity is prodigious. Allowing kids to misbehave or ruin things for others teaches them that they are exceptions to the rule. They are not.

7. Say no

Setting limits and giving kids boundaries teaches them that the world doesn’t revolve around what they want. While I’m a firm believer in saying yes often in life, kids need to hear the word no sometimes. And when they whine and push back, that no needs to stick. They need to know that no means no and that they are not entitled to something just because they really want it.



    i'll admit... khaled is doing the absolute most w/this baby

  • sunni_daze

    I can agree with everything but #2. And any parent understands why.

  • Ny MaGee

    thanks for this, cause I for one am sick of this kid... and his father. And I remain confused about why black folks (those on IG it seems) go kookoo for Khaled's kid, Bey's kid, Amber Rose's kid, Kim's kids. It's like, THEY ARE KIDS, NOT PIONEERS!!! Stop fawning over them. It seems like a mental illness how black folks OVERreact to "celebrity babies."

  • Coy little wink

    Asahd is adorable and sooo oblivious to all the fawning Khaled does...

    His instagram is hilariously cute too ?

  • Clock


  • Clopretty

    You sounds so crazy! Clearly you are watching "Black folks" movement way too closely to come up with this! Do you know how many other races be on these babies MORE than just "Black Folks" How you turn this post into a Black person issue! You are ignorant and it is NO problem with people with a heart to get a little mushy when they see babies in general! I am just as sick of seeing this man exploit his baby the way he does but you're looking through the comments and social media to single out "black folks" is disgusting!

  • Guess Who

    He does do the absolute most. It's like he's spamming his own kid.

  • Harley

    Khaled needs to go somewhere and stop with this kid. It is constant and annoying. He is already culture vulture number 1

  • ShadesofEMPRESS

    DJ Khaled is doing way to much. He child will be a mess soon. I can't stand kids who think they are extra and he will be that. Yes it's good your in his life but still annoying at its finest.

  • klwbaby

    I can clearly see he loves his baby but damn let this baby just be a baby. I have seen this kid on red carpets and on some TV show(I think Kelly and Ryan).

  • R in NYC

    Wow Sandra no post on Golden State beating the Cavs to win the NBA crown? Last year you were hating all over Golden State and taking shots at Curry's wife.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    DJ KHALEED!!!!! WE THE BEST!!!! ?? I just want him to stop yelling all the damn time. His persona and presence annoys me....

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    I love the write up.
    The picture is adorable.

  • Yardgirl

    Welp I guess I am the only one who love Ashad and the hype. Khlaled love him and it shows *shrugs*

  • Rayne

    Wonder what would happen if I called him a black man in person? I mean after all....that is his come up. ????


    Looks like, if you have no Degree or direction in America and you want to be wealthy ...(if your are Non Black ).....

    You can always go after the black dollar, cultural appropriation or exploitation......either quite well.

  • imright

    stop hating on Khaled, Sandra ???

  • Faux Gibbler

    Perfect featured photo for this.

  • Shira Harding-James

    He loves his child, no doubt about that
    At times it's a bit much

  • Renee26

    Great article! I can't stand to be around kids who's parents don't follow these rules...I will tell the parents not to bring their little monsters around me. And if I see one acting up out in public I make a point of calling them and the parent out so that they (and anybody else in ear shot) can hear... They must be stopped! LBVS

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    Not this ugly fat thieving SOB again. I wish black people would drop this idiot back at the corner store they found him at. FYI his son isn't cute he looks like his masculine looking mama.

  • Anunnaki

    I just found out who he was........wait for it............wait for it.....................................about 4 months ago.............runs off the blog super fast

  • Renee26

    Lol he shouts out his name on every song he not a fan of rap music huh

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Same. I wish my father loved me a quarter of the way khaled loves his baby.

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Lol. In the video we takin over with him running through the church ????

  • Yardgirl


  • Datsmdubya2u2

    right...the white failure comeup

  • Anunnaki

    no, old school yea but this new stuff...Some of it I know some I dont..
    When I heard "all the way up", is when nikki and remy beef..... please dont throw nothing at

  • Mbailey

    I CAN tell that Blue Ivy is raised this way and thinks her shyt don't stink.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    I want him to take over retirement. When he was on those turbo tax commercials i would mute the tv or change the channel...?

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Lmao. Just like i mute the tv when Jennifer Hudson is up there singing.

  • TheOwley

    That's his one and only talent, screaming "DJ KHALEED!!!!!" on people's records. I don't get it.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    I also mute it when Chrissy Tiegan's Tresemme commercial comes on. I just don't wanna hear her bark at me...??

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    He needs to become DJ Invisible and go away lol.

  • 2telldatruth

    The sad thing is that I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with the picture. I actually think it's cute. It's a portrait of a dad/king giving his young son/prince his throne (he inherits the throne).

    Just because some people know their culture and choose to express in centuries old ancestral ways because they now have money or maybe even come from money doesn't necessarily make it narcissistic.

    It's "ENLIGHTENMENT" something I wish that I had been taught at that age about my ancestors. instead, my first experiences with understanding my culture came from watching tv shows like "Good Times and movies like Roots." Well at least his kid won't have to worry about being the only kid of color in a third grade classroom being taught American History.

    I say great job Khaled who cares what these haters have to say.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Way too much, like dude relax.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    Or talk to a coconut tree.

  • what?why

    What a beautiful little boy but there is something off about this father. Let this child be a child.


    Great way to catch phrase it! Lol Lol

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    The blue must go

  • VM

    He's our modern day DJ Drama. A true example of a culture vulture.

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller


  • Guess Who

    Ok, you been shocking the fuk out of me all day with your biting, straightup, no holds barred posts...and making me CTFU!!

    I could NEVER sit next to you at church or in a meeting. i can see that right now, lol!

  • Quitedeliteful

    LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run and don't look back!!!! LOLLOLLOL!!!!!!

  • Quitedeliteful

    His masculine looking mama -- It's mean (and you not too far off the mark) but I had to snicker....

  • Kirenee

    Thanks Auntie, now I know what's wrong with my soon to be EX!

  • Quitedeliteful

    I like it. He is the apple of his father's eye and he is special to those that love him. I'm sure his family will make sure that he is smart, educated and sophisticated -- now he may not always act that way as an adult but at least he'll know how to turn the buffoonery on and off just like his daddy does. I doubt very seriously when Khaled is talking to his mother his says 'ya know what I'm sayin' after every sentence...

  • Malcom Flex

    He's a culture vulture pretend black man I can't stand that fat freak and his little big nose bastard - what??

    Have no one else noticed? black men are steadily becoming obsolete in hip-hop. Which doesn't suck considering black men chose to make black women become obsolete in hip-hop videos - chickens come home to roost what goes around comes around.

  • Noirluv45

    What an adorable lion cub.

  • VernadineTheQueen?

    He is using this square head baby as a marketing tool! I'm tired of seeing him, he isn't that special! GEEZ!

  • Malcom Flex

    You could even go deeper black people particularly black womengo crazy over light skin non-Black babies. You are not wrong and ignore anybody who tells you you are.

    Primarily it's black women who are mammying non-black babies. Which doesn't bode well for their full blood black children that's why a lot of full blood black children have self hate they got it from their mama.

  • Malcom Flex

    Yeah it's called pimping he's pimping his kid.

  • Malcom Flex

    Tell it

  • Miany

    I like this.. I agree with culture vulture sentiments (coming from a girl who has listened to Khaled on the radio since the 90's).... But vulture or not, I cant hate on love between a father/child. This is nice and if I had an album, I would put my baby on the cover and let him/her coo on the intro

  • Malcom Flex

    Plus if this fat freaky pretend black man was such a righteous person he would marry the mother of his child instead of having his son be a bastard. He's just another baby daddy.

  • Faithz

    Great assessment Auntee, and well Written, Thanks

    for your Insight... Cute little boy he look like his daddy.

  • Monique B


  • Faithz

    Great Read, I agree with your Comment.

  • Mojo2

    He's wearing a shiny pale BLUE suit! I'm outta here. I just can't. The baby is cute.

  • Faithz

    Dad and Son is dressed to the "T".
    They are wearing the heck out of the blue.

  • rayne215

    I thought they were married

  • Guess Who


  • dontgetblocked

    That little boy is like a Rolex watch to his father. A prop.

  • SandraRose

    Thanks, hun. It's one thing to be proud of his son. But this man goes to the extreme. It's creepy.

  • SandraRose

    And he Photoshopped himself skinny. ?

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    Great job Sandra, a lot of us needed to hear that. (I just hope it sticks) on another note the baby is soooo cute. The dad looks good till you get to his feet. To me guys that wear sneakers with a suit is a sign that he never grew up, and probably never will

  • Quitedeliteful

    Yup. Got himself looking slim and trim LOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Malai

    Why u go off like that ???

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Shole did ???

  • Malcom Flex

    Nope if so his fat azz would be flossing that. Plus she's not black. BW/BP have no horse in this race every cent he makes goes directly back to his ARAB people!!

  • Dee


  • Malcom Flex

    Little Capricorn Blue Carter is raised to be a proud black woman. This bastard boy child is raised to be a proud ARAB MAN. Big difference in socialization.

  • Malcom Flex


  • Malcom Flex

    He'd cuss you out ARABIC. LOL

  • rayne215

    Why the anger towards him? They are both Palestinian-American. He never pretended to be black. just sound so angry over some music producer.

  • Malcom Flex

    He's pimping his kid for coins. That's not fatherly love that's pimping. Kid has no privacy trying to bring in the second generations of Arab males trolling as black for bp's coins. BP accept anyone as black.

  • Prettybrowneyes

    He is extra. Nothing wrong with loving and being proud of your child. This one is treated like a king just because of his daddy. He's a cute kid but he's gonna end up like a Jaden or Willow...lost

  • Malcom Flex

    Why TRY to define my feelings with a basic simp stereotype? He's ARAB. He's trolling as black. Typical that you're a font with a photo of a black male and popping up to cape for a non black male. That's why the black race is at the bottom - males like you don't pop up to defend yours but you cape for others=conquered.

  • Malcom Flex

    Yup str8 pimping basic pimping he's gonna try to be the next Pimp Mama Kris you watch that fat freak is gonna have his big nose brat selling hair crease and do-rags to little black boys$

  • Malcom Flex

    Yup as black americans rest squarely at the bottom no cultural loyalty but your "ENLIGHTENMENT" to cape for an ARAB MALE trolling as black, is typical of why we stay losing. No race loyalty. Kings and Queens of mammying and simping other races.

  • @yeuphonic

    But you aren't caping for BW. In fact, you blame the colorism issue in the black community solely on black women = Conquered.

  • Queen of EVERYTHING

    This was a GREAT write up Sandra. ??
    Those tips are spot on.

  • @yeuphonic

    this is the comment I was referencing about your anti bw fauxtep black power.

  • 2telldatruth

    I'm not caping for NO DAMN body! I am just telling you what black Americans have been taught about our culture. MY POINT IS WE WERE ROBBED OF OUR CULTURE! It was replaced with a story about slavery and struggle but that's not the only story we should be telling our young ones. We should be doing EXACTLY what he is doing. SHOWING OUR KIDS EARLY THAT THEY ARE YOUNG PRINCES AND PRINCESSES. Just because I see a deeper or different meaning outside of your hatred doesn't mean I'm caping for no damn body.

  • Queen of EVERYTHING

    That was the very first thing I noticed about the picture. Khaled's insecurities ?are very loud, just like he is.

  • Malcom Flex

    Another basic drone failing to define me=Idiot. LOL you hood basics are funny, so basic, so limited, so...boring.

  • @yeuphonic

    Which negates your other point that black women are the sole reason for light/white skin promotion if a black male dominated genre/billion dollar business is what erased the black female image ?????

  • 2telldatruth


  • Malcom Flex

    Wow I was right. Just scanned your past comment you are as basic as a stale glass of water, "reality show" expert, LOL. That's basic. Basic broads watch & believe that fake shit=brainwashed drone.

  • @yeuphonic

    That was weak. Your points are inconsistent and your comments are private. you are poor judge of character and a beta male. I mean you comment on a gossip site about djs ?Keep scrolling through my comments tho.

  • Malcom Flex

    Sorry. We have nothing in common for further convo here, you're an air-head fake enlightened sista socialized by trashy fake reality shows adios, chick.

  • kekeb

    He looks like E. Dewey Smith on this picture though. No shade. IJS

  • Malcom Flex

    I dismissed you already. You're the type of chick that chases a man around a nightclub that ignores you. ???

  • abby500

    DJ Khaled is annoying and it's great he loves his son, but.... little too much pda

  • Roderick2011

    Khaled looks like the sky in that blue suit.

  • imright

    not really. he loves his son !! ?Khaled is just extra af !! every1 who knows him personally says that he REALLY acts that way too ? extra !!!

  • Mbailey

    YOU get a phugging life you perv, and stop stanning for a child.

  • Mbailey

    A BRAT is a brat. I don't care what flavor they come in

  • Malcom Flex

    Also he's pimping the baby because he knows black females Who are a big part of his customer base have a soft spot for light skin children but they will lie and deny it.

  • Tea??

    My cousin and I were just talking about this lol not the narcissist part but how he needs to give that poor baby a break lol ?

  • Pamela

    Sandra didn't write it though. Js.

  • Pamela

    Sandra didn't write it though. Js.

  • Pamela

    Auntie didn't write it though.

  • SandraRose

    Correct. I didn't write the tips. wrote the tips.

  • Pamela

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Much appreciated.

  • Raquelle Dellaghetto

    They photoshopped the fawk out of Khalid in this photo. He's shorter and fatter IRL..

  • Enoughsaid2020

    You can only teach your kids, what your parents taught you. IJS!

  • Luv Pitties

    I used to find it extremely creepy when his gf/wife was pregnant and the way he kept kissing her stomach it was like he was really getting into it as if he was ready to make love, I used to fast forward through his snaps when he did that, now I fast forward only to see Asahd

  • Luv Pitties

    In his defense he was working out quite a bit before the baby came, had a personal trainer and everything. His gf Nicole used to act like she hated him, never wanted to be in snaps with him
    And she would never tell him she loved him back

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    That thing drags black men daily . It tells black women to date white men/ non black men, the turns around and calls us mammies for being with black men. Its either a self hating bed wench , a racist yt bish or male.

  • Pebbles

    He just a annoying first time dad....

    You know first baby..... everything the parents do is just extra annoying.. ex: the baby sneeze alot the parents run to ER.......but by the second or third kid he'll be an expierence dad & you won't see this behavior from him..

    At this point let him live...

  • Messenger

    Use your block button hunty. I haven't seen a word from the person you're fonting with in over 2 months. This site is a cleaner place once you get rid of the hate. Try it.

  • stanley

    For once I agree with Sandra... That child is going be f*cked up when he gets older.

  • 2telldatruth

    Oh that's right thank you so much I really appreciate that!!!!

  • VM

    Well, go ahead and speak on it.

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    Cute baby, but I swear it is bad luck to put a baby or child under 10 on an album cover. Those albums usually peak, and the artists careers start to decline. Nirvana, BIG, Lil' Wayne, etc.

  • Dock

    Sandra is a hater that profits from the narcissist she swears care about her post. Do yo have a PhD in psychology? I would assume you don't since your a blogger that depends on hits. Your hits come from your one sided opinion about celebrities that you either hate- Beyonce, Jay Z and Chris Brown and the ones you stalk. Oh my bad...... And your obsession for agent orange and your hate for Obama. The president you love so much has don't what for anyone other than his family and friends so far? This will be my last time visiting this site as many others have left you because of your foolishness. ????

  • Vikki

    Soooo cute, he loves his baby boy. That baby is his everything as he should ??

  • Jussjess25

    I agree as well..

  • Jussjess25

    I agree sandra .. good post !

  • Lolly Asher

    Check out the birth photo of little Asad. Two men were at the mother's feet as he was being born. Oddest thing ever. Looks like he was born "into" something.

  • Coco

    Right! People love babies. Why are they making a black problem? It's not even a problem in the 1st place.

  • Coco

    She obviously dragged black women in that comment.

  • Coco

    Oh come on! People especially women of all races like babies. Not everything is black women's fault, you know?

  • Coco

    Right! Another man was rubbing the mom's leg when Khaled was busy snapchatting.

  • Look@m3

    Im so over this....Nothing against this lil boy. Cute as a button and I respect the love of a child but this getting a lil strange!

  • Look@m3


  • Trey

    He going for the best baby momma award

  • @yeuphonic

    Typical ad hominem attacks because you lack reasoning for your hypocritical pro black community/anti bw rhetoric.

  • @yeuphonic

    ? more ad hominem attacks because I pointed out the inconsistency regarding your anti black woman comment.

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    THANK YOU!!! TOOO many parents have these children thinking adults that have actually worked for something owe them everything!! Teach your child how to act in public or when you visit someone! Let them learn the pleasure of earning things.Parents, stop trying to be their friends. They can't be a King or Queen until they've learned to be a Prince or Princess.



  • Kayke

    Number three I don't much care for. You can show empathy to a stranger. Friends have never been a need when a person has a strong family foundation.

  • Dowoop

    I would hope not.

  • stav

    DJ Khaled is annoying, the hair and beard dye is too much , and that suit is killing me, but at least he's a proud dad!

  • bella28498 .

    gtfoh lmao this title

  • Mrs.Meenie

    Looks like Khaled done lost some weight or maybe the picture is heavily edited... Anywho the baby is soo cute and no matter what anyone tells Khaled he gonna spoil that baby rotten. Him and his wife have been trying to conceive for a while so that is why he is going all out. Maybe the next baby he will bring it down a notch but nobody aint gonna tell him nothing bout his 1st born.

  • Anunnaki

    I did, scared to come

  • Ms Thang

    You know you ain't right ????


    Cute kid.

  • Benita Renee’

    Heavily edited!

  • disqus_FW7pCIigCY

    Obviously some people on this post don't know what it feels like to be loved by their parents, seriously the baby is his first child, you don't know what they went through to have this baby, there's nothing wrong with parents loving their baby, if they don't show love to their child who will. there are so many parents abusing their children mentally, physically, and emotionally it's refreshing to see parents love their children, i know that LOVE , because my mom loved me just like that and it's nothing wrong with loving your baby(he's a BABY)......hopefully some of you will experience that kind of love.

  • gntory

    And this advice is coming from Auntie Sandra, a childless bulldagger who looks like James Brown long lost identical twin brother! Chiiii bye!!!

  • NIA

    KHALED is a fraud who raped the Culture $$$$$$$

    Khaled was born on November 26, 1975, in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Palestinian parents who had immigrated to the United States. He has described himself as a devout Muslim.[7] His parents were musicians and played Arabic music. Khaled started developing an interest in rap and soul music at a young age and his parents supported his interest. He took up work in a local recording store which helped to lay foundations for his music career.

  • NIA

    As all immigrants do in Corporate AMERICA. $$$$$$$$

  • BloodBlood

    Narcissist Rock!!!!

  • BloodBlood

    Oh god ??????

  • Faithz

    Exactly, and so many who blog don't have insight.

  • Faithz

    Thanks Auntee for sharing this with Us anyway.

  • Faithz

    Auntee those who get up tight are always lurking in the shadows trying to shoot the Messenger. Keep
    right on doing your thing Auntee...

  • Faithz

    Off Topic, Smiling to myself the Number of Fleas from the BeyHive who think that BigBird Beyoncé can walk on water, Lol.

  • Lolly Asher
  • therealkym

    Keep lifting up your child DJ Khaled. And keep speaking GREATNESS into his LIFE! I love it.

  • jadapooh2

    As adorable as his son is, I'm tired of seeing that lil baby everywhere????

  • Audrey Nauden

    You would think he's a singer. He is advertising himself through his son. He's following how the rest of them flaunt their kids too. I don't care for him, he brags & soley to become a famous DJ. NEXT

  • Audrey Nauden

    Key word Your Parents, His Parents. Putting your baby in the spotlight is Advertising.