A bystander captured shocking video footage of a gun battle between Baltimore County police and a robbery suspect in Dundalk, MD.

The incident happened on Wednesday after Baltimore County Police Officers responded to a report of an armed robbery at the Logan Village shopping center.

An officer chased the robbery suspect on foot to a bus at the corner of Dundalk Ave and Belclaire Ave.

According to, the suspect took cover on the bus and, after attempting to hijack the bus, he shot the bus driver.

The bystander who captured the shocking video footage had been a passenger on the bus. He said the suspect ordered him and the other passengers off the bus.

The suspect then opened fire on officers arriving on the scene. One officer was shot.

After firing multiple rounds at police, the suspect fled the bus amid a barrage of gunfire. He took cover behind a van where the frightened bus passengers were huddled together. One woman is seen running for her life during a pause in the gunfire.

According to, the “suspect died after he was turned into a human sprinkler.”

The wounded officer and the bus driver were airlifted to a trauma hospital. The officer’s condition was not available.

CAUTION: Video footage contains profanity and graphic violence that may be disturbing to some viewers.