Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian told you first: Blac Chyna‘s luxury vehicles are leased. Gossip webloid TMZ confirms the cars Blac Chyna and her baby daddy, Rob Kardashian, gifted to each other are all leased.

On Friday, Blac Chyna and Rob met up at the Century City offices of his lawyer Laura Wasser.

After the meeting, Blac Chyna, 33, ordered the valet to bring her Rob’s Range Rover — which she gifted him but he’s making the lease payments on. She allegedly tried to drive away with it!

Her attorney Lisa Bloom tells TMZ, “her client was pissed because Rob had given her a Lambo and a Ferrari and she gave them back to him, yet she gave him the Range Rover and he kept it. Bloom also says Chyna had some choice words when she saw the Rover but never tried getting in.”

It’s easy to gift someone a luxury vehicle when you’re only making payments on half of the value of the car. That’s why it’s more difficult to get approved for a lease.

Luxury car dealerships don’t mind leasing their vehicles to celebrities with bad credit because the cars are rolling billboards for the dealerships.

If the celebrity stops making the payments (which happens often), the GPS leads the repo man directly to the vehicle — and the dealership gets more press when they leak the news to TMZ.

Leasing luxury vehicles is popular because it puts celebrities in cars that they might not be able to afford if they qualified for a conventional auto loan.

At the end of the lease they turn the car in for a luxury upgrade. It must be nice!