Eboni K Williams

Fox News host Eboni K. Williams admits her confidence and being pretty are the keys to her success. The 33-year-old co-host of Fox News talk show “The Specialists” admits she uses her striking good looks to “grab the attention of everyone in the room and blow them out of the water.”

In her new book Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success, Williams explained how she “grappled with” using her irresistible beauty to her advantage while trying to get ahead in a white man’s world.

“I really struggled with reconciling caring about what I look like — because it matters, particularly as a woman — and being professional and very aggressive in my ambition,” Williams tells The NY Post. “I felt like a walking conflict.”

Williams, who was raised by a single mother, says she embraced both sides of her passive/aggressive personality which earned her the nickname “Barbie lawyer” from fellow attorneys and judges in the courtroom.

Williams said the attention she received was actually beneficial to her clients in the courtroom.

Eboni K Williams

The former beauty queen and attorney joined Fox News as a contributor in 2015.

She said she achieved great success by finding the proper balance between brains and beauty. “A marriage of [style and substance] at the maximum levels really yields incredible results.” In other words, she says, women shouldn’t fear using their beauty to help them get ahead.

“Grab the attention of everyone in the room with your physical presentation,” she says, “and then blow [them] out of the water — via a job interview, work presentation or trial argument — with what you say.”