A shocking viral video shows a horny senior citizen man harassing an American male for sex on a train in Singapore. “You gay. I gay too," said the old man to Joe DeMarini.

The elderly man repeatedly hounds DeMarini to have sex with him. Two women come to the young man's aid -- including his female friend who is threatened by the older man.

Be careful when you travel to parts of Asia or the Middle East if you are an American male. American soldiers are repeatedly warned to watch their backs -- literally.

That's because men are solicited for sex with men openly and raped repeatedly over there.

As the old man said, "Singapore is not America; We can touch you!"

CAUTION: Graphic language that may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

  • The Dutchess
  • Please Stop The Madness

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH WEEE. This is out of line. "I want yew to fukk meh tahnight".

    However, thanks to this...Im calling my ex and telling him this. ASAP.

  • Platoon

    I did know this week was national homosexual week. Such an overload of events.

  • The Dutchess

    Just send the video he'll get the idea.... or he'll think you're into some weird shit either way have fun ?????

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    Shocking! The fact that he called him out is crazy...gaydar on point??

  • Solstice

    ??? Sandra is killing it! This the second damn post, I cannot read beyond the first line?! She said 'a horny senior citizen man' ?????? I'm gone… ?

  • Please Stop The Madness

    You gay! Hey! Im gay too. Lets fukk. Hilarity.

  • Dr. P

    I thought this was a video from the Atlanta MARTA...chile same shyt happens in the A, openly soliciting for Boonta.

  • Renee26

    LMAO!!!!! This is hilllllllaaaarious!! OMG look at you gay, I'm gay too....he snapped on ol girl...she not yo friend I'm yo friend

    I DIED!!

  • Renee26


  • Renee26

    He LGBT I'm LGBT...I want you to fuh me tonight! What he the boy would have agreed?? LMAO

  • Guest©

    This is the true spirit of homosexuality, vile, brazen, forceful. I can only imagine what's to come in the future.

  • lovelygamour

    No he went off on them because he saw she was filming him.
    In asian countries the old person is right and shown respect. Old people will pick with you and feel you up like a car. Plus in a lot of places being drunk is a defense men can use. They were suppose to just listen to him and leave. Instead they got loud and that large white woman threaten his manhood.
    Singopore issues 10 yr sentences for gay sex. Its rarely upheld but a gay guy will get treated negatively.
    Also they didnt cover the mans face for privacy. In the west you are allowed to ruin someones life in most asian countries you are not. If this old guy ever sees this he can sue them. Furthur their visas can "not" be renewed for this. Unless they are rich or have high powered jobs this was not a smart move.
    Its a beauty country but read up on a place before going there. You will end up in jail. They threaten and old person and showed his face plus they showed their friend. They need to delete this.

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  • Mr.LeBrickJames


  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Morning coffee and a laugh.

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    He like ain't no need in beating around the bush...whats up?

  • Psychic Lulu


  • morenYAHdelsur

    I feel bad for laughing ?

    That's insane!

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    What you talk'n bout Willis???????????

  • Freeriah


  • TheOwley
  • starbright9449


  • Soda

    She don't know.

  • Chicagowise

    ??Me so horny! I love you long time! ??

  • imright

    he should have slapped him ?????

  • Ny MaGee


  • i troll it like i see it

    Hilarious, sad but still funny as hell.

  • Chicagowise

    I've been groped by men and women in public. Once, I was standing on the stairs in a subway entrance when I felt something touch my leg. I turned around and saw a man pleasuring himself behind me - in broad daylight! On another occasion, a woman grabbed my butt while I was walking with a group of friends.

    When I started going to gay bars in the 80s, I noticed white, Hispanic, and Asian men typically had little respect for other people's personal space. If they find you attractive, they will attempt to touch your genitals! Generally, black men were more respectful.

  • stanhope

    LMAO yeah you so hot people can't keep their hands off of you LMAO. I have 2 blonde, 3/4 Swede 1/4 Fin, incredible thick hair, tans to the color of a Native American with powder blue eyes with a body that looks chiseled by an artist. He has 2 equally compelling brothers. The other tall with shoulders from east to west that cut down 45 degrees to a waist of 31 inches..this on a 6'2" frame....also blonde with that natural dip below one eye that Carly Simon sang about with a face that would make satan reform from evil. Nobody gropes either one of them. Now both get drinks sent over all day long when in a bar and smiles across the room along with numbers on napkins but groped no.

  • stanhope

    Doll it aint him it's the hershey bar

  • stanhope

    You would know given that daddy you he out yet?

  • smartchickfl

    Is the bussy that damn compelling? ??

  • Peter Piper ATL

    I've never heard Singapore had open season on straight men. Never at all.

    I traveled to Brazil before and everybody knows Brazil is wide open. Some friends and I were inside a little raggedy ass store filled with unique but used-looking items when I noticed a man standing outside the glass smiling. He waved at me and, politely, I waved back.

    We moved on to another store, in a group, because there's safety in numbers in many parts of Brazil. I saw the same man in a different store and he was standing directly behind my friend--MASTURBATING. In public. I was shocked.

    I had a drink in my hand and threw it at him. The man ran out of the store, then stood in the doorway and peed. It was crazy and very weird.

    Foreign travel is dangerously unpredictable but this guy could have been approached the same way on any subway in America.

  • Reina1718

    How is it harrasment?? Ur on a sex train!

  • Reina1718


  • Chicagowise





    Him say he love you long time!!!!! Asian power bottom!!!!!


    She is actually right!!!


    Straight to the point

  • Guest©

    Are we two?!? This is an adult blog so I expect an adult clap back. Mommy and daddy jokes are played all the way out, fyi.

  • hottlanta

    Where is Mock and the LGTBQ community speaking out on this. Are they gonna blame the train operator for this.

  • hottlanta

    I went to the Dominican Republic and freaked out when I saw little boys 4-6 years old running around with no draws on in the grocery store. I told my guide if this was America the pervs would have a field day. I do remember as a child after a bath our parents would let us outside with our draws on the in the summer. Can't do that now you gotta worry about child protective services or the pervs.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    And the Alphabet Gang will some how call tbe guy being harassed discriminatory or phobic...FOH

  • Rayne

    I wah u to fuh me tonight. Fawking #classic






    its not the USA, dumdum-its just some crazy guy in some third world cesspool

  • Karen Brady

    The headline was enough for me. & "American soldiers are repeatedly warned to watch their backs — literally." I just can't today Auntie. Not gonna do it!

  • McKay

    Oh my goodness. This man is out of order. How dare and he advertising for everyone to know that he wants it in his bootie tonight. Lawd, I can't. Lmfao

  • lovelygamour

    What part didnt you understand? You seem stupid. English speakers can never see past themselves. They better be glad they werent arrested.

  • lovelygamour

    Go traveling and then tell me i'm wrong.

  • Karen Brady

    Oh my goodness. Mine used to hose us down naked for a treat after dinner. Closest we were getting to a pool or beach.

  • Karryn

    I pray for the children over there. I can only imagine the hell they must experience over there. I pray for the children here too.

  • McKay

    I've seen that happen on public transportation perverted white men materbating stroking their peepee on the bus. I rang the bell and got off the next stop. I wish I had a drink in hand to throw at him.

  • Ebony N’ Sweet

    Sorry Sandra. I can recognize a Gay man's voice. And that white dude is gay lol..... Gay people have a six sense. We can sense each other from a mile away lmao. Unless they extremely masculine they can't hide from our senses lmao

  • lovelygamour

    These people live small lives. They cant relate to others cause they cant see pass themselves. The money is global now. I travel well cause im prepared.

  • lovelygamour

    After a few travels everyone comes to the conclusion that (aa) american native blacks are the most respectful people. Thats why they move in our areas.
    In asia groping doesnt mean gay. Some do it out of curosity. Like touching hair isnt rude there.

  • lovelygamour

    He was teasing the man cause the man is gay. They will belittle a person like that. It could be fun or mean.


    Ain't that it!!! I travel well cause I work for Delta!!! I'm going in October

  • Reina1718

    Ok lol


    Pee lol...

  • Peter Piper ATL

    I know that's right

  • Peter Piper ATL

    Yeah, DR is a fun place but a very unusual looseness with certain things.

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    Oh I get it and you to now...have a nice day!

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    Lmao, I did the accent and everything while reading this???

  • NeverSurprised

    One of my gay male friends once said, "You straights just don't understand gay culture. In a club, if a complete stranger finds you attractive, he might just walk up and grab your penis. It"s our way of saying 'hello.' "

  • Chicagowise

    That has happened to me and it's happened to people I know.

  • Chicagowise

    When I hung out in predominantly black gay bars, the vibe was completely different. A guy would buy you a drink, ask you to dance or slip you his number on a napkin, but no one ever tried to grab my junk! That only happened to me in predominantly white clubs.

  • IntroSpective


  • NeverSurprised

    May I ask you a question(s), and I'm not trying to be rude, simply curious.

    Do you think it's inherent in gay culture? Do you think gay men are less moral, or simply more sexual? When a complete stranger grabs your private parts, does it make you angry, or do you see it as a cultural norm?

  • Deni Elliott

    All I can do is laugh

  • kekeb

    I didn't even watch the video. But how he know he gay???!!!

  • Lisa daniels

    Me too.??????????. I can't breathe.

  • Lisa daniels

    Me lub you long time ???????????????

  • Lisa daniels

    I don't. Too funny.

  • Lisa daniels

    Nods head

  • Lisa daniels


  • Lisa daniels

    The funniest part is when told ol girl, I'm talking to him, not talking to you.

  • Chicagowise

    If you had asked me this question in the 80s, I would have an entirely different response. Back then, most of the black gay men I knew, carried themselves with dignity. I'm sure there were some outrageous brothers out there, but they never crossed my path.

    Fast forward to today, I'm literally disgusted by what I see on gay dating/hook up sites. Everyone, including black men, are on there behaving like animals... genitals exposed... vulgar bios... and no regard for STDs.

    No. I do not consider this behavior normal. I think it's barbaric. When a man says, "I'm STD-free, but I want to engage in a bareback (no condoms) orgy... oh, and I want a committed relationship, too" that's pure insanity.


    I find it offensive!! But its the norm in the gay club. I think men in general are sexual beings

  • suganspice68

    That old guy looks like George Takei


    Watch the video and you'll know ?????

  • Enoughsaid2020

    This old horny man, is too much! LOL!

  • hopeless?


  • Diva4lyfe

    Lmao tooo dang much. He won't playing

  • hottlanta

    I remember us breaking open a fire hydrant and all the kids would play in the water in the street. I saw a painting of that one day and smiled. Do that shyt now folks would be complaining about high water bills, especially with the water management system in the ATL.

  • Ms. Jackson

    Lolll I done "seent" it ALL! ????

  • Christina Duphorn Zehnder

    Damn damn damn.

  • seldom traveler

    The so called warning to 'watch your backs' is BS. I lived in Singapore for a year. I was there 4 months b4 my wife arrived. I never had a problem like this, never seen this happen to anyone else on the train. This is sensationalized BS. This does not happen that frequently like this. I took the train MRT everyday everywhere I went there 95% of the time. I also travel to Malaysia, Thailand, & Indonesia. Never experiences this as well. I will admit Bangkok is wild, but it depends on where u go. Stop spreading sensationalized BS! Also Singapore is very strict when it comes to violence, so people do not lay hands without some kind of consequence. So old man is trying to scare dude!

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    He said you are gay!!!! Yes you are gay!!!! ???

  • On the radar….

    How about 'You sick, I sick' .....I punch yo lights out. The fuhk?!?

  • live Learn

    Lmfao seem like the SNL skit

  • TheThrowbackBeauty

    I love Singapore. Can't wait to go back.

  • Jennifer

    "He is GAY!" Callin him out loud and in public like Straunge in Boomerang! LMAO

  • Tea??

    Terrible. Probably pays for young boys too

  • FallenOne

    Seems as if the dialogue Before filming would change our opinion

  • deanya

    ? oh you mean the same thing Woman go through everyday cause niggas can't take no for an answer

  • chaisun

    I mean he must have a good gaydar, poor woman is probably in denial and so is he lol.

  • Guess Who

    Honestly, he sounded ghey as fuk but that still doesn't give Mr. "Me luv you lon tine!" the right to harass him. He better be glad he didn't get knocked smooth out. Dudes, keep this in mind each and everytime yall come across as a thirsty and pressed horndog to women who are OBVIOUSLY not interested!

  • Guess Who

    LOL, you ain't never lied!

  • Guess Who
  • da troof

    the white guy was like "look I'm here for the kids"

  • McKay

    It was so tiny.


    What a sick nasty disrespectful old fool!

  • chappedlippz

    His gaydar went off!!!!!