nursing home patients

This photo of elderly nursing home patients sitting in waist-high flood water while awaiting rescue is going viral. This is not a hoax. The assistance living facility is in Dickinson, Texas, near Houston which is mostly underwater. SHAME on Houston’s Democratic Mayor Sylvester Turner for ignoring the governor’s calls to evacuate before Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

In the aftermath of Harvey, the governor called Turner’s office four times offering help, but this idiot mayor refused to return his phone calls.

Shame on black people who continue electing Democrats to office who consistently do NOTHING to help their own people.

This is unforgivable. The city should’ve had a list of all nursing homes, and the patients should’ve been evacuated to a shelter before the major category 4 hurricane hit.

Shame on the family members who put their loved ones in nursing homes and didn’t even check on them.

Houston has to do something to make sure a shameful situation like this never happens again. This is a disgrace!

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