Beth Rae Harris

A Chicago woman was arrested for allegedly filming a friend’s rape and posting the video to Snapchat after the two women fought over a man they met at a party.

Police say Beth Rae Harris, 36, hired at least one man, possibly more, to rape a 23-year-old woman in Harris’ Chicago area apartment.

The victim told police she and Harris fought over a man at a party on August 24. The two women made up and the victim went with Harris to a hotel party where she drank heavily.

The victim returned with Harris to her apartment where she allegedly passed out.

She told police she woke up the next morning completely naked, and sore, according to

The victim said she later learned there were videos of her being raped on her own Snapchat account.

Harris’ voice can be heard narrating the rape throughout the videos, according to DNAinfo.

The mother-of-three is charged with nonconsensual dissemination of sexual images. She is currently being held at the Cook County jail on $150,000 bail.

Harris also has a criminal record and pending unrelated charges of battery, reckless conduct, criminal damage to property and aggravated battery on a police officer.