Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton sparked divorce rumors on Saturday in a Snapchat video where she tearfully denounced someone who treats her like she’d be nothing without them.

Tamar’s social media followers assumed she was referring to her rumored abusive husband, Vincent Herbert.

While all of this was going on, Tamar’s husband, Vince, was involved in a minor fender bender near his home.

The blogs note that Tamar went nightclubbing with friends while Vince nursed his minor injuries. Others note that she didn’t even mention his car accident in her social media postings.

Vincent Herbert

She allegedly posted a drunken Snapchat on Friday or Saturday in which she said, “F-ck you, do me!”

The skeptics among you will assume that Tamar’s emotional rants are simply a PR ploy to entice viewers to watch her family’s reality TV show. PR stunts have become so commonplace that social media users expect everything to be a stunt — even Vince’s car accident.

But suspicions aside; rumor has it that Tamar was brutally beaten by her husband for years. Sandrarose.com broke an exclusive that Mr. Herbert beat Tamar like a rag doll in front of her sisters.

Maybe she’s had enough?

Tamar has shown signs that she is a domestic abuse victim (please see video below). Most abused women — especially the ones with daddy issues — tend to stay with their abuser, aka their father substitute, because they equate the abuse with love.

When little girls don’t receive love and attention from their daddies, they grow up to be either lesbians, strippers, or insecure women who latch onto older, abusive men.

Let’s pray for Tamar and all the abused women, that they may find the strength and self-confidence to love themselves and leave their abusers.

And if Tamar is pulling a stunt: shame on her.