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Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom dismissed rumors that her client, Quantasia Sharpton, settled out of court with R&B crooner Usher Raymond.

Sharpton is one of 2 women suing the promiscuous singer for allegedly exposing them to the herpes simplex virus. Sharpton admitted she was not positive for herpes during a press conference with Bloom in NYC last month.

The “Yeah” star has denied having sex with Sharpton at a Days Inn hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey a few years ago. He has also stated categorically that he will not settle out of court with any of his accusers.

Rumors spread quickly over the weekend that Usher settled with Sharpton after the 21-year-old single mom took to her social media account and claimed she had $2 million in her bank account in since-deleted posts.

A gossip webloid posted screenshots of the unemployed woman flashing cash on her social media account.

One screenshot reads: “When you check your bank account and see 2 Mill…” While another says: “I got one, two, M’s in my bank account.”

But her attorney, Lisa Bloom, insists there is “no truth whatsoever” to the reports.

“We are aggressively prosecuting the case and there have been no settlement talks at all,” she tells Gossip Cop.

A Georgia singer is also accusing Usher of infecting her with herpes. The “Jane Doe”, who is suing for $20 million, claimed the singer infected her with the disease during 2 sexual flings in April.

Usher has denied the allegations and asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit in August.

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