Quantasia Sharpton Usher Raymond

The 21-year-old Brooklyn woman who accused Usher Raymond of exposing her to herpes simplex now claims she has a sex tape of her and Usher on her cell phone.

Quantasia Sharpton was written off as just another attention-seeking groupie when the blogs discredited her after she filed a lawsuit against the 38-year-old crooner. But now the single mother claims she has a sex tape that will exonerate her.

Over the weekend, Sharpton posted a social media photo of herself flashing a fistful of cash, along with the text: “When you check your bank account and see 2 Mill…” and “I got one, two, M’s in my bank account.”

Her post sparked rumors that she was paid off by Usher. But her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, dismissed the reports as “no truth whatsoever”.

Then on Tuesday, Sharpton told YouTube vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor that she filmed the alleged sex act with Usher, who maintains he couldn’t have been with his accuser the night she claims they hooked up after a concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey a few years ago.

Sharpton also said her lawyer Lisa Bloom is attempting to subpoena hotel surveillance video, which she claims shows Usher entering her hotel room back in 2014, according to WENN.com.

Witnesses and Usher’s aides claim the singer was backstage for hours after his concert and couldn’t possibly have met up with Sharpton on the night in question, but a former Days Inn staff member insists she saw Usher walk into the hotel lobby shortly before Quantasia took him up to her room a little after midnight.