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Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs

The sizzling romance between former power couple Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs has fizzled out.

The 'Twilight' actor started dating the British singer, real name Tahliah Barnett, in September 2014, and they got engaged only seven months later, according to

Shortly after news of their romance went public, Tahliah, 29, became the victim of vicious racist attacks from online trolls.

Pattinson, 31, commented on the "crazy" behavior of his fans.

"It's one of the most frustrating things in the world," he explained to Howard Stern, "because you want to be able to do that (show public displays of affection), but to get kind of stuck in a position where, like, you have to make the decision... There's, like, a crack troop of crazies who think every decision you're making is creating some kind of conspiracy."

He added: "And so you kind of think, 'To protect it, I want to create a big boundary between it', but then it makes it difficult for your actual relationship."

After a torrid romance, rumors began to fly that the couple's passion had cooled. Robert is said to have cheated on Tahliah with pop singer Katy Perry.

"They were almost inseparable for their first two years together. But in recent months they have really started to drift apart and have been spending less and less time together," a source told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "Rob is tired of it, has called off their engagement and told friends they have split. With so much ­history between them, though, there are still strong feelings there."

The source continued: "It’s a difficult situation but things have become tough between them for some time and they both know they were no longer working as a couple."

Rumors sparked last month, when Tahliah was seen out and about without her engagement ring. She was also pictured in Ibiza with male model Brieuc Breitenstein just weeks before.

The former lovers keep themselves occupied. Pattinson stays busy working on the sci-fi flick High Life, and has another three movies in the pipeline. While Tahliah is currently recording her second album.


  • Diva_woman

    Forgot all about these two. They were young and running high off dopamine as SR would put it lol. They’ll both be fine

  • Freeriah

    They tried to say this ugly broad was prettier than Beyoncé. Yeah right.

  • MsPam

    Who cared about these people anyway?!

  • Dahl

    Too bad...

    In other news, they have Little Richard out here without his wig and pancake makeup??? I didn't recognize him...???

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld

    I was not ready

  • Solstice

    ???!! I can't get that pic of Little Richard out of my head. I'm reclaiming my time from viewing that article! Lmao ?

  • Solstice

    Not at all!! ?

  • imright

    i forgot about both of them ?????

  • imright

    he must have Alzheimers/ Dementia ?

  • Indies beauty

    Haven't heard from FKA Twigs ever since she got with him. It's like she put it on hold...she better release something great.

  • Dahl

    I hope not, that would be sad. Despite (or maybe because of) his theatrics, he's an incredible talent...

  • interestingconcept1

    Hmm...I think they are still together.

  • Malcom Flex

    Druggie swirl couple.

  • bella28498 .

    I knew this wasn't gonna last he want kristen stewart back

  • stav

    That was another fake romance to sell movie tickets, Kristen has always been a dyke.

  • Desiree Edwards

    that's a man--look at that adam's apple!

  • KcoolMuziq

    Hmmm this "break up" doesn't surprise me in the least bit.

  • jussaying

    they say they are broken up every few months.

  • starbright9449

    She's hella ugly. He's probably not a looks guy. I thought Twigs had at least two albums out. Why do I get the feeling that she cheated first then he started cheating? Anyway, I'm a fan of both lol.

  • starbright9449

    There were rumors of them being broken up last year and early this year. She went super private after getting with him so I think she really loved him. She stayed private with everything the way he likes. For all we know they might still be together or make up.

  • BacktolurkingIgo


  • bella28498 .


  • CaramelDrop

    Really??? You think so??? She is a uniquely gorgeous to me... I was just thinking "she's too cute for him anyway." Robert looks like one of the ? ? from the movie Ants. I like both of them too though.

  • Freeriah

    I thought he was light skin? He wore a gang of makeup cause he looks totally different.




    twigz music is the shit tho..

  • suganspice68

    Kristen likes women ,he would be wasting his time with her.

  • suganspice68

    Lol,he took off that wig and makeup,he looks totally different.

  • suganspice68


  • Pamela

    She has beautiful legs.That's all I got.

  • Coy little wink

    She's dope. DOPE!

  • sunni_daze

    Why do we care? He hasn't been in anything since Twilight and is her music even selling or good.

  • Nonya Bizness

    Everyone's a "Power Couple" now, like everyone's a Supermodel. IDK who she is, and he stinks. Literally.

  • Guess Who

    I HATE her stage name. FKA Twigs. Da fuq? Doesn't have a ring to it, doesn't sound original or memorable. Sounds dumb or something someone suffering from Tourette's Syndrome would bellow.

    Waiter: May I take your order?

  • millz

    lol ???

  • Beth Ann

    she had done moved on to her new male model and robert will find some new actresss in LA because kristen is still with stella and he and she are not getting back together because he is already mentioning that he is missing the 10 year twilight reunion of the movie that made him so popular to start oh well . Wish them well all in their lives as they have all moved on.

  • iAmsterdam

    She was called twigs but then there was another artist who claimed she stole the name. Thats why she changed it formerly known as Twigs

  • Guess Who

    SMMFH...that is stupid as fuk.

  • Miss Eternal ???

    Lmao ?

  • kennedy campbell

    rings to me

  • kennedy campbell

    it's not music you're going to hear on the radio for the most part but she also wasn't working a 9-5 job with the bookings she was getting.

  • kennedy campbell

    i thinks shes pretty too