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Cedrick Jamir Chavis

A seemingly innocent case of mistaken identity at a Virginia Target led to the unlawful detainment and arrest of a black man.

The Colonial Heights Police Department is being accused of overreacting after officer's detained and arrested 22-year-old Cedrick Jamir Chavis simply for asking a question.

The incident began on Thursday afternoon at the Target store on Southpark Boulevard, where a 12-year-old girl was shopping with her mother and siblings.

The girl told police that Chavis approached her and asked her if she remembered him from high school.

The girl later told police she felt "uncomfortable" by Chavis' "odd question."

"[The girl] reported to us that she did not feel free to get away from this individual, at that point she was scared and fled," Colonial Heights Police Captain William Anspach told WTVR.

The girl told her mother who called her husband -- an off-duty police officer.

The officer, who was dressed in street clothes, arrived at the Target and told Chavis to stay in the store to wait for uniformed officers.

But Chavis rightfully refused to stay and a confrontation ensued between him and the off-duty cop.

Unlawful detainment is legal in Virginia if an officer or a citizen has probable cause or reasonable suspicion that a crime has occurred.

Chavis eventually left the store and fled on his bicycle. But he dropped his cell phone during the confrontation.

A bloodhound picked up the scent from the dropped phone and led a posse of police officers to a nearby store where Chavis was located.

Chavis was arrested and hit with a laundry list of charges including attempted abduction, assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, and marijuana possession.

Further investigation revealed Chavis was out on bond for a May 12 strong armed robbery arrest that occurred outside a Wal-Mart.

WTVR reports that, "given the nature of the incident," police circulated Chavis' photo out into the public -- even though police admit the girl "was never touched" by Chavis.

"We want to make sure there's no other potential victims out there that may have been approached by this individual, or have seen him doing any other illegal activity," Anspach said.

  • Trey

    "strong armed robbery" he was a thug

  • shun king

    damn right she was scared he looking like a fool approaching them white folks with their daughter like that...i keep telling y'all these thugs done put the heat on all the law abiding blacks...blacks folks will kill ya ass for 5$ and think these white folks want to be in arm's reach be realistic

  • Marlika

    Wait I'm lost? He's 22 but stopped a 12 year old( white trash I assumed) and asked her if she remembered him from high school?? ??
    Yeah not adding up to me. ??????????

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    i got nothing for Ced. *shrug*


  • Lorenzo Chaps

    LOL. How you get to show up to a scene and take actions into your own hand, when there's no action to take? Is this fake news? Come on, am I being punk'd while falling asleep?

    Tip: when someone calls you to the scene, make sure your loved ones are ok first and aren't in danger. No point in you showing up like the lone ranger to cause unrest. SN: daughter's a kid, so no telling what she 'thinks' she heard. Shrug.

  • Ms.Vanilla

    Good night Roses...
    Shady Rose didn't give all the info. Something is amiss.

  • JV
  • Cricket404

    I would have called security first then called my husband. My daughter would have been terrified if that nappy headed boy walked up to her. Scram! You have anything to say, you walk up to the adult.

  • Ms.Devereaux

    WALKS out closes door behind me ? ?????

  • Karen Brady

    Bloodhounds and posses? Wild Wild West huney chile.

  • Karen Brady

    HA! Right behind you. Later Roses!

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    (runaway slave.... in Virginia too? he's lucky he's still alive)

  • Karen Brady


  • dontgetblocked

    What was that funky looking 22 year old man doing talking to a twelve year old. He looks like a thug and gets around on some kids's stolen bike. Yep. They handled the situation accordingly. If he was innocent, why was he running...I mean pedaling so fast that he dropped his phone? He looks like criminal ...he got treated like a criminal...and it turns out ...HE IS A CRIMINAL!


    so the police officer is white?

  • morenYAHdelsur

    How do we know he isn’t mental?

    How could THIS lead to an arrest? An actual crime wasn’t committed.

    Other potential victims? I can think of many other individuals who’ve committed crimes and are free.

  • MoniquetheGeek

    "We want to make sure there’s no other potential victims out there that may have been approached by this individual, or have seen him doing any other illegal activity"
    Granted he's 22 and the young girl is 12, I didn't know approaching someone is considered an illegal activity.

  • Tay Gee

    Why does it matter how he looks. Half of yall are profiling him just like police do the rest of us black men. Yea he asked her a question, so what??!! Did he touch her, no he didn't. I guess since we don't know the race yet, I will save my frustration with being scared of the "big scary black man" bit.


    So asking a question is a crime now? ????

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    i agree with your issue of profiling. as a rule, i don't let ANY being just walk up on me... man/woman, black/white, dog/cat, LOL! and if i'm being real, i'll cross the street Towards a group of young "nappy headed" men if i see one of those toothless yt meth heads coming my way. be careful of ALL strangers. the end.

  • klwbaby

    Was the girl with her mother when he asked that question or was she alone? Just curious about that because at 12, I was never allowed to roam a store alone.

  • Rayne

    What school could they have went to together? Grammar school? No. High school? No. Then where?

  • Django the God

    Bloodhounds tracing n****** calls now?

  • Django the God

    He looks like a young Stinkmeaner off The Boondocks.

  • Django the God

    Summer School

  • Rayne

    Possibly ?

  • Wreckognize Game

    Did he work at the school at some point?

  • Cynthia Wiggins

    This story is odd. These days 12 year olds look like 20 year olds, so he could have made a mistake. With all the fake shoppers in Target stalking customers trying to catch then stealing, you mean to tell me Target doesn't have any video footage to confirm anything? He didn't touch her or say anything derogatory. Case closed.

  • MoniquetheGeek

    I was thinking the same thing. Target has 50-11 working cameras and secret shoppers/undercover security. I'm sure he was being watched, because, you know, profiling. The video will show how close he was to her and how long they were near each other. The video will reveal someone's truth (his or hers).

  • Nina Ross

    White people are sick

  • dontgetblocked

    Hell yes. Leave people's kids alone.

  • dontgetblocked

    He happens to be out on bond for strong armed robbery.

  • AnotherBlackGirl

    This story is confusing.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Maybe he was a camp counselor, worked at her school, teacher's assistant, etc. I don't get from reading any of this she was in immediate danger.

  • MoniquetheGeek

    Which I'm sure was not known to the police until after the recent arrest.

  • Bonsai

    I understand it was a simple question but due to the society that were living in unfortunately you have to abide by strict rules and you just have to remain appropriate . You as an adult approaching a 12-year-old girl to ask her a question may not be a good idea . Once again it was a simple question but inappropriate due to the climate we are living in.

  • KarmaBackAround

    Thats How they do us here in va..meanwhile riight down the street from this target a 15 yr old boy was shot and a school bus shot up energy to this guy who did nothing while real crime unsued right up the road

  • Guest©

    I was about to comment but for the sake of peace, I'm following you.?

  • bemetoo

    yt people

  • unknown user

    sounds like a pervert to me..

  • MookieFly

    Unless he had his hands down his pants while talking to the girl, trying to arrest and pursuing this man was wrong

  • Renee26

    They put his pic out there for that exact reason... he will be harassed in the near future

  • Renee26

    Kids look grown nowadays.... look at that 13 going on 40 year old star downstairs wearing Gucci... I was more interested in the scared to get away part

  • CaramelDrop

    This is EXACTLY why I tell my four boys to stay the hell away from them! Treat them like the plague until the PROVE worthy of your time.

  • CaramelDrop

    Because they kill innocent, licensed to carry and unarmed BLACK MEN the same. Don't be simple.

  • nick c
  • hottlanta

    Yet we all heard our President tell a 11 year old girl and he was 70 telling her coming down the elevator that in 10 years he will be dating her and just busting in a pre teen dressing room unannounced and when they cover up he says I have seen that before. Wasn't funny to be then and it ain't funny to me now.

  • Malcom Flex

    WTF a grown man doing talking to a 12 year old. Hope she wasn't white if so, he's a dumb damn fool you know some black males love the slabe massa's daughters.

  • dontgetblocked

    He ain't no damn camp counselor. He's on bond for armed robbery. You know what he was trying to do and he got caught

  • dontgetblocked

    Look at this thing. Just look at him. Would you want him walking up to your daughter asking does she remember him from school? Obviously, he was trying to be friendly...real friendly. It sounds like he's been creeping around her school spying on the girls. He picked the wrong one. Her daddy was up there in a minute...running his azz down.

  • dontgetblocked

    Simple? You're the one defending a grown man trying to pick up a child. BTW, he's on bond for STRONG ARMED ROBBERY! He seems to know how to arm himself least when it comes to STEALING FROM SOMEONE.

  • Malcom Flex

    Yup. Some black male think all women want them like they god's gift. I guess he's gonna learn today.

  • tintin

    Dang I thought that was the rapper Noreaga(N.O.R.E)

  • 1BlueStar

    Abso-damn-lutely! He asked a 12yo if she remembered him from HIGH SCHOOL!??! This kneegrow is a creep who got caught creeping!

  • Jamal Warner

    I see you don't have problem with someone being mistreated because they spoke to someone.

  • Jamal Warner

    This seems to be a racial incident based on the ignorant stereotype of black men raping white women.

  • OvertheMississippi

    Stop making excuses for the creep because he is black! Yall would “over react” too. I probably would have pulled my gun!

  • CaramelDrop

    Not defending him, responding to your question of 'why would he run if he was innocent?'

    He ran because he is a black man, which in today's America means he black ass can be shot JUST BECAUSE. So, yes, I STILL think your comment is simple. Just so you know being out on bond means you have been charged not CONVICTED. Please advise where it reads he tried to "pick up" the child.... the little future "Carolyn Donham" said HE ASKED IF SHE REMEMBERS HIM FROM SCHOOL.

  • Ebony Noble

    One way to combat with racism is to do the same thing to the opposing side. No one deserves their life threaten or destroyed by blatantly racism.

  • Patricia

    how is a 12 yr old going to remember his behind from high school? he was trying to hit on that little girl. thats the old "you look familiar" pickup line. no sir!

  • Patricia


  • Patricia

    these young kids feel good when people think or comment theyre older looking. my son just loves it when people think hes over 18, head be blown up all day. this man knew that and used it as a pick up line bc hes a creep trying to pick up little pre-teen girls.

  • Patricia

    people say that all the time but, after picking up my son from practice several times a week, they all look like kids to me. the tall, big, shapely, or muscular still look like kids. and these are highschool kids. i cant imagine ever confusing a 12 yr old with an adult.

  • Malcom Flex

    Also sounds like that chick is PROTECTED. How much you wanna bet it's a white girl?

  • Queen B

    Wait she's 13 ?

  • Queen B

    Im confused ? so who was this little girl with? Where was her parents

  • Nathan Hastings

    He was up to something and y'all know it. Stop with the bs...

  • Keepin’IT100


  • 100milesperhour

    12 year old girl w/mother & siblings in Target. 22 year old weirdo approached girl & asks if she remembers him from HS, tf. He must've been held back a few times for this to be possible. She tells her mother, who calls hubby, an off-duty officer. He comes to store & tells him not to leave, he does anyway. Girl said she felt uncomfortable & that she she didn't feel free to get away from him.

  • sunni_daze

    He walk up on my child, we gonna have issue. He's grown and has nothing in common with a 12yr old.

  • Dowoop

    Very confusing especially since it says she fled right after she didnt feel free to get away from him.

  • Dowoop

    So basically they are fishing for something to make charges stick.

  • RaginB

    Maybe she didn’t look 12 & he mistook her for a girl from high school
    ????? Kids look old af nowadays.


    First of all where was the mother at this time?


    Where was the mother? That's the first BS


    Thank you - common sense.


    No excuse the first mistake was made by her mother but letting her go off on her own in a store.


    How so? Asking a simple question isn’t a crime, unless I? missed the memo or something.

  • OP2

    Eh, his criminal record & pattern of such behavior speaks volume. -the loser was up to no good!!

    He might not have made it to touching the child. That's because she ran before his plot progressed any further. -easier spot the losers behaving their way to prison enslavement via sporting the "I'm a jailbird & inmate" type.

  • OP2

    The mother was also in the store. She probably asked the daughter to run to another isle to grab something else. Store cameras can show this type of scenario all day.

  • OP2


  • OP2


  • OP2

    The main focus is why was this 22yr old man peddling a bike to a store to find a 12yr old to run game on or ask her if she remembers him from high school?

  • OP2

    That 22yr old man looking like an inmate needs to find adults or peers of his age to speak to. Not some random child. -the girl even felt scared & uncomfortable & ran off. Her instincts were correct.

    What job is that 22yr old holding looking like that!!??! -should be wrapping up a 4yr Bachelors Degree or completing 4yrs in one of 5 branches of services earning him a free ticket to a 4yr degree. ijs

  • OP2


  • Kari

    What illegal activity did he do? I understand the child was scared, but this young man did not do anything illegal to her...smh

  • Browneyes

    Um she's a white kid...You know they don't keep up with their kids in stores

  • Browneyes

    I tell my sons the same thing. You don't want those problems

  • Queen B

    Of course but thats why im confused ?

  • Mrs Mary

    exactly you don't confront no ones child and secondly why didn't he buy anything...yea ok...up to no good..the ocops did the right thing

  • Jamal Warner

    First, it is not against the law to speak to someone. Secondly, he mistook her for an old class mate. Finally, someone being afraid of someone is not a crime nor did this young man commit a crime.

  • OP2

    I doubt if he really mistook her. I wouldn't mind sizing him up via analyzing him on camera from the moment he got off of that bike & walk in the store. -then to really confirm his BS or lie, we would ask him for the name of the person in his high school that looked like this child. From there, pull up the person pics from all 4yrs of high school.

    -I can only imagine that there might have been just a handful of impoverished white girls attending his crime-infested urban school. It shouldn't be that hard to measure this child's facial features against the white girl he claim to recall from his high school. Easy to catch those types in their lies.

    I don't buy any of it. That 22yr man looks or carries himself like an ex-con of a thug who is up to no good.

  • Jamal Warner

    It is not against the law to speak with someone. Now you are starting to be ignorant and troll. All you have to offer is excuses to justify this young man mistreatment. Further, you are being prejudice by assuming so much from a photo. Go figure!

  • OP2

    Um, I guess my instincts were correct. Just to be sure that I wasn't stereotyping or being prejudices as you've suggested, I looked up his name. Immediately this came up on 'public records' Charge 1: Robbery: Residence Charging County: Colonial Heights General District Court, VA Charge Date: 05/12/2017.

    -eh, say what you want but some of us can sense when a person is up to no good. If he's capable of committing robbery...anything else is possible. ijs

  • Jamal Warner

    I guess they were not. There is no way to justify prejudging another person. What you listed does not prove anything? Secondly, "sense when a person is no good" is what is known as being prejudice. Your whole entire point is to use race as a means as punishing someone.

  • OP2're wrong. Not all Black people are thugs, losers and up to no good. That is a segment of our Black community. Every ethnicity have their bottom-feeders or trouble-making thug losers. Therefore, it is not about ethnicity.

    There is only one RACE created by the Good Holy Almighty GOD above all: the Human Race. The rest is our slight difference due to ethnicity & culture that often comes with geographic location. -so come again??!!

    We are suppose to be able to discern and use our God-given instinct and senses, according to the scriptures. -only a fool would be liberal and pretend otherwise. lol

    Simply go to parts of Chicago; Little Rock, New Orleans, hoods of New Jersey, Philly and Baltimore and tell me all about the 'brotherly love.' -that's if you live to tell about it. Yet, you want to pretend that people are not suppose to be able to discern and think about what doesn't look and feel right? Whatever! smh

  • Jamal Warner

    How am I wrong? When was the last time you heard of a white person being arrested for talking to someone? The issue here is not God, but how humans treat others based on race.

    The issue here has nothing to do with cities with crime. The issue is that this guy was not treated fair based on skin color.

  • OP2

    Perhaps, interrogated, but not arrested [unless he has a history of harming children & young women]. I want the security tapes to come out & analyzed. Any child feeling creep out, scared & threaten by a perceived trouble making loser (hence the robbery arrest), should have caring to have it checked out.

    Your head-in-the-sand mentality is why children & women are missing, kidnapped or exploited by perpetrators coming up with lines to hook folks in & distract them to go in for the sinker.

    Looks like when the child didn't fall for it, he had not need to stick around the store to shop. He hops on his bicycle & rides off. What was that really all about??!!

  • Jamal Warner

    First, i can not think of any reason to arrest someone based on someone being afraid of them, especially, when the person did nothing out of the ordinary. How can a child look at someone and immediately know their criminal history?

    I have no head in the sand mentality. I understand that prejudging people is not right nor can justify an arrest. You are trying to make it seem like he immediately left the store, which he did not do at all.

  • OP2

    I did say perhaps interrogate, but not arrest. I too would want to know why a 22yr old man wouldn't accept NO for answer when my child responded that she didn't remember him from high school. -it became a problem when he wouldn't let it go and accept her response where the child felt that she could not get out of it without suddenly bolting out of fear.

    I've seen that behavior before. Folks like that often have a motive. ijs

  • Jamal Warner

    I don't think he should be interrogated or even detained. It sounds like a case of mistaken identity on his part and the girl being white and using the "big scary black guy" excuse. He never laid a finger on her nor did he prevent her from leaving. The issue here is white fear and how it is being used to punish someone unfairly based on skin color.

  • OP2

    I'm done. You are just looking for a conversation. -hopefully, when his trial comes up for robbery justice will be served for the child inadvertently due to incarceration. Most parents are protective.

    A would-be perpetrator can harm people in more ways than just laying a hand (physically) on them. Psychological torment in intimidating a child into being frozen in fear (by relentlessly asking do you remember me) is also harmful. -too bad you can get that through your head! The rest of us do!!

    Let justice prevail. He is not innocent...the man already have a criminal history. Therefore, he gets no sympathy from most of us. -you can best believe that most normal parents would want him investigated (interrogated) to find out what his real motive was.

    An innocent mistake would have been "My bad...thought you were someone I remember" and kept it moving via walking away immediately. Instead, the child had to bolt to finally escape the intimidating energy she sensed.