Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez with their kids

Super couple Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez united their children for a family outing in Miami, FLorida on Sunday. Usually we see J-Rod out and about with Jennifer's 9-year-old twins, Emme and Max, while Alex's daughters, Natasha, 12, and Ella, 9, sit at home.

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez with their kids

The Lovebirds opted for some joint family time while enjoying frozen treats with their kids.

All children should be treated equally. Favoritism should never be shown to one set of kids just because that parent is a superstar.

Jennifer Lopez



  • BlahBlahBlah

    You got a case of the Monday's with this news. yawwwwwwnnnnnnnn,

  • starbright9449

    Jlo can't go a year being single.

  • SumthinSweeter

    nobody cares about her like that. same insecure woman. same story of being a d*ck hopper.

  • Rayne I was on poshmark...are they crazy? I used A/X sweater for $450. I wrote "LMFAO BABY BYE" in the comment section.

  • justlooking
  • ShWa

    Nice looking family!

  • Malcom Flex

    FAKE. A-Rod likes thin white skin blondes

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    the kids are adorable ...??? that Lil girl looks like J Lo

  • Dahl

    This looks so forced and staged it's almost painful...

  • Mrs. ??????????

    Jlo's kids look like Marc Anthony....poor things.

  • Quitedeliteful

    Cute pic. Looks like they had a good time...

  • MsPam

    People claim that A Rod and JLo are so good looking, the kids are average looking.

  • Liah

    J-Lo about to get married again...

  • free

    marc got some hella genes.....

  • MsPam

    Just to get divorced again! ????

  • Liah

    YEEES!...And Ima leave it right there...Cause Liah LOVES the kids!

  • Liah

    Ouch!...I was NOT going to say it!...

  • Liah

    Ouch!...I was NOT going to say it!...

  • Monday

    JLO was the original Queen of photo ops.
    No wonder Kim call her her Idol.

  • Monday

    JLO was the original Queen of photo ops.
    No wonder Kim call her her Idol.

  • Judi Lauren

    Lol... as I was looking at the kids saying maybe when the little girl gets older she'll pick up more of JLo's

  • Judi Lauren

    Lol... as I was looking at the kids saying maybe when the little girl gets older she'll pick up more of JLo's

  • Liah

    We gonna keep her in prayer!...OOOPS!...Did I say that???...Youre BAD!...LMAO!

  • Hookedonblinds

    But thats ARod's kid that looks like JLo???????

  • Karen Brady

    That ice cream cone looks bomb. JLo I'd be happy to take those legs off you if you're tired of them.

  • Bashi22

    MsPam don’t talk too loud let them hear you because I see some celebrities offsprings they are not cute but because they celebrities kids they get showered with beautiful

  • Wreckognize Game

    When she was lil Mark Anthony she sat her azz down somewhere. After him she has picked right up where she left off. Running around with a man. Click, Click of the cameras.

  • Ms.Vanilla

    I would not introduce my kids to a boyfriend unless we were about to get engaged. Poor kids.

  • disqus_FW7pCIigCY

    Her daughter looks just like her... the JLO face before plastic surgery ?

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    "Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Take All 4 Kids Out for Ice Cream"


  • Wreckognize Game


  • imright

    Jlo & A Rod are nice looking people, what happened to their children ? ?????

  • Renee26

    They live together with Max and Emmy and his daughters live with their mother...this explains why we see them out with her kids more...It's simple

  • SDot


  • shelly

    Seems like she introduces her kids to every man she sleeps with.

  • Alicia.Ashe

    All of these kids will grow into their looks..... hopefully....

  • We Can Do This


  • Fire & Ice

    Let's hope ???

  • Fire & Ice

    Lawwwd they live together already. This chick don't waste any time ?

  • OvertheMississippi

    Oops!! ??

  • Fire & Ice

    Exactly! She doesn't look Puerto Rican anymore. Jenny looks like a white Spaniard or Argentinian woman?

  • Miss Lady

    I have a problem with that big azz child sitting on his lap. I come from a family where children of a certain age, especially girls did not sit in mens laps. Not the father, brother, uncle, cousin or neighbor. Oh no!!!

  • bella28498 .

    let these dayum people live......this boring a s s family outing isn't the whip.

  • isis Osiris

    A lot of child rape in your history? Is that why there was a problem with normal affection, every touch was deemed potentially sexual?

  • Miss Lady

    Not to my knowledge. It just wasn't allowed. All sorts of normal affection do not require a child to just be chillin in a man's lap. But hey, there are tons of things that go on in families that are never spoken. You know every time lil Ronnie went near Uncle Man Man, Auntie Marmalade would say lil Ronnie, get back on over here or go somewhere else and play.

  • MsPam

    I’m pretty sure that’s why we haven’t seen The Carter’s twins, Beyoncé posting all day but no picture of those babies. In my Beyoncé voice “ where they at?” ????

  • SG

    They all look alike.

  • dontgetblocked

    That's her father. Not all men are monsters. She's probably a Daddy's girl.

  • dontgetblocked

    There's a bit of a struggle going on right now, but hopefully they can work through it.

  • dontgetblocked

    Whoa! They live together? Hmmm. I would watch who I move into my home with my children.

  • Evillene

    sorry about that. thankfully, your family trauma is not shared by most. in my family girls could safely sit on Dad's lap through adulthood.

  • Tlowe89

    I would hate to be those kids. .. to be forced to take pr pics to make the parents look good. Their kids have soulless eyes... like future murders...

  • Candace Jones

    Or his girls live with their mother instead of "sitting at home"..smh

  • HalleMerry

    The kids have the pre surgery/Marc Anthony genes.

  • HalleMerry

    J-Lo is average looking without makeup and We all know how Marc Anthony looks so....

  • Jack Blakk

    The problem is how many men and women will you take your kids around before they start wondering about you!

  • GuestSTAR

    Exactly, look at old pics of JLo and compare to her look now. Looks like a totally different person. Her features are more European now.

  • Tony

    That is his daughter on his lap!

  • Nonya Bizness

    All I see is desperation and H erpes. I don't understand WHY she is so desperate to have any man in her life, that she hooks up with a DL dancer and now this nasty a $$ who has he gift. All gifts given aren't necessarily good Jennifer.

  • Dowoop

    It could be because those men whose lap you weren't allowed to sit on is a known molester? There is nothing wrong with a daughter sitting on a fathers lap.

  • Sorry_Not_Sorry

    If not they can get by on their money ?

  • Sorry_Not_Sorry

    That’s true I like JLo but the fact is she looks like a basic Puerto Rican without her glam squad.!

  • Peace

    Wow. This photo. Jlo's son has her knees an His Father'a good looks his twin. All the kids look totally happy to be with their famous parents.
    But on has to wonder how they really feel, why does this Mom or Dad has to have so many different partners? how long will this last? Why can't Dad or Mom work it out with the absent parent.
    Children the sad casualties of divorce.
    Hope they become a true blended family. They gone need some serious therapy and counseling if these hi profile parents change partners again, The little boy seems confused, still sad after Arod pulling her panties to reveal her butt in a magazine they put the kids on display for a photo op.