Janelle Monae at 29Rooms L.A. Grand Opening

Refinery29's art and design installation 29Rooms, which was a huge success in New York, makes its debut in Los Angeles on Dec. 7-10 and Dec. 14-17 with rooms designed by Janelle Monáe (pictured above), Demi Lovato, Gabrielle Union, Margot Robbie and more.

"It's one-part fun house, one-part museum," said Refinery29 co-founder and executive creative director Piera Gelardi in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Each celebrity created rooms that reflected their emotions, feelings, sexual identities, and religious or political views.

Demi Lovato at 29Rooms L.A. Grand Opening

Lovato's "Power Room" features air-brushed replicas of her tattoos, and Monae's paranoia-inducing "What's Your Frequency" room contains mannequins with TVs for heads and walls of security cameras, which is her take on the lack of privacy and abuse of power in government.

Janelle Monae at 29Rooms L.A. Grand Opening

Jill Soloway's "Gender Neutral" installation is a unisex bathroom with 2 sinks and transgender faces painted on the monochrome wall.

Halle Bailey, Chloe Bailey at 29Rooms L.A. Grand Opening

Other rooms were designed by Lilly Singh, and Beyonce's protege's Chloe x Halle (pictured above).

“People feel so joyful going through it, and they come out feeling like dreaming bigger," says Gelardi.

Photos by FayesVision/WENN.com, Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

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    I guess

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    Your guess is as good as mine 'cause I don't know.

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    I actually like Gabrielle's outfit.

    Something about Demi I don't like. She seems like a raging bytch to me, but I could be wrong.

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    Cool cool (29 rooms - concept).

    I like most of these fashions.

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    Janelle(whom I finally was able to meet and showed her my Prince symbol chain) I also think she's a better actress than singer and very articulate.

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    Like are they hiding something in plain site

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    She's actually an AMAZING singer. It's unfortunate she doesn't make the kind of music that shows this. People just don't know about Miss Monae! Oh I remember when she used to sing and her voice soared to the sky like an angel ascending home. She has the kind of voice that will make you cry like a baby. She makes your spirit vibrat. Don't let her take you to church. :)

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    Her acting has moved me in places her singing hasn’t. But luckily she’s a triple threat entertainer. Plus equally as beautiful.

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    There's always something a bit "off" about Gabby lately. I can't put my finger on it. ?

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