Jim Jones

Rapper Jim Jones called out a fraudster who is exploiting his mother after her home burned to the ground on Christmas Day. Jones took to his social media to inform his followers that his mother’s house caught fire on Christmas Day.

The Dipset member fought back tears as he recalled how he bought his mother the house when he started making money.

“I wasn’t raised wit my mother but my son was and his whole life of memories gone in a flash,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

On Tuesday, Jones took to Instagram.com again to warn his followers not to donate money to the thief who created a verified, but fake, GoFundMe account to raise funds for his mother.

This is a lie do not send money to this fraud its not us we have nothin to do wit this I have insurance stupid lol it’s fucked up people use other people’s tragedies to benefit from Fuck u n go fund me for allowing this to happen I see go fund me allow allot of this bullshit to happen they must b really makin lot of money if of people misfortunes ps thnku to everyone who text called emailed and showed so much love n concearn to my family we are happy to b together n everybody safe happy holidays from the jones’s