LaMelo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, LaVar Ball

LaMelo Ball, pictured left, and LiAngelo Ball, center, are considering going overseas to play professional basketball after their father, LaVar Ball, right, screwed up their chances of ever playing in the NBA.

The entitled sons of the unrepentant sports dad are considering playing pro basketball overseas after their father’s antics got them blackballed in the United States.

LaMelo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, LaVar Ball

Gossip tabloid TMZ reports that LaVar, pictured right, pulled 18-year-old LiAngelo, center, out of UCLA because he was upset that his son was suspended from the team for shoplifting pricey sunglasses in China.

LaVar claims the school was wrong for suspending his son even though all charges were dropped. But sports analysts criticized LaVar for pampering LiAngelo and not teaching him to take responsibility for his actions.

Word has it that other top 10 Division 1 schools are shying away from LiAngelo because of his father.

“We are exploring other options with Gelo,” LaVar told ESPN. One of those options is playing professionally in China or Europe, according to Yahoo Sports.

LaVar removed his youngest son, 16-year-old LaMelo, from Chino Hills high school last month to homeschool the teen due to “concerns about the coach”. LaMelo scored 92 points during a game in February, but he struggled when facing tough competition during summer league play (see video below).

Yahho Sports reports that international teams have already started their seasons and roster space is limited.

LaVar’s eldest son, Lonzo Ball, 20, is struggling in his rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers.


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