Steph Curry hurt

The Golden State Warriors came away with a 125-115 win over the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday, but GSW lost star guard Steph Curry after he rolled his ankle while attempting to steal the ball.

Curry sprained his right ankle with 59 seconds on the clock in the 4th quarter. Golden State was up 120-113 when Curry rolled his ankle while trying to strip the ball from Pelicans guard E'Twaun Moore.

Curry helped his team come back from a 20-point deficit when he suffered the injury.

"I hadn't done that one in a while," Curry said after the game. "Sprained my ankle. See how it feels tomorrow and kind of go from there. Obviously a sucky situation, but I'll be back."

X-rays were negative for a fracture but the team is nervously awaiting the results of an MRI on Tuesday.

Curry was seen leaving the Smoothie King arena wearing an orthopedic boot and walking on crutches.

"I didn't see him twist it, but I seen him coming back with some crutches, so just staying positive," said Warriors star Kevin Durant, who was ejected in the 4th quarter. "Hopefully he gets better quick, but we also want him to take his time and make sure that thing's 100 percent. It sucks, man. Late in the game like that and for him to be on crutches, hopefully it gets better."

Curry is expected to be out 4-6 weeks.


  • Ms.Vanilla

    Steph reminds me of my little cousin. Hope he gets better soon.

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    Vanilla Ice?

  • Ms.Vanilla

    Oh dang I'm

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  • heezy93

    Thats for not signing that kid's jersey lmaooo. Karma did the cha cha slide on em one time

  • heezy93

    He really doesn't

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    What happened to Derrick Rose's complexion?

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    You a dam fool lol

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    I was thinking the same exact thing!

  • justlooking

    Unfortunately it's always been that way. He either does not take care of it, or he eating some bad *****

  • Shamari123

    I was watching the game and it was sad seeing it. I don’t rejoice over someone else’s pain. I’m not the biggest fan of him but l wish him a speedy recovery.

  • You Could Never

    Can we get a post on the possibly life altering injured Steelers player Sandra? Ryan Shazier? Steph gonna heal. Ryan might be paralyzed. Not claiming it. But he has been on my mind all morning

  • Evillene

    That looks terrible. He's lucky it didn't break.

  • Shamari123

    The good news is he’s been able to make movements with his leg and he, at this point, does not need surgery. I pray he gets well soon.

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    Welp... Perhaps his signature will continue to earn him that all mighty dollar.-_+

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    Really??? So we're celebrating his injury because he failed to sign a jersey. Maybe you missed the article about him making it up to the kid for the oversight. I can't believe some of the stuff I read on this blog.

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    Just looking at the pic made my ankle hurt a little. Looks pretty bad.

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    Maybe you should take a break from the internet if it upsets you so much. Go outside and get some fresh air dear.

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    Oh well????? I don’t like his cocky ass nor his big mouth pie faced wife.??

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    Exactly where did I use the word upset? This is the internet and not real life. I know the difference, do you?

  • 5000BlinK

    That was horrible. I seen a kid ankle get ripped off of him at a lil league game once... He was hit below the knee and we saw it and heard it....we all cried and that baby had to stay in that County for weeks in the hospital. Football is a brutal azz sport

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    4-6 weeks, smells like Karma will be brewing in the curry kitchen.

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    Ewww yeah that’s a nasty roll...oh happens...moving on

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    ooop maaad lol

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    Looking at that makes my foot hurt.

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    I can relate , but I just blinged out my boot cast.. He just needs time to heel and will be back to kill it on the court.

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    See that’s what happens when you trying to show off ????? now go have several seats...that way ??

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    Sign from above, he needs take a break and get off his high horse. He is losing his way ... arrogance is a killer.

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