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Adam Venit Terry Crews

Terry Crews is taking legal action against the powerful Hollywood talent agent who fondled his genitals in front of his wife at a party in February 2016.

The former NFL player-turned-actor filed a lawsuit against Adam Venit, head of William Morris Endeavor, for grabbing his genitals, TMZ reported.

Fellow actor Isaiah Washington says Crews -- who currently stars on FOX's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' TV series -- is blackballed from the movie industry.

Crews, 49, was criticized for not being a man and checking Venit right there and then when things got out of hand (no pun intended).

Instead, Crews claims he asked actor Adam Sandler to intervene because he feared confronting such a powerful figure in Hollywood.

"'Adam, come get your boy! He's grabbing my nuts,'" Crews claims he yelled to Sandler, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also asserts Sandler called Crews later that night, and both men expressed how stunned they were by Venit's behavior.

Crews said Venit -- a married father of 4 -- called him and apologized, saying he was not himself that night.

Crews claimed he experienced psychological distress and he is concerned Venit's status in Hollywood could impact his acting career, according to TMZ.

  • justlooking

    Good For him and hope he wins.

    Look that white man wanted to see if Terri's penis was as big as he imagined it to be.

  • Terry is a WUS

    Terry saw there was money to be had, so he decided to jump on the band wagon, he is a WUS, if these allegations was not flying all over the place
    his mouth would still be shut, for the next person to have his genitals grabbed...ANYWAY why was it that man felt comfortable grabbing Terrys genitals in the first place UNLESS he was done before, just sayin!

  • You Could Never

    Adam Venit is this YOU?

  • Ms.Vanilla

    Probably Sandra. The avatar is frozen so yes it's probably her.

  • 1BlueStar

    I cannot say enough...I don't know ANY man who would not have knocked that guy out cold if he'd grabbed their dyck like that! The first thing he thought to do was yell for Adam Sandler...boy please. i think TC would still have his mouth shut had this not been a spotlight topic right now.

  • klwbaby

    I hope he is prepared for this lawsuit because Adam probably have people working around the clock to find any dirt or embarrassing thing Terry has done.

  • Karen Brady

    ‘Adam, come get your boy! He’s grabbing my nuts,'” Me thinks the gent doth not protest too much (at all). My man would have laid him out. Actually most men I know. *shrugs*

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Interesting that somebody would create a screen-name just to say "Terry is a WUS". Strange.

  • hottlanta

    Terry all he wanted was some Euro training. INDEED!!!!!

  • bemetoo

    so now you thinks its time to sue??? you go terrylina

  • shun king

    i would say any professional man would/should have enough restraint not to lash out like a savage

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    You funny

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    I hope he wins bc his career as we know it is probably dead.

  • Realhiphopsearch

    A man grabbing another mans genitals is embarrassing as it gets
    A nasty and intrusive violation to a heterosexual man

  • Moon Lee

    When you accept roles twerking to Tupac??? And u wander why, a dude is sack chasing! I'm just saying, Terry!!!!

  • Duhjaaango

    *nose laugh*

  • shun king

    dead ass serious like i have seen dudes get hit in the face by women and men and restrain themselves knowing they could pummel the person...some people are not animals and dont act on instinct or want to cause a scene self control is part of being human acting on instinct can cause a quick death or cause you to murder someone....

  • Duhjaaango


  • dontgetblocked

    A classic.

  • Ms.Vanilla

    Sometimes it's hard for a person to do what they SHOULD do in a situation like that. If the CEO of my company grabbed my butt I don't know if I would hit him. A lot of thoughts would go through my mind... I just don't know.
    Good night Roses!
    New Post*

  • dontgetblocked

    Terry is acting like a bish. These women were sexually assaulted and violated. They feared for their lives and were physically restrained and violated. He was the target of a joke. He takes away from this important moment for women with his silly lawsuit. What a bishazz.

  • hottlanta

    You don't think he was violated. Sexual assault is not about women only. It makes me sad to hear how men are silent for years after being assaulted because someone will not take them seriously. Some joke. Al Franken was joking as well in the photo with his hands over her boobs. Hee hee haw haw.

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    I could imagine Terry being genuinely shocked and in disbelief. And, really, what would he have gained by chin-checking this powerful perv? That guy would have had Terry removed by security, banned, possibly taken into custody, and blackballed (no pun).

    His physical size and strength didn't matter in this situation, because he was still dealing with a more powerful foe. Like it or not "he who has the gold makes the rules" ...Terry has 18 kids to feed and educate; he needs some of that gold, Lol!

  • SandraRose

    "He was the target of a joke.'

    Exactly. The man was playing with him. Terry is a lame for comparing himself to a sex assault victim.

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    assault is in the 'eye' of the victim

  • bemetoo

    so suing a man for grabbing your nuts isn't embarrassing

  • Realhiphopsearch

    Yes it is
    But Beating them down possibly gets u in trouble
    Suing is the best option
    Especially when u know
    coming forward will possibly jeopardize your career

  • SandraRose
  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    A man grabbing another man's balls is not a joke in my mind. That was a [sexual] proposition... "feeling him out", so to speak.
    But the way you see it, if a man grabs a woman's crotch it's sexual assault, but if a man's crotch gets grabbed, it's "a joke"? smh

  • Noirluv45

    Seriously? That's the way a person "plays" with another person? B.S. If he was "playing," he was dead wrong. You don't play with another person's body without being invited.

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    hopefully, this will encourage others to come forward. (i'll never believe this perv chose Terry's big self to be his FIRST foray into random crotch grabbing)

  • ?Royalty?

    #TeamCrews! Get 'em Terry!??????

  • Renee26

    I hope he wins some of it too (gold)

  • Renee26

    Bingo! The DL mans way of flirting is always under the guise of a “joke”

  • NeverSurprised

    Everyone is criticizing him for not punching the guy. Black people love to use brute force and end up in jail. Other groups use their heads, take advantage of our civil court system, and get paid.

    WME is the largest talent agency in the world. In this current sociopolitical climate, they can't afford the negative publicity. They will settle with Terry for a MINIMUM of $2 mil. If he wants to hold out for more, they may be able to push them up past 3. He is handling this in EXACTLY the right way.

  • NeverSurprised

    He will. They will settle for a large amount.

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    me too, because i don't doubt that the intent was also to emasculate that physical specimen of Black Man perfection, who prob made that little dough boy feel inadequate.
    mmm-hmm... you can take them off the plantation, but the plantation is still in their blood. he was examining Terry like he was a prized buck (and his intent was to break him). yeah, he tried it.

  • imright

    GOOD? i hope Terry gets all his coins too ?

  • Realhiphopsearch

    Yeah hopefully

  • plumkin999

    R maybe the man heard about how Terry get down.

  • NeverSurprised

    Under Ca. Civil law he committed a sexual battery, and Terry will be able to collect damages, including punitive damages.


    (a) A person commits a sexual battery who does any of the following:

    (1) Acts with the intent to cause a harmful or offensive contact with an intimate part of another, and a sexually offensive contact with that person directly or indirectly results.

    * * *
    (3) Acts to cause an imminent apprehension of the conduct described in paragraph (1) or (2), and a sexually offensive contact with that person directly or indirectly results.

    (b) A person who commits a sexual battery upon another is liable to that person for damages, including, but not limited to, general damages, special damages, and PUNITIVE damages. (emphasis added).

  • Quitedeliteful

    Good for Terry!!! Make. Them. Pay!!!!!!

  • NeverSurprised

    He committed a sexual battery in violation of Sec. 1708.5 of the CA Civil Code. I posted the statute above. Under para. (b) of the statute, he is liable toTerry for:

    “damages, including, but not limited to, general damages, special damages, and PUNITIVE damages”. (emphasis added).

    While you all are clowning Terry, he will be cashing a seven-figure settlement check.

  • NeverSurprised

    He committed a sexual battery in violation of Sec. 1708.5 of the CA Civil Code. I posted the statute above. Under para. (b) of the statute, he is liable toTerry for:

    “damages, including, but not limited to, general damages, special damages, and PUNITIVE damages”. (emphasis added).

    While you all are clowning Terry, he will be cashing a seven-figure settlement check.

  • Hmmm~?

    The double standards that people have when it comes to sexual assault on men is very disturbing. If Terry was a woman, it would not be considered a “joke”. Why does society constantly downplay sexual assault on men? And then we wonder why so many men are mentally disturbed nowadays.

  • Li

    This is a whole bunch of whooey. Crews didn't do anything at the point of contact, he waits a year later to reveal who it was. Now he's suing civilly? For how much money? And he's not too distressed to work on TV.

  • stevetheque

    Same crap I said about the batches going after Cosby after 30-40 years! What took those scabs so long? So yeah get your money Crews!

  • Alicia.Ashe

    Glad he is suing.

  • KcoolMuziq

    Isaiah Washington(Whom I worked with on Grey's Anatomy right before he was fired) should know very well about being blackballed.

  • NeverSurprised

    The statute of limitations for sexual battery in CA is two years. He is within that time period.

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    Good for him ...

  • KLo

    TC made a beach move . the man did call and apologize, what else did he want. too late for worrying about his career, that's pretty much over at this point.