Vannarah Riggs Rich Swann

WWE star Rich Swann was arrested and charged with assaulting his WWE star wife Vannarah Riggs in a moving vehicle.

It all started when Swann, 26, critiqued Riggs’ performance as the couple drove home after her match. An argument ensued and Riggs, fearing for her life, jumped out of the moving vehicle.

A wife should never fear for her life during an argument with her husband — unless he has a history of beating her WWE style at home.

via VladTV — While trying to run away, Swann allegedly “grabbed [her] by her arm and then around the neck with his arm,” putting her in a headlock, according to the police report. A witness saw the incident and called the police, claiming Swann pushed Riggs in the back of the car while she yelled for help. Another witness claims they saw Swann driving erratically and watched Riggs jump out of the moving car. The complaint revealed that the car was not in park and it kept rolling until it hit a telephone pole.

When police arrived, Swann said his wife got in the car on her own, adding that he never touched her. Swann then told police that Riggs had the phone with the GPS directions and he needed her to get in the car to get home.

The WWE has suspended Swann indefinitely following the incident. If he is found guilty on the charges, the company says they will terminate his contract immediately, citing a no violence policy.