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Singer Ashanti and her mother got into an accident with an Uber driver moments after leaving a doctor's appointment in Beverly Hills on Monday. According to the Uber driver, Ashanti's mother, Tina Douglas, sideswiped the car with her black Cadillac Escalade, causing minor damage to both vehicles.

Ashanti and mom Tina Douglas get in accident with Uber driver after leaving doctors appointment

According to the Uber driver, Ashanti's mom took the driver's information but she left without leaving her own insurance info. According to, the driver was noticeably shaken up and upset that she did not have the license plate or necessary information to report the accident.

Ashanti and mom Tina Douglas get in accident with Uber driver after leaving doctors appointment

Ashanti and mom Tina Douglas get in accident with Uber driver after leaving doctors appointment

Ashanti and mom Tina Douglas get in accident with Uber driver after leaving doctors appointment

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    So in this day and age..we still not smart enough to dial 911 and report an accident? Never let someone leave a scene of an accident! Now that Uber driver will get deactivated until repairs are made and it is determined that it wasn't their fault which could take weeks without earning any money smh...

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