Khia TS Madison

One-hit rapper Khia finally came to her senses and abandoned her so-called “Queens Court” web series after she discovered that her co-star, MtF transgender T.S. Madison truly despises her.

Thanks to fellow blogger Michelle, ATLIEN of, for giving me the low down about all the drama surrounding these two dysfunctional people.

I don’t watch their web series or follow them on social media, but I am familiar with the cross-dressing guy because he seems to be obsessed with me.

Anyway, according to Michelle, Khia, 49, walked off the set during an interview with troubled comedienne Mo’Nique that was plagued by technical difficulties.

In Khia’s paranoid mind, she believed the technical difficulties were intentionally done to make her look bad.

Khia’s abrupt departure sparked rumors that she was done with the “Queens Court” fiasco, but she later posted a video on clearing up the rumors and sayng she would return to the web series this week.



Then Madison — feeling somewhat slighted because more people cared about Khia than him — posted his own video saying the web series — which is filmed in his basement — was going on hiatus until March.

Apparently, he planned to continue the show without her, but then he realized there is no “Queens Court” without the Thug Misses.

I don’t understand why bio women — black women in particular — continue to give views to a woman-hating MAN who refers to biological women as “bitches”.

Didn’t we learn anything from Funky Dineva, who lost a lucrative spot on a daytime talk show when he slipped up and called a biological woman out her name behind the scenes?

Now Funky is sleeping on his aunt’s sofa in Miami, having worn out his welcome in Atlanta.

Well, theres more to that story, but the bottom line is we REAL WOMEN must stick together and stop empowering MEN in dresses who don’t want to see us succeed without them.

Transgender/cross-dressers are not your friends. THEY. WANT. TO. BE. YOU.