Young MA

Loyal reader Django sent in this video of rapper Young M.A. who is best known for her one hit, titled “Ooouuu”. While on tour last year, Young M.A., 25, subsisted on fast food and eventually tipped the scales at 171 pounds. For this segment of Fuse TV’s “Made from Scratch,” M.A. invited her beloved grandmother, G-MAC, to teach her how to make healthy home cooking that will keep the weight off.

Born Katorah Marrero in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, Young M.A. grew up with Hyperandrogenism, a condition marked by excess male androgens such as testosterone in the body. As a result, she developed male characteristics as a child and she even played on the boy’s football team.

M.A. says her grandmother was very accepting of her when she predictably came out as a lesbian.

This video is for those of you who wondered what happened to Young M.A.