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Mark Zuckerberg

Aren't you glad you sold your Facebook stock? Facebook stock plummeted over $11 to $174 a share amid news that a British analytics firm linked to former President Trump advisor David Bannon took data from 50 million Facebook users to target individuals online.

Bannon reportedly used the data to target individuals with election tools prior to the 2016 election.

Facebook banned Cambridge Analytics after whistleblower Christopher Wylie revealed the data breach to The Observer and the New York Times.

Facebook's share price plummeted in early trading on Monday, hours before UK's Channel 4 is expected to air the results of its investigation into the company.

Facebook lost millions of users after the social media network changed its algorithms to decrease traffic to right wing and conservative blogs and websites.

The social media platform was heavily criticized after sending out a survey asking users if pedophiles should share pictures of children on the network.

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  • Yardgirl

    Losing $11 per to $174 per share is still pretty good. I lost $$$$ in my 401K when a company I worked for was caught up in a big scandal and subsequently sold. The company that bought us recouped that 10 fold and I did pretty dang well. My point is stocks go up and down. FB will be aiight!!

  • Kayke

    This is what Facebook is. It's a tracking of all your habits, your likes and dislikes. That info is sold and then companies and agendas target you based on the insight about yourself you've willingly given them.

  • mark1984

    should it be from 174 to 11 a share? going up to 174 from 11 is a good thing?

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed


  • Trey

    You always find funny looking picture of people....LMAO

  • more

    It's true anything that you frequent any website that you frequent it shows up on Facebook

  • Kemi

    This is an unethical data collection but my question is who programmed the app? Won’t be surprised if programmed from Russia. This is why I quit FB years ago.

  • Phillybruh

    I know one things for sure the HBO or Netflix show on the 2016 election is going to be
    Getting closer to who weaponized Facebook.

  • Phillybruh

    But it can't be used for political reasons in the US or Great Britain.

  • Trey

    Havent been on facebook in years.......funny looking at the sheep on it...

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    This is why I don't like Facebook

  • SandraRose

    That's a typo. Thanks for catching that.

  • VernadineTheQueen?


  • angrysolo

    y’all done gassed the book up so much, now lookawhere we at now.

  • Diva_woman

    Time to purchase some facebook stocks. Facebook isn't going anyway

  • Quitedeliteful

    FB isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Over one billion people on FB? Since the price is right Ima look into buying a few shares because in no time they will be right back up to over $100 per share...

  • SandraRose

    I apologize for my typo. The price is $172 a share.

  • WutizstillHERE!

    Yeah Ive backed off FB when Messenger became mandatory.Then they are starting to advertize on your DM streams now.


    Silicon Valley trying to control the flow of information... people with common sense saw the change in algorithms how they stopped people from posting articles and sending information to the public.
    Everyone is not dumb especially people who share information. Facebook helped people become misinformed about the election and politics. They were anti trump and made sure the public overdosed on negative articles and negative reporting.


    If I had stock I would've sold it because this world is so hooked on social media that the stock will rise again and do even better.

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    I call it "Fakebook" because most people aren't honest on there. And the rest are just being nosey.

  • Elevated Soul

    All so called social media platforms leans toward the looney Alt-Left. They have been censoring any voice that does not cater to the Alt-Left agenda....

    Alt-Left loonies can not stand any voice that does not mirror their own.

  • Trace da Ace

    NO, facebook lost so many (myself included) because it is played out!!! Facebook has had its now its time time to move onto the next new platform....

  • Elevated Soul

    Right....They're only censoring Conservatives or Independents.They want everyone to be as uninformed as left wing zombies are....

    Alt-Left news does not report the whole story but their base does not know that because they don't do their research. They actually got those dummies, believing they got knowledge.????

    The term "There is a war for your mind" is so on point!


    Yes I am glad somebody exposed them. They were dictating the information that could be posted on the site. They made it extremely challenging for Conservatives to get their message out but they would bombard the feeds with false narratives.

  • cherrypie


  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Stay off of facebook ... Stalkers molesters and all are on your friends list be warned .... Been gone from that shyt show and will never create another ...

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    ??? smear campaigns to the max ... after I left 2 in a half years 3 years ago a cunt still smeared my azz on there and I don't even have a account no more .... Folks can miss me on that devil platform ... I feel ya ?

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    It's a terrible platform. Just terrible. They will do anything anything to get millions of users. And if you saw the Social Network, Zuckerberg is a D*K.

  • ????? Kari ?????????

    You can bet the guy who zuckthefuck stole fb from, is coming up with another platform. Fb is so last year.

  • Elevated Soul

    So true....

    Even when you go to YouTube, there is always some unfunny video catering to the Alt-Left agenda. . .

    I don't do Facebook because there's a certain type of "element" there.. .

  • GayDownLowFatBoyChaser

    Facebook has always been corny only corny people and kids use that shit shit. Not to mention old people trying to stay connected.

  • Enoughsaid2020

    Not surprised. SMH!

  • teather

    Funny thing is, altho all of you say it's yesterday, washed up, etc., he still adds users daily, mostly international users. The point is that it doesn't matter whether the platform is used or not, if he were another race/gender, this would be a MAJOR scandal and FB would be shut down, sabotaged. But because he's a white man he gets a pass?? Well, yep!

  • Fire & Ice

    "zuckthefuck" LMAO. Yeah but Facebook been played out. IG is where the party at.

  • mark1984

    HEY Sandra!!!!

  • Kemi

    Thank you!! Tried to tell my sis. Not all your life, you should put on FB. Most mofos on there ain’t ya friend!

  • Allihave2say

    We currently live in the #seeme #look@me era due to social media. People are so anxious for fame, popularity, acceptance, importance, bragging rights and expression they are freely giving the world all their personal information. Everyone knows strangers or acquaintances' families by name, job, education, likes and dislikes, friends, habits, travel life, religious beliefs, happy ad sad moments. The governments around the world don't have to work too hard to gather intelligence because we tell on ourselves.

    It was said that the NSA is using voice and facial recognition software to learn about people and match faces of criminals. Criminals are using FB to see what's in folks houses and when they're out of town to rob and sometimes murder or rape residents. Get off social media. Get your kids' faces and schools off SM.

  • Rhondalousey

    Man fvck facebook! I say one thing about Trump's crunchy azz and my page just disappeared. No warning no nothing, pics....gone, everything i put up there....gone. Fvck facebook and that pimple faced thief.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Please keep warning her... Sickos on there I know first hand and don't want anyone to go through what I have been through very terrible platform

  • Kemi

    Wow that’s terrible!! Some ppl don’t have a life and want to destroy other ppl’s lives. I have also seen family units, friendships/ relationships being destroyed by SM. Evil is everywhere.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    It is... But I'm well equipped ... Jokes on anyone evil coming for me ... I'm of a higher power ... Love ... ?

  • Kemi


  • YellowSauce

    lol yeah they shut me down too ...not even sure why ... then they asked for ID .... if I didn't need it to open an account why in the name of Jesus would I need to give YOU my ID for a free account now I have a fake one lol ...don't need stalkers trying to look at my page anyways lol ...breeding ground for weirdos .. I also think people are crazy for giving up their personal info ..,where they work all your friends family boyfriends ... chile please ... these people aren't REALLY woke