UFO researchers believe their search for signs of life on other planets has finally ended. The SecureTeam10 Youtube channel is convinced that this image taken from Google Earth shows a crashed UFO (unidentified flying object) on a desolate ice locked island near Antarctica.

The researchers are convinced that the object buried in the ice is the real thing due to the Antarctic’s extreme cold, which means no plane or ship can get in or out of the island until the Cold lifts a little during one month of the year. That’s why the UFO buffs are convinced that whatever plowed through the ice must be an alien spaceship.

But scientists aren’t convinced.

According to LiveScience, Richard Waller, a senior lecturer at Keele University in the UK, told The Daily Mail that the object in the photo is actually an avalanche.

He says the disturbance in the ice is caused by a gigantic block of ice that broke loose and skidded and rolled across the ice much farther than the rest of the collapsed snow. Waller says the white object that looks like an extraterrestrial spaceship is actually a large block of ice.

That makes sense. But the UFO buffs claim Waller is covering up for the government, whom they claim has been hiding evidence of alien contact for decades.

What do you think the object is?