guess who

Can you guess who this handsome young fellow grew up to be? Here are a few hints: he once dated an older actress who is respected in her field. He is a vegan who takes very good care of his temple and he’s a philosopher who spreads knowledge about nutrition and social justice on social media.

Can you guess who he is?

Omar Slim White

Pat yourself on the back if you guessed that the little cutie is Omar “Slim” White! He was about 7 years old when the photo was taken.

Over the weekend someone tried to break into my car while I was inside an AT&T store in Brookhaven, a bedroom community just north of Buckhead. The thug didn’t get into the car (because it’s a high end vehicle), but he did damage the door lock mechanism.

I reached out to Slim for advice, and he warned me that robbing crews are targeting high end vehicles in Buckhead.

On Saturday, I read a report about the rising crime rate in Buckhead and the surrounding neighborhoods. Buckhead was once a safe haven for Atlanta’s moneyed set, but the crime rate has spiked over 40% since 2017!

Be careful out there.


The key to this realm is to understand a part of your purpose is to utilize ALL THERE is to sharpen your iron. For example as a man if you're very explosive and you want to work on your grace, then learn fencing, pottery or even an instrument like the harp or piano. Take arts like ta chi and fencing. Me personally arts like balet or instruments like drumming aren't what I would need based on the mechanics of my being. I'm already in tune with the brute strength aspect so drumming would be overkill for me. I'm already charismatic so balet would be a little to feminine for me. So instead of taking up something like balet then maybe gymnastics or wing chun would be better for me personally but we're all different and have different instructions so TAP IN. If GOD is a humanly word that represents ALL THERE IS then you as a child of GOD would want to mimic the many aspects of THE ALL. You have some masters who learn to move like animals within nature. You have some masters who learn to mimic the sounds of animals. You have some masters who not only fast without food but they'll also do what is called a talking fast. Some masters will not only commit to a liquid fast but they'll also fast in pure darkness for a period of time. Some masters hold their breathe while they perform certain physical movements. The possibilities are endless beloved. What type of training did a Jesus/Yeshua have? What type of training did Buhdda have? What about Moses or Solomon? What were their strengths? What were their weaknesses? If you want to mimick the training of CHRIST then u must understand the BASICS, like the difference between righteousness & wickedness. Learn the basics before you advance on your journey. Depending on your goals determines your training. How do you see yourSELF? Where would YOU like to be as your reach your life cycle? Do you believe you can leave your body? Do you know how this realm was constructed? Do you know what this truly is? To be a teacher you must be a student. To exhale you must first inhale. Inspiration is an internal form of motivation and I pray that Ive stipulated your mind to the possibilities of mastery. I love you with my highest love??

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