It's a question that many people wonder about but don't have the courage to ask. A NYPD officer is on trial for asking a transgender individual why he needs breasts -- since everyone knows mammary glands are specifically designed for breastfeeding.

Sgt. Michael DiCecco, who was named "Cop of the Month" in 2012, reportedly asked the trans person “what did she have tits for” during a stop in 2016.

The trans person who goes by the name Melanie Legend was walking home on April 21, 2016 when he was stopped on Staten Island by a “dark-colored, unmarked Impala,” a prosecutor with the Civilian Complaint Review Board said in court.

Legend said three men got out -- Sgt. Michael DiCecco, Officer Robert Hesterhagen and Officer Gary Leite — and began peppering him with questions.

DiCecco reportedly asked Legend why he changed his name and what did he "have tits for” -- before inquiring about a bulge in Legend's waistband.

DiCecco allegedly put his “thumb in Melanie Legend’s waistband and pulled her pants down in the middle of the street,” prosecutor Hamilton Lee said in opening statements.

“After finding nothing on her, they let her go,” Hamilton said.

Legend took down the license plate of the car and the three officers were tracked down.

But DiCecco’s lawyer John D’Alessandro insisted Legend has the wrong guy, claiming DiCecco was “in the middle of a very serious felony arrest” approximately two miles away when Legend was stopped.

Legend's description of DiCecco is also way off. Legend described DiCecco as 26 to 29 years old, 150 to 160 pounds and having “dirty blond or light brown hair,” testified CCRB Investigator Joshua Richardson.

But DiCecco is 47 with salt and pepper hair and weighs about 200 pounds, D’Alessandro said.

Legend sued the city and the three police officers, claiming they insulted him and strip-searched him in the middle of the street. That suit, filed in Brooklyn federal court, was settled last week for $25,000, according to the NY Post.

Stock photo by Tillsonburg / Getty Images

  • Karen Brady

    The headline CRACKED me up. Okay now that I'm composed let me try to read this. I swear some days I don't know why I even come in the garden messin' with ya'll :-).

  • Karen Brady

    Okay I didn't get far but I literally have tears rolling out my eyes @ what did he “have tits for” !!!!!! I can't. Just can't.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    So u can’t question them now? Hmmm

  • shun king

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    black man totem pole

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    if i can’t question why you want from steve to sally then you and your rubber bress can get out my face

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    Buttt ummm why does he need breasts tho!! Did we ever get the answer?

  • klwbaby

    Is the trial about him asking why he had breasts or do they feel the police was harassing them for no good reason?

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    when you where a uniform codes are supposed to be followed ... Your personal beliefs ... Personal inquiries need to fall the fawk back or take that uniform off and ask that question ... Fugg around and get punched in the face for that . .. Folks can miss me ... With the shannanigans

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    Soo, ppl can't ask questions anymore? Disgusting world.

  • Str8tUpMenace

    At least he wasn't shot 20 to 41 times

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    Lol, nope never did get the answer.

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    Wow they settle that quickly. Hmm?

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    25k you know he/she might've got 1,500 after the attorney and taxes.

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    ooo I hope it was Bimbo so he can sue them!

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  • Bonsai

    Well, it was settled so it must've been true.

  • RespectSelf

    So he still got paid though he had the wrong guy??? What!!!! So I need to start dressing up as a man so a cop or millionaire could ask me some questions. I'm going to be sitting there like huh can you repeat that... I didn't catch the last part.

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    $25,000 -- Hilarious. The lawyer got one/third!

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    Not necessarily. $25,000 is a drop in the bucket for a settlement.

  • NaeNae2015

    I dont understand any of it.......but I also know if I asked within the environment that I work, I would be 1) Sent to sensitivity training or 2) unceremoniously discharged. I have come across some weird stuff on the job. I just plaster a stupid grin on my face and say....."Oh...okay!!" #DoYouBaby

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    Lol ..... because it’s the obama freak show... Your liberals traded in all of your civil rights for the clown show... they just needed the black co-sign.... yes I am sure he sued...

  • Ryan

    Speaking of clown shows, you should check out the trump administration. Can't even keep track of who's been fired at this point. And you've got a porn star suing his stupid azz. Now that's a real freak show.

    Oh yeah, and trannies were around before President Obama. So basically your whole post is garbage trolling. Again.

  • Rayne

    You meant after they stopped him, he had nothing on him. ?

  • Marlika

    I’ve meet Sgt DiCecco before, he was at a community board meeting. Nice fella I must say. As far as the tranny, I believe it is lying. I remember last summer a tranny claimed it got raped at the train station around here. The truth was the tranny didn't get paid for servicing two men, so he/she lied about be raped and attacked. I’m personally getting sick of these mofos and their antics. Thanks to these b.s laws these mofos are quick to yell “ hate crime” about anyone who doesn’t agree to their life style. And I must add the cop had the right to stop this mofo, a lot of them are walking up and down prostituting left and right. There’s at least 2 in my building whom don’t work and have plenty of gentlemen callers through out the night. The security guard tells me Wednesday- Friday is their busiest night. I’ve seen them a time or two dressed up in their hoe gearing leaving out the building. The city was stupid to settle any case with the tranny. Now this opens the flood gates for more frivolous suits from the circus!??????

  • Marlika

    Most cases are settled to save money from on going litigation that can drag on and on. It has nothing to do with winning or being guilty.

  • SDot

    I don't believe this and so what if he asked it.....gays and trans need to stop being so damn sensitive.
    They act like they can only ask these questions. FOH

  • Phillybruh

    If they didn't pay him/her then it was rape.

  • Phillybruh

    They had the license plate number and tracked the vehicle to that area. They did something to this person.

  • Phillybruh

    They don't tax settlements they got about 15g of that.

  • Phillybruh

    I don't think it was the asking it was the pulling down of the pants and humiliation.

  • Keisha Hannah

    I want to know what they want tits for also lol

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  • Marlika

    Um no it wasn’t and prostitution in NY is illegal. That mofo willing bent over and out them dicks in his mouth without force That was not rape.?

  • SDot

    I don’t believe that bs. Nope.

  • Phillybruh

    I guess

  • Phillybruh

    Well they seemed to have believed it enough to settle.

  • Liah

    Me too!.

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    You guys traded in what little morality you had left to elect Trump.

  • Karen Brady

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    Why? Just arrest them or write a ticket and call it a day????? Some people worry bout the wrong things

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  • Karen Brady

    so basically those are hookers in your building bringing all types of deviants all up and through. SMH.

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    Whos man you sleeping with these days?

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    LOL..... I sleep with my own.....

  • Sushi

    I answered it above

  • SDot

    Most would to make it go away. But I don’t believe it.
    ....and it’s ok.


    Uhmmm we take no criticism from Dumbocrats... some of you are serious retards who vote against their own interests and sadly think you are schooling somebody and stay trying to bully people into your bad group think situation.

  • Jethro

    That would actually be a pretty stupid question to ask, followed by why do they shave and wear wigs.


    Clown show is the Me too movement... or the White womans movement issue of the day... your corporate sponsored protests brought to you by the Democrats that’s the clown show. Lmaoo and the black people who just follow whatever they say .. it doesn’t even benefit the communities they represent .. I can careless what tramp who was paid to sleep with a man then wants attention and $$ but that’s the Me too movement members. Liberal supported attention seeking trash cans.

  • Jethro

    Russians can vote here?

  • Phillybruh

    If they settled it typically means the mediator was going decide in the transgendered persons favor.

  • Trace da Ace

    sigh....I gots nothing for this shit....

  • SDot

    I repeat

    Most would to make it go away. But I don’t believe it.
    ....and it’s ok.

    I repeat
    It’s ok.


    Did he say tits? ?? who the hell would name themselves Melanie Legend? Anyway I thought New York City Cops took gay sensitivity course in there academy?


    What you need tits for ??

  • Trace da Ace

    something to rest my cup on when Im feeling lazy....lol

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    There’s only 2 that I know of and of course they’re black. Messy asses! One name is Madison and he looks like Shaq and the other is Hazel. ???????????????Stevie Wonder can see their both men.

  • Applebootay

    claiming they insulted him and strip-searched him in the middle of the street.
    1) the question about needing breasts/tits is straight legit. IJS
    2) the strip search sounds suspect...
    3) that's all I got.

  • YellowSauce

    Staten Island cops are horrid ... especially on and at the ferry
    I believe this story ... the bus drivers too .... disgusting

  • Gloria

    Exactly lol lawyer fees and taxes will take up half of that


    If my post is Garbage then your nothing but a Maggot ... You need to keep track of whos fired again ??? Your so politically retarded ... Maggot you wish somebody would troll you.
    Your talking about Porn. The Democratic Party is using you like bottom hoes and your too stupid to realize it... She is using the ME TOO feminist white female to get her ends now on liberal shows. and Liberal supported networks....
    I dont expect you to understand the Obama Zombies are not the brightest ... The stupid people who vote against their own interest stay trying to get people into their bad group think.

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    lol well nyc cops can be a mess....if they go around killing innocent people this shouldn't be too hard to believe

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    Damn a cop told me I had a fat ass wonder if I could get paid

  • bella28498 .

    He need breast so he can look like a freak, duhhhhh! Hence the acronym lgbtq he’s trans and queer ? on a serious note, white ppl no matter what their profession are animals and always getting in the way or on ppl nerves.

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    I can see the officer asking the man about his tittays but not on the job...

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    LOLLOLLOL!!!!! Time to get a lawyer...

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    Sgt. Michael DiCecco is handsome as hell he just wanted to get sum of that tranny puss :P

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    But do you really have one???? That is the question

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    Sounds like the cops were strolling for trans if you ask me.