By Sandra Rose  | 

Mel B, Madison Brown Belafonte, Angel Iris Brown

Former Spice Girls member Melanie "Mel B" Brown threw a huge party for her daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown's 11th birthday at Hatsatoun restaurant in Los Angeles. Mel had friends and family transported to the restaurant in a stretch limo. Angel's dad, Eddie Murphy, probably picked up the bill for the party.

Mel B, Angel, Madison

Melanie rented out the entire restaurant for Angel's 11th birthday party. The restaurant was decorated with balloons and party favors.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Andrea Brown

Angel is very close to her maternal grandmother, Andrea Brown.

Phoenix Chi Gulzar, Madison Belafonte

Angels's 6-year-old sister Madison Brown Belafonte and her older sister Phoenix Chi Gulzar, 19, helped celebrate their sister's birthday.

Mel B, Madison Brown Belafonte

Even though she was surrounded by children, dressing appropriately was not at the top of Mel's list of priorities.


  • cherrypie

    Awww. Iris is adorable!! Eddie needs his azz beat for denying that baby!!! And....what in the coke head dry mouth saggy booty does Melanie have on??????

  • Munchosgirl

    Sandra I saw a video of Angel with Eddie and her paternal siblings celebrating her birthday. She and her father have the same birth day..

  • Ms..N

    Melanie looks like head on sticks!!! Lol

  • MissyJ

    Lawd Mel need a big mac.

  • Jordan’s Memory

    Everything is wrong with these pics! where do I start!!!! Mel B's ass cheeks needs to be all the way covered! HER MAKE-UP AND HAIR LOOKS AWFUL!!!! Now this poor child, her dad pays entirely too much money per month for her hair to be looking like that. I mean really! I'm sure she could have also found a better outfit to put on her as well. They look like they rolled out of bed and did a last minute party. smdh

  • Munchosgirl

    Forgive me, not talking badly about Angel but I swear all I see is Norbit in these photos. I honestly never saw Eddie in her but baby....that's Eddie!

  • TMW

    Or Mel B's original face.

  • Ghost

    I'm so glad you posted this...cause I was just getting ready to ask...Where in the heck is Eddie and his other children?! I'm glad her and Eddie have the same birthday..he will never forget it...LOL

  • Kemi

    Mel B stays showing them dehydrated thighs and legs... butt cheeks and everything out and about. Seeking attention much?

  • Pamela

    She looks high as a kite. Sad.

  • Ghost

    And some lotion on those legs! Black folks just can't hop out the shower and dry off...we need to oil up!

  • Trey


  • Pitty Patty

    Hot Mess Express....

    Melanie and that outfit. Cocaine is a hell'va drug.

  • Mischelle

    Mel B looks like a hot coke head mess. Her sister, on the other hand, looks just like she did before she started the heavy drug use. I hope she doesn't go down the Whitney path and leave those girls without a mother. They've dealt with enough shit as it is

  • Dahl

    Mel B’s chicken stick legs!!!!! ???

  • Sid

    Mel looking a little coked out. Got her little cakes hanging out and that little pony tail hanging on for dear life. Lol what is going on child?

  • Pitty Patty

    a LITTLE....she look a LOT coked out. LMAO

  • SpillyNillie

    WTH is going on with Mel. Come to the light Mel!!!

  • YaYa

    Mel looks like she could use an extended vacation

  • Pamela

    What the hells going on here?

  • SpillyNillie

    Damn sho dehydrated!

  • Pitty Patty

    Extended Vacation AKA Rehab

  • Kemi

    She ashy af.... lotion anyone lol ?

  • TMW

    I was trying to figure out if she had on pantyhose, or if her legs were really that ashy???

  • SoulfulLove

    Is it me or does angel not look like either one of them? She must look like her granny or gramps

  • Dona Martin

    what does mel have on and why is her butt out and why is she so thin like sick thin
    eddie i hope he doing right by that lil girl

  • Kemi

    They really that ashy.,, she’s too drugged up to care ?????

  • Love Lisa

    I think Mel B has given up on food.

  • Ni Ni

    Crack, her-run, or meth amphetamines?

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Mel looks TERRIBLE!

  • i troll it like i see it

    I can't figure out who Angel looks like...and Mel is starting to lose a lot of muscle mass. I wonder what's going on? Stress?

  • Alextra Ballard

    I know Mel did not wear that to Angels birthday party. The Murphy genes are strong. This is the first time I've ever seen pix of Eddie and Angel..What's really going on here?!!

  • i troll it like i see it

    I am beginning to worry. I love Mel B! Please don't waste away Mel!

  • CoTToNCaNDie SWeeTAsGolD

    I just came in for the comments.

  • Roxie Moxie

    LOL @ "her-run". I hope it's none of the above but I remember when she was thicker than this. Maybe it's stress??

  • JV

    Prozac and Cherry Vodka

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    something is up with Mel??

  • MyaCompton

    Awwww poor Mel is going through it ....smh!!! I know as a woman myself ....and this why women really need to be there for each other!!!!! Were the only ones that know when something is wrong with a fellow lady ....mama lost a lot of weight and I know for a fact it’s stress amongst other issues!!! Praying for you Mel!!! U either loose or gain when your mind is so focus on other issues you don’t care to eat ...or over eat..

  • BeautyIsland.Weebly.

    MEL does not look Well.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    ????? chile ...

  • 100milesperhour

    Starvation w/o representation.

  • guest

    HBD to Angel.....Mel is looking a hottt mess! And she lost a lot of weight!! smh

  • Kanyade

    So I guess Mel decided to wear her pajamas.

    Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl.

  • Libra80sBaby

    Mel looks a mess. Smh

  • MsVAllDay

    We must oil up!!!!! She trying to lean to the more Caucasian side of her, but sis that skin is black as it gets. Get some Vaseline and stop the games.

  • Kayke

    Stress takes away the appetite for many. It's unfair to speak as if you know she is purposely doing it.

  • Ni Ni

    Stress and hard living chile.

  • 100milesperhour

    I'm aware. Lighten up. It's a blog, not an AA meeting. Will you reply to those that say she looks coked-out?

  • Yoni7

    Happy New Year, Iris! Enjoy!

    Mel you look a lil sick roundst the leg/thigh area. Kinda reminds me of Whitney Houston ala Michael Jackson special. That or you going hard on that Richard Simmons workout plan. Either way, let us help you.

  • guest

    Mel is on drugs!!! Poor thang! Eddie knew she was trouble but too late. And Angel looks different too maybe cause she doesn't have the braids in her hair.

  • 4FlavorsOfMe CreoleMami

    Mel is stressed out poor baby... I know she has been going through hell lately..

  • SweetTEE

    So Mel B always looks so funky. Idk what it is ?

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Mel is on that stuff...she got the crackhead stance down pat smh...

  • MsVAllDay

    Mel Mel Mel put the coke down boo!

  • Kayke

    Then talk from that awareness.
    Oh, you're one of those "well, they did it too". ?

  • 100milesperhour



    She looks horrible ?

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    How are you going to help her? You reaching out to her personally offering sincere help or just leaving messages for the world to read? RQ (real question)!!

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy


  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    Prayers for this woman and her children. It's so easy to judge, when you're on the outside looking in.

  • FukkFolks2018

    OMG. Mel looks a hot stick figure Whitney on the Michael Jackson special ass MESS

  • FukkFolks2018

    I JUST said that

  • Holler If Ya Hear Me

    Mel B’s legs look like my two week old baby’s.

  • Kayke

    You're lame af.... You go back and change your comments to something completely different.

  • Lady_Elle

    Azz out Mel?
    Mel looks terrible! She looks like a bobble-head!
    She looks like she needs intervention.
    HATE to Say... she looked better with the ex-hubby. :-(

    Angel's hair looks over-processed.
    Please take the child to a professional hair dresser.

  • Shawty

    Mel B need to really stop it with the short shorts. She's at a kids party with her butt cheeks hanging out. There is a time and place for everything and a kids party is not the time to be showing your behind literally.

  • FukkFolks2018

    So we dont think Mel is on drugs? She just going through bc of the divorce?

  • Kanyade

    i think it's probably a combo of both. or all of the above. blessings up.

  • Vegas1989

    That's a dang on shame she came out the house with no drawers on. See her mama should have hit her upside her head and told her to go in the house and put on some clothes. And her daughter hair is looking awful...Damage ends...She should just be getting it wash and pressed every blue moon...No Kiddie Perm...SMH

  • Vegas1989

    Legs looking like the Grey Crane outside my window waiting on these gophers to pop out the hole...LOL

  • Tiffy

    She looks horrible. Clearly it's drugs. Maybe the Belafonte boy ain't crazy.

  • stav

    Mel B's thighs and calfs are the same size, and don't even let me get on that butt! Whatever it is , I hope the matter is resolved in a positive way, praying for you Mel.

  • DeeFromLA

    Mel B does not look healthy physically or mentally. Eddie go get your daughter.

  • Rayne

    Her thighs tho...You ain’t on that narcotic is you?!? ?

  • Vegas1989

    Why did she leave the house wearing Victoria Secret's 2 piece pajamas set and heels?....SMH....I have this in sky blue.. Butt I have a large for my big brown round....LOL....I stay in the house with it on...

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    The baby looks like her Dad. Happy birthday to her. Mom needs a sammich or three.

  • Roxie Moxie

    Right! I be cracking up b/c some folks take this blog serious like it's their day job. It's all sh*ts and giggles for me. lol I get paid NO MONEY to comment and therefore, this is just comedy to me.

  • FukkFolks2018

    Ole Belafonte dude said last month she is using the abuse claims to hide the drug and drank abuse that was detailed back in the fall. I hope she gets the help she needs. This is SAD. Blessings indeed. I had no idea.

  • Cali

    Angel is adorable, Mel B, however....

  • Jay

    Oh ok butt cheek all out at a CHILDS birthday party. Oh ok SMH

  • Vegas1989

    She is doing too much. Flying to host a show and then Flying back to LA for court...She just need to leave the show for a minute. And just be there for her girls...Where are her REAL FRIENDS? Because I would have told her, 'If you don't get your monkey @$$ in that house and change clothes I'm going to beat you like your mama should have!" You can't be dressing like this in front of your daughters in public....Now Angel friends are going to be talking about her momma....SMH

  • Panther Charleston

    Mel B, I hope you haven't gone Meth B. Please be careful.

  • joel adams

    Where do I begin? Lol. Mel B was damn fine not too long when Eddie hit raw . safe bet mel B will fund the extensive plastic surge for her kids 18th bday

  • 100milesperhour

    Ha! That was you, I saw it. Enjoy the day Miss Sunshine, the day's bright & you're breathing.

  • Soon2BWife

    Crack is wack!

  • Yoni7

    BOTH! Never know who you can reach.

  • Vegas1989

    Go tell your boss that I said, That you can go home for the rest of the day. I'm so happy that I didn't have my coffee in my mouth...

  • Hill Candy

    Hmmmm Mel B.

  • Yoni7

    US. LOL

  • FukkFolks2018

    We is the same person sometimes lol

  • Yoni7

    :2dance: LOL

  • Munchosgirl

    This is actually my day off for the week, so I got time today. I didn't mean it in a negative way but....yeah she look like Eddie.

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
  • FukkFolks2018

    Mel B was damn fine not too long when Eddie hit raw
    THIS! Facts. Even after then. Im am FLOORED at this pic.

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    Yeah right. You're not reaching out to her personally or you wouldn't be on here. Sounds good but it ain't good. Keep it real Yoni7.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Cute kids!

    Mel’s thighs are boo koo skinTy.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Her poor kids. I'd be embarrased to have my mama out with me in public with her butt cheeks all hanging out. But there's not a lot a kid can say to their mama in that situation. smh

  •!/us/store/album/84712684 Django the God

    I like all my girls BBW."


  •!/us/store/album/84712684 Django the God

    You can immediately tell when someone holds their face like a white person, they are socially white.

    It's in the facial expressions.

  • Guest©

    Yup, my great grandmother was the best!!!! RIP Mama

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Mel B was fine as recently as 2016.

  • Mrs. ??????????

    Mel B looks drugged out and ashy....

  • Tish

    Stress will do that to you. When I was going through a custody battle, I loss a lot of weight and people started asking me if I was okay because I loss weight. maybe i need to pretend stress so I can get this weight off of me lol!!

  • Logan Roberts

    I'm so sick of Mel B struggle legs. She used be slim thick back in day. Angel looks like Bobby Kristina.

  • MsVAllDay

    That CoCo!!!!

  • Blak

    you do understand that Mel B is biracial and has only had her white mother in her life, right? Your statement makes no sense

  • Blak

    I'm not liking how insanely unflattering this kids pic is.

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    awww, blessings....

  • abby500

    Angel is ...never mind. Happy birthday

  • Yoni7

    Do I know you? I'm always real......YOU recognized it.

  • abby500

    There is soooo much wrong with these pictures. These ppl have mad money and everything just looks so low budget. The clothes, the grooming, just all so below basic

  • Nathan Hastings

    Stop letting those white stylists fuck up your child's hair Mel B smh

  • MsPam

    Hell naw! She looks like the neighborhood crackhead!

  • justlooking

    Happy Birthday Lil Angel Murphy - SHE LOOKS just like him.

    Mel B put some clothes on. MY goodness hindpots out and everything.



  • Kemi

    Angel looked happy at least...hope she had fun!! Happy bday boo

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    No and i dont know you either but with rgat saud, I actually didn't recongize you being real ie: my statement.

    I just asked you a question. Your response tells me all I need to know.

  • sunni_daze

    The stress is real when you are having break outs at age 11, Mel B still looking Crackhead-ish

  • mona q

    Why does your butt cheek need to be out at a kid's party?

  • Calikush

    Angel looks like she enjoyed herself!!! Mel looks like a bag of bones, she almost looks anorexic! She need to eat a burger! ?

  • Marlika

    Mel looks like trailer park trash. And those two older girls are unfortunate looking. The little one still cute.?????

  • mona q

    This little girl reminds me of someone but it's not Eddie Murphy...I can't figure it out...maybe it is Eddie...I don't know.

  • mona q

    Thank you!

  • Hugga Bunch

    Blessed, very blessed lol

  • mona q

    Right?! I was searching for a decent pic of her...

  • Yoni7

    Blessings, boo.

  • mona q

    You're talking about the kid, right?

  • Quitedeliteful

    Right?? She doesn't look like Eddie or or her mother... Maybe she looks like her mother before she had any type of 'surgery'??

  • mona q

    yeah but when they were together, she appeared healthy and muscular...if she was doing drugs/alcohol back then, why would she all of a sudden become crack skinny like this? Unless she is doing more and more now? I don't know...I think it is stress and work...maybe a smidgen of

  • Quitedeliteful

    I wonder if Mel slept in those shorts...

  • mona q

    ??One who knows how to do ethic hair...

  • Quitedeliteful


  • SpreadLove

    Mel B is forever my bish regardless. I just wish the people around her would get her some help. It’s obvious she’s going through it. Do something before it’s too late. Sis needs some time off. Praying for her and the girls ?

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Mrs. S. Kidd

    I came here to comment on Angel's hair....what a mess. She would probably look so much better with her natural hair.

  • Mrs. S. Kidd

    That girl's hair is a mess. It's damaged. They need to cut most of it off and start over.

  • BlackMenHATEBlackWomen

    Mel's white DNA is starting to reveal itself. She looking haggard as shit these days.

  • JusSTOP

    Mel B looks terrible. She must be stressed out. The weight loss does not look good

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Nathan Hastings

    She looks like Bobbi Christina Brown

  • Quitedeliteful

    all I see is Norbit

  • Quitedeliteful

    This is what I was thinking...

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Munchosgirl

    Don't laugh...I swear I wasn't trying to be funny...but she looks like Eddie playing Norbit....

  • KcoolMuziq

    Eddie(whom has been putting time in with Angel along with his other kids) threw Angel his own 11th birthday party at his Beverly Hills mansion yesterday.

  • Yoni7

    Willow Smith?

  • bhavana

    That’s exactly what I thought when I saw her. She looks like she could be Bobby Brown’s child.

  • MissyJ

    She reminded me of Eddie but Eddie in Bowfinger lolol

  • ViolettaBliss

    Why is this skank wearing daisy dukes at her daughter's 11th birthday party???


    What does Mel B have on at a Brithday Party

  • Kemi

    That’s nice

  • Vonn


  • We Can Do This

    I never knew her mama was white... her old man must be dark as nightfall!

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy


  • SG

    Mel doesn’t look well

  • Trace da Ace

    soo many questions!!!!
    What in the sam hell does Mel B have on???
    What shade of foundation is she wearing??? Cause it is soooo ugly and does not match!
    Why is that child's hair fried??? Where is the hair care system???
    Why does Mel B look like a crackhead??? She used to have a bomb ass shape and body...and now she looks like crackheaded, trailer park ass woman who smokes 3 packs of Newports a day!!!

    ps....... Mel DO have some black in you somewhere, and with that being said...please remember to apply LOTION to your legs if you are going to have them out....we do not have the pleasure of hiding ashy legs like Caucasian grab a bottle of Jergens on your way out the shower next time. #dobetter

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    Looks like a good time.

  • Michelle1953

    Mel baby what is you doing? I see a bootie cheek hanging out and she looks like she's lost a lot of weight.

  • Reina1718

    What the heck is wrong with mel b weight!!! Lemme guess shes "vegan" ?

  • Reina1718


  • itsjismemelly

    mel b looks horrible wow, wat u doin baaabbeee

  • TMW

    Awesome - Eddie is the stable parent.

  • TMW

    They look like pajama's

  • TMW

    And she's probably taking her to a salon that caters to the caucasity. Her hair looks like a mixed race child's hair that has been blown out straight, but they failed to realize the African American in her requires that her hair be properly moisturized. Or when a white parent with a mixed child does when they have no clue what to do with their hair. Mel should know better though.

  • FukkFolks2018

    When I read smidge I thought..."Just a dab will do ya"

  • teather

    I'm speechless, :-/

  • teather

    She looks just like him.

  • teather

    that's the nicest, truest comment here. Hope she gets help.

  • TMW

    I thought they were pajamas

  • TMW

    She doesn't look like Eddie to me, but appears to have Mel B's mother's nose, which is what prompted my comment.

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    Mel B looks emaciated, and her child's face makes me wonder if Mel B. had some work done on her nose.

  • bashi

    Wow she’s going through something but why so evacuated.

  • garrisonville

    is she dying? gosh she looks so bad.

  • Kita Williams

    ok.... I know her daughter at that age where she is probably experimenting with her own hair (most likely looking up to her big sis) but Mel.......also them shorts...............I am the LAST person to address a woman's clothing but these nighttime pajama shorts at a bday party for a kid??!!!

  • Kita Williams

    that's Eddie nose. aaaaalllll day lol

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    The kids are cute...that's the only nice thing I have to say

  • imright

    Mel lookin real bad out here. ? too skinny !! that stress & cocaine diet bouta kill her ?

  • Red Grant

    mel b looks like she's on that shit

  • guest

    she doesn't look happy

  • Munchosgirl

    She and her sister favors...never really thought she look like Eddie but it is apparent here. The video was really cute. Saw the girlfriend in the video ..her hands showing to the left...

  • Munchosgirl

    She have to see the video this still is from. On another celebrity kids...

  • Angie Dixon

    Geesh where is the hairstylist,wardrobe stylist and CHEF???!!!!

  • Tiff J

    Hmmm... I never knew Mel B was half white. Does she have on those Beyonce dance stockings, or are her legs just ashy AF?

  • Tiff J

    forget Jergens, she needs the WHOLE stick of cocoa butter for those legs.

  • Tiff J

    I never knew her mom was white either. Never once occurred to me that she could be bi-racial

  • Tiff J

    Didn't Mel B shave the girls hair... or have her with a VERY short hair cut when she was younger?

  • Solstice

    Pure ash…smh ??

  • Solstice
  • LP

    Exactly, ass cheeks all out...

  • Passion

    Mel B looks sickly!

  • Solstice

    Congratulations on your newborn!! ?????

  • Alicia.Ashe

    Mel looking crackish

  • Bea Mack, Pro-BLACK

    Dang.... an entire hair care system ?

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    Mane, Skinny Is Not for Everybody!!!

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    Eddie's twin!!! That figures,

  • Vegas1989

    I know what you mean. I just busted out laughing when I read Norbit. I can hear Reshabuesha screaming out his name. You have Monday off...LOL

  • Munchosgirl


  • guest

    Ok, thanks! that's good to know.

  • Kita Williams

    no cus Mya is vegan and thick af lol

  • SDot

    She looks sick..she need to stop the coke!

  • Reina1718

    Yes u rite lol

  • Monday

    No to skinny movement....

  • Kita Williams

    just black and ashy

  • Kita Williams

    my sis in law don't do drugs but lost weight due to a lot of stress. things happen. Mel's life has not been great the last 2yrs. sis is goin through

  • Mrs. S. Kidd

    You have a really good memory. I completely forgot about that. I found a picture though. Still not a reason for her hair to be as damaged as it is today....

  • Guest

    That's H'ron, she got that Billy Holiday look.

  • Satin Panther

    Wow! This woman was NUMBER #1 on my body goals list, now this h0e scratched off! What happened Mel? Now she really looks like a Scary spice and sickly looking. Now it's just Nicole Murphy whose got the #1 body this woman fell off hope she's alright.


    Shorts are not Mel B friends...

  • Monica N. Williams

    PO Mel B, she looks so .... I know it was from that horrible husband, she used to be faf.

  • noireyblanca

    Damn Mel B looks like a coke whore!!! She was soooo beautiful to me. What a shame. I hope she gets it together.

  • Holler If Ya Hear Me

    Thank you chica!

  • TooMuchTea

    Jesus Take the Mel B Wheel!

  • 90’sBawdy

    Mel B looks gross...ewww??

  • Malcom Flex

    Told yall Mel B is crackish. And the child is her father's daughter.

  • Coy little wink

    Mama Brown's legs killing Mel B's ?

    Lawd I pray she's wearing panty hose not ash ?

  • imright

    dehydrated ????

  • leapyearpisces

    Imma say this and be done. Sometimes you just gotta tell your kids no. I am ALL for self expression and shat. I mean the twins been dressing themselves since they were 6 (shout out to my babies they turned sweet 16 today), but sometimes you gotta pull that ole school mom card out, and say, "you ain't going behind me LOOKING LIKE THAT", birthday or not!, but hell, Mel don't look like she can even be responsible for her own hair and wadrove choices.

  • yvette46

    What the hell is wrong with Mel??

  • Kemi


  • Kimberly King

    Chile.... what in the hell does Mel B's ratchet ass have on ? I didn't know Mel was biracial either. Explains a lot. I can't believe Angel is 11 already. Feel like she was just born a few years ago.... If I were Mel, I would have made her dress a little more girly. I don't think Angel is gonna like boys when she's older (which is okay). I still would support my babies either way, if I had any.

  • Queen B

    Damn her daughter looks hella rough for an 11 y/o ? And Mel gots to b high on coke to wearing that shît smh

  • Juliaquan C Spain

    Mel whats going on my dear....DAM!

  • Tbay _

    I saw Mel's legs on the first shot and scrolled right to the comments

  • Munchosgirl

    I said Norbit

  • Keepin’IT100

    She got a serious butch look

  • Keepin’IT100

    All of that money and she looks rough

  • Keepin’IT100

    All day

  • gail jones

    Her and Eddie fü??ê? that one up.

  • Peace

    Time for Mel B's Mom to take the kids, and file for a court ordered Drug rehab ASAP. Mel B is fading fast. she doesn't even look coherent. Eddie come get your daughter, Belafonte come get your BABY GIRL, this woman needs an intervention now. Who wears that to a child's birthday bash? All the kids look like they have been better cared for. Maybe the nannies are on a break. But Mel B is sick in appearance and the mind, body period. Call Iyanla Dr. Phil, Oprah somebody save this woman save the kids

  • Kimberly King

    Thanks for saying it! I couldn't bring myself to say it. lmao I have a soft spot for kids who are not at least in high school.

  • Rayne

    I knew it.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    WTH is Mel B wearing...cheeks hanging out? Is she vegan or on that white girl? I was looking to see if any of the Murphy siblings came to play nice. Bria Murphy has always claimed Angel. She even posted a pic of them together, wishing Angel a HBD.

  • PlayerP


  • PlayerP

    Melly...girl...I know you're going through it right now, butterrums, are you ok?

  • Bee jaay Cee

    so she was born 3 days after Eddie's birthday.

  • Kaze

    She on something I don't know what it is but it definitely ain't food.

  • Cujaneer

    She looks like a dusty a** Bobble Head.

  • BeUtFullSoul

    I'm just confused by ALL of This. #hotmess

  • Renee26

    Mel's legs look tragic

  • MistaO

    Awww naww...?

  • kimb l

    Damn Mel b use to be body goals. Not anymore she doesn't look good at all

  • Trace da Ace

    girl!! you know us African Americans need a whole system to tame our hair!!! Wash, condition, deep condition, moisturizer, hot comb, hair grease, wrap scarf and all!!!

  • Allihave2say

    Mel B looks like poor white trash. Eddie's daughter has a cute smile and a large nose. The maternal grandmother looks like Nancy Grace.

  • Allihave2say

    Stress, cocaine and lack of sleep.

  • Allihave2say

    Iyanla can't fix anybody's life. She's a mess her damn self. Not to mention her voice is hella annoying.

  • Allihave2say

    The 1st born? Why you say that?

  • parisjok

    he is

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    Mel b is getting too thin. Girl eat something!

  • MythCalledLove

    Mel does she hv on tights? Eddie Murphys daughter I I I Bless her heart and Happy Birthday. All her kids except the lil one need a makeover. But if she is happy then I think I need to just shut the hell up. Yeah Mel looks like she is on some "happy stuff"

  • OrchidJones-VIRGO in yo mouth!

    Is it me or is Mel Ashy Larry!?

  • OrchidJones-VIRGO in yo mouth!

    Divorce is a HELLUVA drug!

  • MRiGOThim

    Ummmm Mel B...don't EVER show your legs again lmao!!!

  • Allihave2say

    So are lying and truth.

  • World’s Moistest Jheri Curl

    hey hey hey... don't insult vegans

  • World’s Moistest Jheri Curl

    they have the appropriate screen name for that comment

  • World’s Moistest Jheri Curl

    i thought you meant mel b's mom should have pulled her on the side... didn't know you meant mel b having the audacity to pull anyone up on their fashion choice

  • parisjok

    please, with all of her money why can't she get someone to give that unattractive little girl a pretty hair do? her and Eddie's genes did not make a pretty child

  • YellowSauce

    Mel looks sick like she is not eating ...
    she looks like she is trying ti hold it together
    I hope she is getting some support
    We all need support in our lives

  • mzMelanin

    She too busy tryna have her daughter fit in with the yt kids that she got her out here look busted as hell. No real black woman would ever do her baby that dirty, especially on their birthday, thats when you get the full diva treatment!!

  • Not a Housewife & Neither RU

    Eddie ought to be ashamed of himself. I'm never supporting another dead beat dad, no matter how good the music sounds or how funny the movie makes no sense to deny and then ignore YOUR OWN child. yall been letting Eddie get away with this bs for waaaay too long.

  • Not a Housewife & Neither RU

    I feel you and yes she is black , but she's English....its a whole different vibe/culture. To them, that's not busted. Plus that child looks damn near grown, I'm sure if she wanted something i.e. her hair done, different clothes, etc. she could have it

  • Not a Housewife & Neither RU

    agreed! on all points!

  • Deb Roberson

    What does your comment even mean???...OHHHH, YEAH... jokes about funny and original...We should pray for Mel B...not make tasteless, lame jokes...And hunty, don't come for LEGENDS like Whitney and Michael...but you can DEFINITELY come for me :) #LegendsOnly

  • Deb Roberson
  • Deb Roberson

    It wasn't funny when FukkFace1984 made this comment...still not funny #YouTriedItHeaux

  • Deb Roberson
  • Yoni7


  • Deb Roberson

    FABULOUS...that's who I am...WHO IS YOU???...are you and fukkface the same person???