Tip at march for humanity

Rapper T.I. has some aggressive fans, but not all of them are women. The rap mogul took part in Monday’s March for Humanity in Atlanta to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s burial. The march began at King’s Ebeneezer Baptist Church and concluded at the Georgia State Capitol.

Somewhere along the route, Christian rapper Lacrea pushed through the crowd, shoved a young lady aside and grabbed T.I.’s arm. T.I. held his tongue — knowing that the march for humanity was not the time nor the place for him to cut up.

Update: my loyal readers informed me that the young man is Christian rapper Lacrea. That wasn’t very Christian of him to shove a woman aside so he could grab another man’s arm. If anyone knows him, please him that was very unchristianlike behavior.

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Photos: Instagram.com