Matt Barnes

Retired NBA star Matt Barnes showed support at a rally for petty criminal Stephon Clark who was gunned down by police officers after he allegedly broke into cars in his grandmother’s Sacramento neighborhood last month.

Barnes attended a rally for Clark over the weekend and announced a scholarship fund for Clark’s two minor sons.

Barnes took to his Instagram page with a PSA calling for “some f–king accountability.” The former Golden Star Warriors forward is father to two nine-year-old twin boys, who he says he is afraid for.

“How do we explain to our kids that because of the color of your skin people aren’t going to like you?” he said while holding one of Clark’s two boys at the Cesar Chavez Park rally. He said he created a scholarship fund to ensure the two boys get the education they deserve, in their father’s name.

Public support for Clark dropped sharply after a Twitter user uncovered Clark’s old tweets that were highly offensive to black women.

In his tweets Clark said he didn’t want black children, and he was proud to have sired his sons with a mixed-race Asian woman.

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