rapper Ralo

A federal judge denied bail for rapper Ralo who was arrested on April 15 at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, where police found packages of marijuana with a street value of $2 million.

Ralo, real name Terrell Davis, was in Atlanta federal court for a bond hearing on Tuesday. But a judge denied bail because he believes the Trap music rapper is selling drugs from behind bars.

Prosecutors presented evidence alleging Ralo is still running a drug empire from his jail cell.

It was the second time a judge had denied bail for Ralo since his arrest.

A federal affidavit stated that Ralo was the leader of a gang called “Famerica” based in Atlanta. Ralo’s independent record label is also called Famerica.

The affidavit stated that gang members “sell drugs and firearms and engage in other traditional gang activities.”

The affidavit was unsealed after federal agents raided Ralo’s heavily fortified apartment complex on Atlanta’s south side.

Ralo once bragged that he owned the gated 26 unit apartment complex.

Prosecutors stated Ralo leased private jets to transport large quantities of drugs from the West Coast.

The state argued that Ralo should not be released on bond because he has the resources to flee the country. But his lawyers stated he would not run.

Ralo’s lawyers told the judge that the large amounts of cash and guns are “props for music videos” and that a gun found in Ralo’s apartment was registered to his mother.

Ralo is signed to rapper Gucci Mane’s record label.