Jmer Coleman

Rapper Offset is thankful that the police didn’t roll up on him when his custom Dodge Challenger smacked into a tree after a night of partying 2 weeks ago. The Good Samaritan who helped Offset to his house that night sat down with Miss Sophia of the Frank And Wanda Morning Show on V-103 to discuss the accident and the aftermath.

Atlanta police investigated the accident as suspicious since the driver left the scene before they arrived.

Offset was briefly hospitalized with neck and facial injuries. Until now, little was known about what really happened tat night.

Apparently there was a bystander named J’Mmer Coleman, who witnessed the single car accident, and helped Offset to get home.

Offset thanked Coleman in a now-deleted video on Wednesday.

“This is my boy. This is J’Mmer Coleman,” Offset said on Wednesday. “He saved my life when I had an accident. He was the only one that seen me, helped me get out the car, helped me walk, get to where I had to get to. So, I bought my boy a car because, you know, he was walking to work. He was walking to work when he saved my life. God is good. God is good. God is good. God is good. Good is good all the time. Yes sir.”

It’s been 2 weeks since the accident. Why is Offset thanking Coleman today? Is it because Coleman told his story to Miss Sophia — and half of Atlanta heard Coleman say Offset begged him not to call the police?

J’Mmer told Miss Sophia he was walking home from work when he witnessed a car crash into a tree.

Jmer Coleman

Coleman said the driver got out of the car and ran up to him. The driver introduced himself as “Offset” and begged him for help getting home, which was apparently nearby.

Coleman said Offset dropped one of his diamond chains in the street.

“I picked it up, gave it back to him, and I was about to call the police. He said ‘no, don’t call the police.‘ He just said ‘bro, just help me to my house so I can get to my folks.'”

Coleman said he helped Offset get home. When they walked into the house, the rapper ran upstairs where Cardi B was apparently sleeping.

“She came down screaming,” said Coleman, who added that Offset’s knees buckled when he came back down the stairs.

After the interview on V-103 on Wednesday morning, Offset called Coleman and offered to buy him a car to keep his mouth shut.

According to sources, Offset previously offered to take care of Coleman, but he did not get back in contact with the Good Samaritan until today.

Listen to the audio below.