Cardi B

Cardi B debuted her new custom, rainbow-colored wig when she and her bew, Offset stepped out in Atlanta last night.


The wig was a joint effort between master cosmetologist @TyraintheCity (who created the wig and did the custom color) and Cliff Mir, who put the wig on Cardi’s head and styled it.

Tyrainthecity is the daughter of friend of the blog, Tami Reed, owner of She’s only 20-years-old and she owns her own salon in the Sugarloaf neighborhood of Duluth, Ga. Thanks to her huge clientele, has already run out of space. So she’s looking for a new location to expand her salon.

Cardi B

I’m repeating this info to avoid any drama between these two talented hairstylists: @Tyrainthecity created and colored the lacefront wig, while Cliff installed the wig on Cardi’s head and styled it. Got it?

They both did an excellent job!

Visit Tyra’s Instagram page at @Tyrainthecity. Tyra’s salon, also called Tyra in the City, is located at 1950 Satellite Blvd in Duluth, GA. 30097.

Book your hair appointment by calling (678) 756-1151. She does more than just make lacefront wigs. She provides a variety of services. Call for more info.

We’re so proud of Tyra, aka Dootie”! Watch videos of Tyra at work below.


Hmm, who’s this for? ?

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