Alexis Adams Flo-Rida

Someone has launched a vicious smear campaign against Flo Rida‘s baby mama, Alexis Adams, after the “Low” rapper lost a motion to dismiss her child support case this week in New York City.

A DNA test found that Flo Rida was the biological father of 21-month-old Zohar Paxton. Flo has never seen his son.

Alexis Adams and Zohar Paxton

Flo Rida’s legal team petitioned a New York City court to dismiss her child support case on the grounds that it was filed in the wrong jurisdiction. Flo claims the case does not belong in a New York court because Adams lives in Georgia.
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However, Adams’ lawyer reportedly presented proof that Adams is a New York resident and the judge dismissed his motion on Monday.

The judge ordered the 39-year-old rapper to pay Adams $8,000 a month until he turns over his financial records. He has 20 days to turn the paperwork over.

Alexis Adams

Adams is seeking an increase of her monthly support to care for Zohar’s extensive medical needs. He is scheduled for brain surgery to improve the nerve signals between his brain and his eyes.

Now someone is emailing the blogs saying Adams is a former stripper who tried to extort then-warrior coach Mark Jackson for $1 million. But an indictment filed against Adams by the FBI in California was dismissed in 2014 for lack of evidence.