Alexis Adams spoke exclusively to a source close to Alexis Adams, the mother of rapper Flo Rida‘s 21-month-old son Zohar Paxton. A December 2016 DNA test showed a 99.99% chance that Flo is Zohar’s father.

Alexis Adams and Zohar

The source said Flo Rida, 39, has never seen his son, who has hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain. Alexis is reportedly struggling to support her son’s medical needs on just $8,000 a month that a judge ordered Flo to pay until he turns over his financial records.

Zohar is scheduled for neurosurgery which is not covered by his mother’s insurance.

The source said Flo, whose real name is Tramar Lacel Dillard, has referred to little Zohar as a “devil child”.

The source said a New York judge has ordered the rapper to provide his financial records within the next 20 days so his child support payments to Alexis can be adjusted.

Flo Rida has wiggled out of providing his financial records for at least a year now.

By New York law, Flo Rida must pay Alexis 17% of his income. In Georgia, the courts are more lenient and tend to favor the father. That’s why he’s trying to move her child support case to Atlanta — even though she’s a resident of New York City.

Alexis Adams

Alexis once owned a spa in Atlanta and she still has family here. The 34-year-old homemaker is pictured with Flo Rida during happier times.

Flo Rida and Alexis Adams

Flo Rida’s PR team reportedly urged him to visit children’s hospitals to give the impression that he cares for kids — even though he doesn’t spend time with his own children.

“He paid $50,000 to lawyers to fight [Alexis] in court,” said the source. He could have given that money to her to provide for their son.”

“They don’t like the word no,” said the source of rappers like Flo Rida and Future Hendrix. “Flo is the type of dude who will say, ‘who are you to tell me to wear a condom?'”

The source said Flo Rida often uses the Bible to seduce women on the road while on tour.

Flo Rida reportedly settled with another baby mama, Natasha Williams, who gave birth to his first son.

Sources say Flo Rida has coerced other women into having abortions in exchange for money and cars.

The other women can’t speak out because they signed NDA forms.

“It’s almost over,” said the source. “I hope that Flo Rida do the right thing and take care of his child.”


Flo Rida and Alexis Adams