Marqueze Blackwell

Marqueze Blackwell was arrested and booked into a Memphis, Tennessee jail after he attempted to sell a stolen BMW i8 roadster on for $87,000.

Blackwell was caught when an alert Tennessee Highway Patrol sergeant spotted a Craigslist ad asking $87,500 for the 2016 sports car, WHBQ reports.

The plug-in hybrid BMW i8, which runs on gas and electric, retails for $147,500 brand new.

Shelby County sheriff’s deputies helped the Tennessee Highway Patrol set up a sting to catch Blackwell, who posted the ad.

The sergeant contacted Blackwell and expressed interest in buying the vehicle.

via -- The sergeant noticed the VIN on the driver's side dash was a sticker over the original number and the VIN plate was uneven and bubbled.

Officers ran the original VIN and it showed the BMW was stolen out of Orlando, Florida, and valued at approximately $86,999.

Blackwell is charged with altering or destroying a motor vehicle serial number and property theft valued between $60,000 and $250,000.



  • Blaque Mahogany

    How dumb and embarrassing...

  • missarewa

    In the words of Antoine Dodson, "you are dumb, you are really dumb"

  • Trace da Ace

    dumb ass....he deserves to go to jail....

  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_
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  • SpillyNillie

    One of my fav cars...but this dummy!

  • Vonn

    That fool looks like Lamar Odom.

  • BadAss Will

    He look like he do drag on his off time of stealing...... Jackass couldn't find a chop shop?

  • Jefferey Franklin

    He was dumb for trying to sell it online.

    The Sherrif was racist for thinking it wasn't his and taking time set up a sting

    When and if he was able to sell it, he would have had to turn over the title to the buyer which would have been impossible

    If a person has 87,000 to buy a car online, they have the money to buy or lease the vehicle brand new.

    Alot of stupidity in this story.

  • Phillybruh

    Who sells this on Craigslist.

  • zeta4life


  • BadAss Will

    Jail? Dum people like him should be put to death! How stupid can you be.

  • Ryan

    Big dummy!! There was some redneck who tried the same ish last year here in GA - if you gonna do wrong, why do it online and leave evidence?? I'm not even gonna think about what they were gonna say when the buyer asked for the title transfer paperwork.

  • Scromes1212

    This is actually kind of common now. They also rent cars and try to sell them on Craigslist and other sites. You would be surprised how many stolen goods are being sold on sites like Craigslist.

  • L.T.L. Since 2007
  • pecancandy


  • Coy little wink

    Yes but a car requires a title to register it and get plates...this dummy forgot that I guess

  • Blue

    Great idea, Marqueze.

  • Coy little wink

    Lam lam? ?

  • Blue


  • zeta4life

    BABY LUV....HEY!!!



  • zeta4life

    ITS COLD IN DA "D"!!!..always wanted to say

  • zeta4life

    *YELLS LOUD*.....HEY YA'LL!!!!


    My co-worker and her husband says it all the time. They even went as far as showing me the video.

  • We Can Do This

    His mama raised a fool!

  • zeta4life

    LOL...that VIDEO..*CLASSIC*


    I had never saw it until like 3 years ago. LOL

  • We Can Do This

    He didn't forget, most of these stupid criminals don't know how things work.

  • zeta4life

    DAT PART!!!

  • We Can Do This

    Round up his family for that matter...

  • Roderick2011


    What an idiot!!

    Didn't he think the buyer was going to ask for the title?

  • peribabes


  • Blaque Mahogany

    Lol. Hey.

  • Karen Brady

    He looks dumb. Mugshot looks like it caught the exact moment when the dim bulb went off and he realized the parts he did wrong. Which would be all parts dummy!

  • RealATLPeach36

    No...they would not ask for title ....if the plans was to take it overseas. My issue is how are you a high class dumb thieve? He could have sold on black market

  • Kemi

    What else is not going on, on Craigslist? This dumb dumb thought he could get way with mess..

  • Trey


  • sunni_daze

    They're called chop shops for a reason. Damn Dummy

  • joel adams

    Welp .... Should we expect ANYTHING less with a name like that

  • Scromes1212

    It's not hard to get a title for a stolen car. It's actually pretty easy. His mistake was the car was to high profile. It brings unwanted attention

  • L.T.L. Since 2007
  • DaughterOfaQueen

    LMAO! Wonder if she still "rapping"? You see the quotation marks right...the jury is still out on that 1

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    No that was just ONE of his many mistakes ??

  • SweetTEE

    Trying be smart and looking dumb right about now. Leave people mess alone. Had the owner not contacted the police and found him himself, he would be crying about being shot. Dummy.

  • Kayke

    Exactly. If you don’t already have a plug for high end goods, you chop it.

  • Coy little wink

    What do u mean its not hard to get a tell how easy it is...

  • We Can Do This

    But he didn't want a middleman, he wanted all the money!
    Looking for that quick come up.

    I bet steam was coming out his ears when this masterplan crossed his mind.

  • QueenTee

    This the kinda dumb you can’t even make up ?????

  • sunni_daze

    I just pictured steam coming out of his ears like Roger Rabbit.

  • Django the God


  • Django the God

    Should've just rented it out by the day.

  • Scromes1212

    Several ways you just have to finesse a little bit lol you can switch power of attorney to yourself, mechanics lean, buy a salvage vehicle the same make year and model and use it as the title for the stolen car. It's a few more ways. But I don't advise anyone to break the law. Just been around e few criminals in my day so you pick up on "loopholes" lol

  • Quitedeliteful

    If you are gonna be a thief at least be a good one!! This guy deserves all that he gets!!! SMH...

  • Marlika

    J A C K A S S!

  • FukkFolks2018

    $86,999<<< so his ass asked for book value ($87,000.). He a damn thief. yes he is. But the Tennessee HWP nosey AF. If this would have been a LEGIT seller I would have cussed them smooth TF out.

  • Fire & Ice

    A thief and a dummy ?

  • Vonn

    Lol. You know it!!!

  • Trace da Ace

    True, but how could we miss up a chance to send this dumb ass to the pokey for Bubba Bust Ass to get a hold of him......

  • FukkFolks2018


  • bemetoo

    lol he been watching to much gone in 60 seconds

  • bemetoo

    like out of all the crime in Tennessee police get together and say "hey lets go on craigslist to search for cars that i think black people cant afford .. WOW looky here this nigger selling a bmw! hey Tom call Lt. Huckabee i think this nigger here is a rapper or something but he selling a bm dubya lets getem

  • FukkFolks2018

    Listen. This is exactly what went through my mind. Like why yall target this ONE listing? Its the correct price for the car. Its not like he was grossly undercharging or overcharging. I want to know what made them be like oh lets check out the listings on CL to start with.

  • kennedy220

    probably an auto enthusiast like myself. im always on craigslist looking at cars and buying and selling or keeping. and I find great deals and horrible ones....the main thing is that you do see VIN numbers that you can tell have been tampered with. he may have also been on looking for a ton of scams that go on in the car buying dept..who knows

  • Ms. Jackson

    Ya big dummy

  • KLo

    if your that stupid, you should go to jail

  • tintin

    Idiot ( in my african voice_

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    World's dumbest criminals newest inductee....

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    "sheriff’s deputies helped the Tennessee Highway Patrol set up a sting to catch Blackwell."
    -Too much time on their hands, go crack real crime! I'm sure there are women and children missing right under your nose.

    "valued at approximately $86,999."
    - Basically it was too good to be true for the price, and come to find out the theif had it priced at market value, so the officer was basically hating and accidentally caught a thief... LOL people be peopling.



  • Daryl Campbell

    Memphis Tennessee breeds stupid MFers

  • Dr. P


  • butterscotch

    Stolen cars are sold through Craigslist because they're untraceable. EBay requires to much identification and a car lot or kelly blue book , car max etc would've never posted with that fake vin

    Anything stolen usually is staked out on Craigslist.

  • the guest

    He shouldn’t have advertised it. He should have cut his losses and sold it fast on the street or for parts for $20,000. All profit anyway. But he was stupid and greedy.

  • the guest

    Exactly. $86,999 on Craig’s list? Ok, like someone’s going to meet him with $80,000 cash.

  • the guest

    It’s Tennessee, they profile blacks hard in the south. Even it is was his car legitimately, they would have profiled him and asked questions later. And when proven wrong give no apologies.

  • the guest

    Because the girlfriend he didn’t give the car to or the friend he didn’t sell it to for cheap snitched on his Craig’s list ad. Classic crabs in the barrel. If they can’t have it. No one will.

  • Solstice
  • the guest

    He could’ve been $20,000 richer and scott free. But no, held out for 90k on Craig’s List. Complete moron.

  • the guest

    Exactly, he got racist profiled.

  • the guest

    “....for real”

  • J2PC

    They did not accidently catch a thief. A stolen vehicle is reported. The vin # gives an instant pic of the vehicle. All they had to do was put their investigators on the job. There are those who specifically look through Craig's list & other ads all day.

    He is just a thief. Instead of joining the military or attending college, he risked his freedom & lost the game. Now, he is about to serve hard time for "grand" larceny or theft. Nothing to lol about prison life.

  • J2PC

    Nope. That's what you need to tell yourself. They have an investigative unit who spend their day handling shifts searching for crime via the internet, ads, cyberspace, etc.

    They already knew that vehicle was stolen. It was easy for their software to comb through cyberspace for a vehicle that matched that description. -then that result is relayed to the local & state police to be on the lookout. Just that easy.

  • J2PC

    In knowing that, why risk actually being a criminal & murking up your entire life with a criminal record??

    The care was not his. So onto jail & prison life he will go. -most legitimate people will not sell nice car in that are on Craig's list. He made a fool of himself for an easy catch. lol

  • J2PC

    What you don't realize is that they look into those types of sells all the time whether you read or hear about it daily is another.

    Why this particular one? Perhaps, it was reported stolen and fits the description.

  • J2PC

    A lot of scammers on Craig's. I more scam artists trying to sell a car on there than legitimate ones.

    Most were scams via snapping a pic of other folks vehicles & placing them "for sale" in the ad while pretending the car was their own. Others would use the info provided to them and flip the ad to say you're the person selling the item or looking to buy such item. -once you've responded to their ad via a phone call or email address.

  • Mister Fantastic

    Really? Seems the cop was looking for a easy arrest from get go. They were unable to know the car was stolen until they looked at the VIN. Pretty sure it was arrest first, THEN investigate. Sucka...

  • kekeb

    This guy

  • SpiceGirl

    stupid is as stupid does...NEXT!

  • bemetoo

    so they have a nationwide search for stolen cars ?

  • Tasha Nicole

    What an idiot, omg!!!! lol

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    The average person able to buy or sell a $100k car does not do so on CL. THere are brokers, etc and high end self posting sites for that. This was suspect because HE was suspect.

  • Mister Fantastic

    Great and valid point.

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    How stupid can you be. I hope they throw the book at him ,?

  • J2PC

    Yes. Their automatic computer search is around the clock looking for possible matches of descriptions of a reported make & model on the internet or call ins. That makes it easier for the investigators to just check out each new match being up for sale in their location to see if they can connect the dots.

    -not as hard as you think, especially when their sophisticated system does the majority of the work. All they have to do is just hone in the pop up finds searching sales on social media, the internet Ads, newspapers, pawn shops, etc. Even those site now have hired detectives to send back suspicious to other units. ijs