Kevon Hart and Eniko Hart

The Internet is buzzing over this family portrait showing Kevin Hart’s barefoot wife, Eniko Parrish-Hart, while everyone else is wearing shoes.

The family photo sparked a debate on social media over the weekend. Tall women argued that they would never take off their shoes to appease their short men. Others clucked that this is why tall women should not marry short men with Napoleon complexes.

The photo shows Kevin, 39, and Eniko, 33, with his children Heaven 13, Hendrix, 10, and baby Kenzo, 7 months.

Social media users argued that this photo wouldn’t be so bad if everyone else was barefoot. But then Kevin, who is all of 5-foot-4, would be shorter than his wife — and she probably didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Remember when Eniko didn’t care about towering over Kevin on the red carpet? They say a baby changes everything.

The debate rages on.


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