soldier reading Bible

An Air Force base in Wyoming removed the Bible from a dining table that acknowledged missing soldiers and plans to replace it with a “book of faith” that covers at least 5 religions.

The command staff at the F.E. Warren Air Force Base removed the Bible from the “Missing Man Table” after an atheist group complained that it violated the rights of military personnel that practiced other faiths.

Col. Stacy Jo Huser said the Bible will be “rotated” daily with other religious books until the replacement “book of faith” arrives.

“Our chaplains are purchasing a generic ‘book of faith’ on Thursday and will let me know when that book is expected to arrive,” Huser told a Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) spokesperson. “Until it arrives, I’ve asked them to rotate the book placed on the table (rotate it through various faiths). Yesterday they placed the Book of Mormon on the table.”

Huser told conservative radio host Todd Starnes that the new book will consist of “spiritual writings and prayers from the five DoD Chaplain-appointed faith groups and a sixth set of blank pages to represent those who find solace by other means.”

So she’s going to include a bunch of blank pages for those who find solace in… nothing,” Starnes said sarcastically.

Photo by Carlo Franco/Getty Images