Alexis Adams Flo-Rida

Flo Rida’s baby mama scored another victory in court today in New York City. The judge increased Alexis Adams’ child support to $9,000 a month from $8,000 for her son Zohar. The rapper did not show up in court.

In a letter from Flo’s attorney, Howard Felcher, dated July 25, Flo Rida, real name Tramar Dillard, claims he was not aware that his presence was mandatory at today’s hearing.

Dillard, 39, is currently on tour in Egypt, and his attorney claimed his phone was malfunctioning, which explains why Dillard couldn’t call in to the court.

Alexis Adams and Zohar Paxton

Judge Shira Atzmon increased Adams’ child support to $9,000 a month. Judge Shira also mentioned that, if the father at least show’s effort (to see his child), the court favors the father.

The judge was aware that Dillard is a regular at the strip clubs and he is not interested in seeing his son or being a part of the child’s life.

In June, Felcher attempted to have the case dismissed, but the judge refused.

The next court date is September 21, and the judge expects Dillard to be there in the flesh. If he doesn’t show up he will be held in contempt.