Thailand soccer team

Four boys have been rescued during the international Thailand cave rescue operation that has captivated the world. The 12 soccer team members and their coach have been trapped in the flooded cave deep below the Doi Nang Non mountain range in northern Thailand since June 23.

The boys, ranging in age from 11 to 16, and their 25-year-old coach were exploring Tham Luang cave in Khun Nam Nang National Park as part of an initiation ritual after soccer practice. The boys ran about 2 miles into the cave and scrawled their names on a wall.

But torrential rain from a monsoon quickly flooded the entrance to the cave, blocking their escape and forcing them deeper into the cave in search of higher ground.

The boys' bicycles were spotted by a park employee after the park closed for the evening on June 23. The employee alerted the authorities who launched a massive search for the missing group.

On Monday, July 2nd, two British cave divers found the boys and their coach alive after 9 days. The boys were in good condition but their coach was weak because he refused to eat a ration of snacks and bottled water that some of the boys had brought with them.

A Thai Navy SEAL team, including a nurse and doctor, stayed with the boys in the cave for a week. The boys were fed a nutritious liquid diet and the dive team gave them a crash course in diving with full face masks and wet suits.

An international dive team that consists of 5 Thai Navy SEAL divers and 13 expert divers from other countries entered the cave early Sunday local time and extracted 4 of the weakest boys.

The journey from the small chamber to the mouth of the cave took just under 3 hours. 90 divers in total are involved in the international rescue operation.

2 divers accompanied each boy through the dark network of flooded caverns and tunnels. The most challenging part of the journey occurs about halfway through the cave when the passage narrows to just 15 inches across -- equivalent to 3 Mars candy bars placed end to end.

The rescued children were examined by navy doctors at the entrance to the cave, then transported to a Chiang Rai hospital in ambulances.

Thailand soccer team

The rescue operation has ended for the day due to low oxygen levels and high Co2 levels inside the cave. Fresh air is being pumped into the cave and oxygen tanks were installed inside the chamber and along the route to provide air to the other boys and their coach.

Officials say every oxygen tank installed along the route was used up and will need to be replaced. It will take 8-10 hours to replace the tanks.

The parents have all forgiven the coach, who starved himself so the boys could have his food rations.

An earlier plan to leave the group in the cave for 4 months was abandoned after oxygen levels in the cave dropped and a former Navy SEAl died from lack of oxygen in the cave. Major Samam Gunan, a former Royal Thai Navy SEAL diver, died while delivering oxygen tanks to the boys.

The rescue operation will resume at 8 a.m. on Monday local time (about 9 p.m. Sunday EST).





  • BallsJustFloppinRound

    Don't take that mask off babies, be very cautious cuz they got all kinda won ton shit floating in that cave water

  • Chile_Pleeze

    they look might clean coming from muddy water.. just an observation

  • Coco_Butter

    I’m just wondering if that coach will face any child endangerment charges or something
    I’m sure he didn’t intend for what happened to happen but still those kids wer place under his guidance and he put them in harms way

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    But GOD!!!

  • Meme

    Thank God hope there are no more casualties and that they all come out safely, however, one must ask what type of "initiation ritual" was it? All very bizzare

  • Thingamajig

    Thank goodness there were no fatalities.

  • Sweetness


  • Fire & Ice

    So happy to hear this ?

  • Meme

    Apparently one of the rescuers died yesterday!

  • Alextra Ballard

    Hoping and praying that everybody involved makes it out alive. May tomorrows recue be just as successful as today's.

  • PhillyFacts

    “WonTon $hit” I’m so sorry I burst out laughing at this God forgive me ????

  • Coy little wink

    That illustration ?

  • Thingamajig

    Ah man. It’s all that coache’s fault.

  • Guest©

    I've been praying and I fasted. I can't wait for all the boys to arrive to safety. God be with them all!!!

  • really?wow

    How tf does....ok no cave adventures ever

  • really?wow

    Same ?

  • Listen2Me

    Panic attack just looking at it.

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  • Logan Roberts

    The coach may as well eat because they gonna stone you to death when you get out ?

  • the chosen one

    coach needs his a$$ whipped both front, back, and side-to-side.

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    Elon Musk suggested that they put a mini-submarine in the cave or a long tube. I don't see why they can't drill down.

  • the guest

    I shed tears today looking at the diagram of where they are and the path out. As a mom, this story just hurt my heart today. The idea that there is no other way than a 3 mile swim out. My hubby said the same thing about drilling. This is parents’ nightmare.

  • the guest

    The parents all accepted his apology and said they don’t blame him. The coach’s saving grace is that because of this horrific ordeal, these boys are going to be filthy rich.

  • the guest

    I couldn’t help but cry this morning. I wish there was an easier way for them to get out.

  • the guest

    It made me cry.

  • Allihave2say

    This whole experience stresses me out and give me stomach pains every time I read it. I want to know the positive up dates put I'm deeply bothered by the stupid of the coach who seemingly didn't acknowledge the potential danger of this. I can only imagine these children will have nightmares and issues for years.

    While it's noble of the coach to not consume the rations adults need to act in life sustaining ways for their own personal survival because the children need the adult to assist in live saving ideas, actions and critical thinking skills. In general, this is the case…this coach…IDK.

  • Allihave2say

    Drilling will take months to complete. Also, there's the risk of rock debris caving in and causing more injury or blocking off the oxygen. I too wished this could happen.

  • Allihave2say

    Did the coach not know that the monsoon was coming?

  • Guest©

    Ok you sound just as emotionally invested in this as I am. I feel like I will be on edge until they all reach safety. Let's keep praying!!

  • Cali

    There are channels that are far too narrow for any submarine. They literally have to Squeeze through a tight area. This story makes me sick and I'm scared to death for those kids.

  • justlooking

    I love adventures during vaca...2 hour boat rides to dive, snorkle, in water with sting rays, pra sailing and rain forest hikes I have now decided I am too old for this shit.

    an initiation ritual after soccer practice, again what type an initiation is this....boy scout badge is this.

  • justlooking

    Leave his ass thre

  • justlooking


    Think it went back to water from mud

  • justlooking

    I did to....i was like wtf. ????

  • Oya Shango

    He was not responsible for the monsoon rains that took them all by surprise. Exploring caves is not an act of endangerment, esp in those cultures. The cave was a traditional rites of passage ground for them since they were completing their initiation rituals.

  • TheThrowbackBeauty

    Amazing. UHHH—MAY—ZING!!
    Look at gawd ??

  • Meme

    You know you've asked a very good question, maybe he did!!! You know there's some nutty crazy people out there , maybe took those boys there to "go out " in spectacular style or wanted an adrenalin rush of going into the cave and making it out just in time,he could be a whack job first thing as soon as he comes out mental evaluation!

  • the guest

    There was a psychologist on the news who said they will suffer digression to over-clingyness to their parents and post traumatic stress disorder for years.

    THIS is why there are adults, THIS is why the wisdom of adults is needed to guide children and youth. In my opionion, every 25 year old is not an adult. Every 25 year old cannot be trusted with the full responsibility of children and youth.

    There should always be parent chaperones on sports trips and field trips. Always. Parents’ would never have permitted entering that cave and the coach wouldn’t have dared suggested it if he were accountable to parent chaperones.

    Any child of mine under 18 is not going anywhere alone with an unchaperoned, unaccompanied and unaccountable coach, clergy, pastor, teacher, etc. There are 12 kids in that cave with one young adult. For that amount of minors there should be at least two adults.

  • the guest

    I am praying. Our hearts are heavy. Lord have mercy. There are two more trips to get the rest of the boys and the coach. To go through this two more times weighs heavy on the heart.

  • the guest

    That coach is probably sucicidal. I was angry at him at first. Now I feel sympathy. He’s going to need a lot of mental help after this. He’s obviously a young 25. I swear 25 is not grown for everyone. This coach seems like he was a peer not a leader. He should never have been alone with those kids.

  • the guest

    Read this on CNN:

    A relative of one member of the soccer team said that the boys' families had agreed to remain at the cave until all of the boys and the coach are brought out.


    This is beautiful. The families are standing united at the site until every boy and the coach are rescued. They will rejoice together. These are beautiful souls. God bless every single child, the coach, and their families.

  • Jordan’s Memory

    I completely agree!!!! As mad as I am at the coach, I said to myself he is 25 he is a child and probably thought this stupid mistake was the coolest thing to do. I still think he should be charge to set an example for any stupid decisions someone his age or any age will make in the future when having children in their care. These parents had no idea where they were. I sure hope he wasn't planning on doing something more sinister to those kids in that cave. as a mother I couldn't help having that thought run across my mind. smdh on a lighter note, I think it's amazing the depths these divers are going through to help these children and how people all across the world are teaming to put together all the knowledge they have to have come up with a solution to get them out of there.

  • Jordan’s Memory

    But it was apparently monsoon season so anybody in there right frame of mind would stay away from places like that during the season.

  • Nonya Bizness

    I was just thinking about his mental health as well. I hope he doesn't try to harm himself due to guilt and facing prison time. Like others have said, he's 25. Some 25 year olds are about to graduate Medical School because they're so d amn smart, while other 25 year olds are working at Target and still attending college. I think his mind is about 18. At 18 my son was riding on the hood of his friends car and rec'd a ticket, which is better than what happened to a FB friend's son who did the same thing just a few months prior. That young man fell off the car and passed away. I think the coach was just trying to be cool and maybe take the kids on a journey someone took him on as a kid. Stupid to pass signs saying No Passing, but we all do stupid stuff.

  • Guest©

    Thanks for sharing that. I hope they know this story has touched many hearts. I can't wait to breathe that sigh of relief when they are all out safely.

  • the chosen one


  • the chosen one


  • Allihave2say

    I went on every every every field trip my children had. I didn't miss a single one.