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Royal watchers are buzzing with anticipation that there will soon be a royal baby announcement after Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex tied the knot 2 months ago.

In the photo above, Sentebale Ambassador Nacho Figuares, right, attempts to present the Sentebale Polo 2018 trophy to Prince Harry, left, as he and Meghan share an intimate moment after the Sentebale 2018 Polo match at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club in Windsor, England.

Meghan will celebrate her 37th birthday on August 4, but every year after age 35 increases her risk for an unhealthy pregnancy.

The main concern for women over 35 is the decrease in fertility.

Every female baby is born with about 1 million eggs in her ovaries. The expiration date for those eggs is around age 35-40. The eggs begin to decrease in both quantity and quality after age 35.

Not all pregnant women over the age of 35 are at risk for birth defects due to the poor quality of her eggs. Doctors suggest taking precautions to lower your risk if you are over age 35.

Via WebMD -- "As the saying goes: Age ain’t nothing but a number. But when it comes to getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy, it can matter. Rest assured, most healthy women who get pregnant after age 35 and even into their 40s have healthy babies. That doesn't mean, though, that you shouldn't think about smart steps you can take to maximize your health and your baby's health during pregnancy."

The following are tips to increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

  • Get early and regular prenatal care
  • Consider optional prenatal tests for women over 35
  • Take prenatal vitamins
  • Keep up with other doctor appointments
  • Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Gain the recommended amount of weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Ask your doctor about safe medications to take
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
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    • FukkFolks2018

      Will not judge her or ANY woman on their fertility. I suggest folks do the damn SAME

    • Coy little wink

      Cute dress...handsome couple ?

    • WhoKnew

      Aww. Damn.

    • Liah

      People really need to mind there damn business?!

      Cute dress?

    • Liah


    • Blue

      Wow. All in her uterus. People need to chill.

    • Alextra Ballard

      I knew it was only a matta of time before they were gonna start monitoring this girls uterus. Here it comes!!!

    • Well$$Well$$?

      Maybe they want to enjoy each other's company first. Babies are indeed a blessing but they change everything. Lol.

    • SweetTEE

      Why can't she enjoy her damn man for a second? Everybody doesnt want to get married, then immediately start having children. They may want to honeymoon for a year..geesh.

    • Rainbowbelow

      Royal watchers need to get a life and/or a hobby....

    • Alextra Ballard

      It hasn't even been a year since their marriage andd people already seated in jugement.

    • Trace da Ace

      daammmnnn.....they JUST got married....they still in honeymoon phase and yall want her to pop out a baby just like that......let them live and trust me she will have a baby when they BOTH are ready to....

    • Trace da Ace

      hell yeah....thats what I'am saying and shit!!

    • BrownIsBack

      if these people would mind their business as much as they stayed in this woman's womb...........

    • Shawty

      How do we know she is not pregnant but haven't announced it yet. I hear it bad juju to announce it before the first trimester is over.

    • iWasteTime

      I read this headline and howled.
      1. How do we know what is happening in her uterus
      2. Why do we care what is happening in her uterus
      3. Royals have 3 successors, under 6 ... They good
      4. Maybe she just wants to live her best, Royal ass, black ass life before
      she starts creating life

    • WutizstillHERE!

      Get out of her royal vag...the end..

    • hottlanta

      LLilhots was married 14 years when she had my grandson n had 2 curse folks out. My neice has been married 2 years and has 4 kids n my sister in law said she is tired od babysitting. My neice talking bout nurseries 2 expensive. I am giving her the side eye like duhhhh. What the hell was yall thinking.

    • CocoBabe88

      I’m more interested in knowing how she pulled off heels on grass? Anyone who’s watched Pretty Woman knows it’s customary to wear flats or wedges to polo or garden events lol. I hope she has some female royal friends to keep her in the loop.

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      her uterus ... thee end.. . I'm too busy keeping mine fertile ... Folks make me sick... Get a life ... Damn ...

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      All in that woman guts sheesh folks need to find some business ... Whew

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      Stat !

    • hottlanta

      Aint nobody trying 2 b like cardi that has a baby sit on lambos then talk smack 2 people on twitter.

    • ?? Kari ?????????

      I don’t think she’s healthy. But you never know, she might be knocked up. No one announces they are pregnant until after the 3rd or 4th month when everything is going well. They announce Catherine’s as soon as the media speculates, only because she gets so sick in the beginning.

    • SpiceGirl

      ALL up in that women's business! How do they NOT know she isn't 2 mon already? You normally don't tell folks till your 3 mon12 weeks. Either's called business....get you some!!

    • MsPam

      We’re in everyone’s business because we come to here to know about celebrities. What’s the difference?!

    • Anunnaki

      Whenever the universe see fit, she gonna get some real beautiful melanin royal in that family, just like her momma..?

    • SpiceGirl

      none! But will say this.....Did she put this info out like that? NOPE....When folks who are in the lime light, and be having their life on SM....yup...fair game to be all up in it...but in this case....I don't believe she had ANYTHING to do with this tid bit of info.....js

    • Miss Thang

      She's a royal. She doesn't have personal business.

    • Miss Thang

      the whole point of a royal getting married is to have children. They must produce.

    • Blaque Mahogany

      Speaking of babies. The Nigerian girl that was named the most beautiful child in the world is absolutely gorgeous. (Swoons over the melanin)

    • Phillybruh

      How do you know they want babies right this minute. I say give them two months after the first anniversary.

    • Bashi22

      girl they want baby royal family children is a must

    • SweetTEE

      He isn't a buck..their purpose is to be Royal. Besides, I'm sure they didn't plan their wedding date on when she would be ovulating & she is not 20.. 2 months is hardly enough time.

    • Bashi22

      Exactly when they use slave money for time to fun their wedding lol

    • Roderick2011

      How do you know she isn't pregnant and just wants to wait until after the first trimester is over before she makes the announcement?

      Geeze. Get off Meghan's eggs, Sandra.

    • SweetTEE

      Ion know..but that should have been considered beforehand. If you can't afford daycare, maybe wait instead of placing all that burden on gma.

    • Phillybruh

      But I can't see why these two would be in a rush in the first year, William has 3 so they have an heir a spare and a just in case.

    • SpiceGirl

      if you say so.....Her HYPE will die down soon enough......

    • SandraRose

      Babies are essential in the royal family to preserve the royal bloodline. FYI: Royals only get married to breed heirs to the throne.

    • hottlanta

      I used 2 love the show super nanny. She got pissed at this married couple who had 12 kids n mom n dad left the responsibility 2 the 15 year old. He had no life n had a nervous breakdown. She told them yall got some nerve 2 have date night while your son cant spend time with his friends. Wife dumb azz said she always wanted 12 kids. Nanny ripped her azz n told her she never took into consideration the time n money it takes 2 take care of 1 child.

    • SandraRose

      I wrote this in another comment. Royals breed for heirs to the throne. Only Americans get married for "love", aka dopamine-fueled feelings that quickly fade away in a year.

    • J2PC

      The RHOA women said the same thing about Kenya. All because their bodies were fat or rapidly gaining weight when they were pregnant.

      Come to find out the Kenya really is pregnant and not all females will carry the same or gain weight the same.

    • hottlanta

      You know the first thang we gonna b looking for is the baby big red fro and then we gonna say that baby is black.

    • J2PC

      William's kids are not their kids. Married royal couples want to produce their own children. -Prince Harry stated a number of times that he can't wait to have children of his own like his Brother William.

    • Phillybruh

      I'm aware of that, but what is the rush in the first year? Are they the last two left.

    • HIS4EVA

      wtf!! So what she is not pregnant God get of this girls ovaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Phillybruh

      Oh god, I get that. But Williams kids are the only ones who are heirs to the throne.

    • Bashi22

      Meghan is close to 40 so he may want to hurry and get her pregnant. Those kids are William , I'm quite sure Harry wants his own also for his children to grow with his brother children.

    • SandraRose

      IF Meghan gives birth to children they will belong to the monarchy, not to her. Prince Diana found out quickly when her boys were snatched away from her to be raised in the palace.

    • J2PC

      Well, I did say that Prince Harry wanted kids like his Brother. I didn't say Meghan. -I'm aware that you're statement holds true. ;)

    • Phillybruh

      Janet gave birth at 50. I'm certain the royals have the same access to Dr's too make it happen as she did. And who said its Meghan that is having issues? Male Infertility is real

    • mona q

      Such an ignorant post.

    • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

      And? Sounds smart af to me. They already have hella heirs why should meghan have to pop one too? I'd enjoy my life with my husband

    • Blak

      Interesting, I seem to recall a pregnancy announcement right after the wedding, why am I the only one that remembers?

    • Trace da Ace

      lmao!!! that is funny as hell...yet so true....they DYING to see what that baby will look like.....a ginger fro and all...lmao

    • Trace da Ace


    • hottlanta

      Dont forget they gonna b looking for that dark spot on the ears that aint dirt so they can see what color the baby is going 2 be

    • KcoolMuziq

      Prince Harry or his soon to be heirs will be decades before any thrones are handed out to any of them. His brother Prince Williams will make it there way before he will.

    • Nnenna Ogbonna

      Why are you in this woman's uterus? As we say in Nigeria, "Face ya front" and worry about your body ma'am!

    • CopperCutie

      People want this couple to fail so bad. A shame.

    • What???

      That's a VERY adorable child. But why in the hell are you posting the pic of a child on here for public consumption. This ain't facebook give this girl her privacy for just her family and friends. That's careless negligence.

    • SweetTEE

      Rightfully so. That mess annoys me to no end. My family did the same thing to me and my cousin . We were taking care of infants by ourselves at 7 while the grown folks ran the street. We grew up too fast and never had a childhood. And we are resentful AF. Prime reason why we just started thinking about kids in our 30s.

    • MsChocCookie

      They, just need to link up with Jay and Bey, and JLo and Marc, plus's a fertility doctor sitting on every corner, just about. Heck, she can order whatever type of baby she wants.....

    • Andrea Williams

      Why does she have to get pregnant right away? Why can't she get settled into her new role as Duchess and wife? AND THEN, if they desire, she can have a baby. What is the rush?

    • Readytochokemothernatureout

      I think I thought they said they were gonna do charity and enjoy each other now. No rush and kudos to them.

    • Renee Bee

      Ooooh! I will have to borrow that saying. "Face ya front, missus!"

    • jazmine

      Even if she was pregnant why would she tell y’all already

    • ShadesofEMPRESS

      Gosh people stay policing for this shit. NOT ALL OF US WANT BABIES.

    • starbright9449

      The royal family has power and money, she can have a baby at 50 if she wants. Women in their 40s give birth to healthy babies everyday. Well at least in my country.

    • the guest

      Prince William and Prince William's children will ascend to the throne before Harry.

    • the guest


    • the guest

      I forgot about that. That's right, they didn't live with their mother, they visited and vacationed with her.

    • KcoolMuziq


      I know that’s what I just said.

    • Miss Thang

      because it's expected as a royal that she have kids. That isn't a choice for her. It's what is expected of her in this role.

    • Miss Thang

      because Meghan is old as methusela!! she need to start popping 'em out!!

    • Miss Thang

      yea, it's creepy...

    • hottlanta

      I wonder if she had short kinky hair how beautiful will people think she is.

    • bella28498 .

      My husband old family member asked “when are y’all having kids” my husband said are u gonna babysit? She said hell naw and he was like then why are YOU asking? I never understand why ppl are overly concerned what others are not doing with their reproductive systems. ?

    • dontgetblocked

      She's phuckin up! She's not a spring chicken. She needs to seal the deal with a partially black baby. She needs to do it for herself and the other mixed girls who see her as a role model. She's proven that you if you're light enough and straighten your too can kind of sort of fit in with white people...even royalty.

    • Logan Roberts

      So what ?

    • stacee

      Maybe Harry's shooting blanks,who knows.It's been 2 whole months.

    • Andrea Williams

      I know that having children is expected of her and I have no problem with that. However, I just think that it wouldn't be a bad idea for her to get settled first in her new role before adding a baby to the equation in say the first year of marriage. Serious question though...In the event that, God forbid, they can't conceive, what do you think might happen? Is adoption even an option for them or is adoption forbidden? Will they remain childless if it is? Can a surrogate be used? I just wondered about how that might go. Thoughts?

    • TransMichelle

      She don't have much time to get settled. Even before these women marry royalty they know the deal. No adoption or surrogacy would be allowed and you can bet they checked if she is fertile. She'll be pregnant soon or she'll have issues.

    • sunni_daze

      Meghan doesn't have the pressure of birthing an heir, she married the spare and they can live their best lives. William & Kate are in charge of making all the babies.

    • Bashi22

      Not everybody are the same hence what works for Janet may not work for Meghan

    • RealATLPeach36

      She needs to eat and be happy in order to get pregnant....or may be he's not shooting up the club

    • Victor Nathan

      at 37, the goal post may have shrunk or moved.

    • Andrea Williams

      You are right.They probably did check her to see if she is fertile. Now the question becomes did they check him? What if the "issues," if any, are his fault? What will they do then?

    • TransMichelle

      I'm sure Harry knows his status and plans to fulfill what is expected of him. Harry is as fertile as a rabbit I"m sure. Meghan should be pregnant within the year. There's no way they would be allowed to get married without the status of their fertility confirmed.

    • Drea982

      Ummm, what is this the early 1800s? She's already 36 with no kids so obviously she ain't pressed. They MIGHT want to enjoy each other for awhile first. What the heck? Why are people acting like she's a hero or something because she married a white man? Who cares? And as far as royalty they don't run anything. What do princes, kings, and queens even do? I'm fine with interracial dating because you love who you love but It's so sad that black ppl think it's a privilege to get with a white person. Like why should girls look up to her because of that? Only idiots think that way. Super stupid slave mentality.

    • Vegas1989

      I know that's right. Peeps at work be asking me because when I'm going to have a baby. I said I have a little boy. He's a shitzu- yorkie mixed puppy dog who is spoiled and at like a human boy. Me and my husband are good. And if we do we do and if we don't we don't. It's alright with us and peeps don't understand that. I'm 45 years old with no children and have been married 9 months but we been together for years....We good....When we go our puppy dog go with us....

    • Miss Thang

      Although the pressure is not the same, it's every royal's duty to reproduce. That's just the way it is.

    • Miss Thang


    • Miss Thang

      I agree...anyway, my niece is actually the most beautiful girl in the world, no matter what these people say.

    • sunni_daze

      That's the way it was. Looks like change been happening with the Royals

    • missmiami305

      Harry seems different since the wedding. His body language towards Meghan seems off. Anyway, I assume IVF takes time or maybe they are interviewing surrogates. If so, I wonder if Meghan is willing to gain weight for the shenanigans. Sn, why Meghan look black here...

    • Andrea Williams

      They probably did dot all the i's and cross all the t's. Well whatever happens, I wish them the best and I wish her back-biting father and half-siblings would drop off the face of the earth and let them live in peace. Because that father and half sister stay doing the most for a man that claims that he LOVES his daughter. He can be assured, that if he keeps this up, I doubt that she will ever speak to him again because she can't trust him. Her mom has been golden, the epitome of class. The others not so much. Thanks for your views and have a good day.

    • Andrea Williams

      I like that "Face Ya Front". I must borrow that if and when the opportunity arises. Have a good day.

    • missmiami305
    • missmiami305

      Is it true that they share a distant bloodline?

    • missmiami305


    • Kimocha

      Dang! The pressure she's gotta be under to produce.... But that's her main job is to produce... I hope she has a healthy womb...

    • TransMichelle

      Thank you a lot for your nice reply. You have a good day too.

    • Andrea Williams


    • Ghost

      Well actually they don’t have to have any kids. It’s not like Harry and his offspring are next in line for anything! Hell the whole damn family would have to die before Harry would be King! So maybe they’re going to enjoy life ...not waiting on a pregnancy announcement anytime soon...

    • Cap

      Well isnt it obvious these two aren't like Kate and William? They are more traditional. Harry has always been the rule breaker. She will get pregnant in due time, until then its none of our business

    • TawnyDelux

      Okay and? Unless the rest of them get wiped need for a successor.

    • Skin Deep Beauty

      Please stay out of this woman's vagina and let her live her Best Life! Dam!