TI and Tiny

Tongues were wagging when a video surfaced showing Xscape singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris and her husband, T.I. Harris, celebrating her 43rd birthday in a nightclub.

Fans noticed Tameka’s stiff body language every time T.I. touched her. At one point, she braced herself when the rapper reached out and pulled her close to him for an awkward kiss.

Fans say Tameka has moved on with her life after growing wary of T.I.’s constant drama and stunts.

Tameka’s beloved mom, Dianne Cottle-Pope was not having the disrespect voiced by Tameka’s fans. Dianne popped into the comments to clear the air on any breakup rumors.

“One thing I have to say, no matter what happens they love the hell out of each other,” Dianne wrote in a caption under the video posted on Xscape’s fansite, @OfficialXscape.

She added: “What GOD has put together, let no man or woman tear apart.”

Michelle of StraightfromtheA.com broke the news last week that Tameka moved into a luxury high-rise building on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. But Dianne confirmed that T.I. is staying in the apartment with Tiny and the couple’s youngest daughter Heiress Harris, 2.

Dianne Cottle Pope


Yassss it’s still @majorgirl Birthday #cancerseason?? #tiny #xscape

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