Serena Williams

Serena Williams is doing her part to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is October. The 37-year-old mom-of-one sings “I Touch Myself” in a music video to promote breast self-exams.

Williams agreed to participate in the “I Touch Myself Project” to help get the word out about examining your own breasts for lumps and other suspicious signs of breast cancer.

Williams appears topless in a music video singing the lyrics to the Divinyls‘ 1990 hit song as she touches her breasts.

The “I Touch Myself Project” was launched after Divinyls front woman Chrissy Amphlett died of breast cancer in 2014 at age 53.

Breast cancer rates are climbing steadily, particularly among Black women. It’s estimated that 30% of newly diagnosed cancers will be breast cancer.

Breast cancer is more prevalent among Black women than any other race or ethnicity.

Detecting breast cancer early is the best hope for successful treatment.

Don’t become a statistic. Click here to learn how to perform a breast self-exam.